April 19

  • Nathan A. and Jamie S. Marsh, and Gary G. Marsh, to Miguel B. Baltazar and Maria V. Lugo, 768 Woodland Drive, $241,500.

April 24

  • Valley Real Estate, LLC, to Clarissa R. Hosaflook and Myron E. and June W. Hosaflook, 127 Emerald Drive, $185,000.

Rockingham County

April 18

  • Rolland L. Myers and Joyce M. Lemons to Rolland L. and Rebecca H. Myers, a parcel of land located one mile north of Wenger’s Mill on VA-42 and a parcel of land located on both sides of VA-42, two miles north of Edom, Linville District, $226,522.
  • Daniel E. and Shannon H. Atwell to Michael S. Miller, a parcel of land on the east side of S.R.-659, Stonewall District, $175,000.

April 19

  • Jeffrey A. and Sarah L. Hicks to E & A Land, LLC, 580 Mt. Hermon Road, Stonewall District, $156,000.
  • Gary M. Monger, as executor of the estate of Lillian D. Monger, to Loretta G. Orebaugh, 315 Spring Oaks Drive, Central District, $212,500.
  • David M. Purdy, as trustee of the Emily Ann Weese Purdy Revocable Declaration of Trust under the trust agreement dated December 17, 2004 (now known as the Emily Ann Weese Purdy Irrevocable Trust), to David M. Purdy, as trustee of the David M. Purdy Revocable Declaration of Trust dated December 17, 2004, Lot 8A of Section 2, Lake Pointe Village, Ashby District, $157,500.
  • Southern Classic, Inc., to James S. and Susan V. Totty, 3273 Preston Shore Drive, Central District, $294,000.
  • Kevin P. and Emily C. Minbiole to Larry L. and Jo Ann L. Garber, 217 Northview Drive, Ashby District, $354,000.
  • Kathie L. Mace and Carol J. Baker, as executors of the estate of Francis E. Baker, Jr., and Sharon M. Alvarado, Karen A. Bray, and Sandra L. Hamilton, additional owners, to Victor H. and Jane G. Berger, Lots 24, 25, 26, 27, Block 66, Grottoes, Stonewall District, $189,900.

April 20

  • Richard T. and Mary L. Deadrick to Ryan P. and Autumn C. Staniscavage, 2258 Lanier Lane, Stonewall District, $204,000.
  • Dale A. and Patricia A. Showalter to Dennis D. and Deborah K. Coffman, 258 Dogwood Drive, Broadway, Plains District, $236,000.

April 23

  • Park View Federal Credit Union to Jeb W. and Diana G. Brittle, 6061 Foxcroft Drive, Ashby District, $315,000.
  • Charlotte R. Clem to Norris A. and Tari A. Richards, 1335 Rinacas Corner Road, Elkton, Stonewall District, $174,900.
  • Samuel R. and Edith M. Good to Jerry A. and Wanda A. Good, a parcel of land west of the Valley Turnpike known as Firebaugh Farm and two parcels situated two and a half miles north of Mt. Crawford on S.R.-704, Ashby District, $1,019,000.

April 24

  • Olumide A. and Amy M. Danisa to Timothy A. Heydon, 8670 East Timber Ridge Road, Ashby District, $385,000.
  • Louise B. Davey to Raymond S. and Barbara S. Frazier, a parcel of land on the southwest side of S.R.-636, three miles northwest of Elkton, Stonewall District, $169,500.
  • Ervie L. and Mary J. Glick to Brenan M. and Katherine E. Gray, 426 Greenwood Street, Central District, $222,900.
  • David R. and Joyce M. Rick to Deborah L. Bandalos, 192 Allegheny Drive, Stonewall District, $318,350.
  • Simensen Construction, Inc., to David R. and Joyce M. Rick, 665 Coltsfoot Lane, McGaheysville, Stonewall District, $286,000.
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