The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded April 25-May 1.

Rockingham County

April 25

  • Charles P. and Joann Bilbrey, trustees of the Charles P. Bilbrey Living Trust and the Joann M. Bilbrey Living Trust, to Theodore M. and Janet P. Bechtel, trustees of the Theodore M. Bechtel Revocable Trust Agreement and the Janet P. Bechtel Revocable Trust Agreement, a parcel of land situated in the Central District, $285,000.
  • JCM Development LC to Margaret B. Reed and Deborah L. McGuire, 113 Hollen Mill Court, Bridgewater, Ashby District, $231,625.
  • Jethro R. and Christin R. Dienner to Jeremy Smith, 532 W. Marshall Ave., Elkton, Stonewall District, $172,250.
  • L. Douglas and Christina L. Crossland to James S. and Laverne L. Zirk, a parcel of land situated in the Linville District, $193,000.
  • Samuel J. and Judith B. Espinoza, acting by and through their attorney-in-fact, Larry Martin, to Laura M. Walker, 3435 White Oak Drive, Central District, $356,500.
  • Thomas P. and Patricia S. McGinn to Kim E. Turner, a parcel of land situated in the Stonewall District, $250,000.

April 26

  • Barry P. and Lee Ann Jeffer to Mauricia Cavazos Perez and Rachel T. Moline Cavazos, 2785 Greenway Court, Central District, $330,000.
  • Elizabeth R. Schauer, by her attorney-in-fact, Renata Layman, to Sheldon J. and Janell D. Hartman, 9778 Phillips Store Road, Plains District, $289,300.
  • Fannie Mae to Adam T. and Stephanie D. Dean, 203 First St., Grottoes, Stonewall District, $163,000.
  • J. Michael Mann and Joanne B. Carr to Mario Jose Hernandez Laitano and Lizette A.C. Vindel, 2640 Karawood Lane, Central District, $725,000.
  • Jeffrey S. Garber to Steven R. and Katie P. Jones, a parcel of land situated in the Central District, $255,000.

April 29

  • Straight Track LLC to Justin S. and Ruth E. Hege, 5695 Singers Glen Road, Central District, $150,000.

April 30

  • Alicia Fernandez-Mooney, trustee of the Alicia Fernandez-Mooney Living Trust, to Daniel R. Van Alstine, 154 Turkey Drive, Stonewall District, $192,000.
  • Carlyle E. and Mattie R. Greenawalt to Joseph and Debora L. Perrone, a parcel of land situated in the Linville District, $175,000.
  • David P. Seyna to Chet A. and Julie D. Landes, 657 Lime Kiln Drive, Linville District, $207,000.
  • Donald W. Farley to Kevin L. and Ellen V. Showalter, 6322 McNett Road, $245,000.
  • Melvin R. Humphreys Jr. and Kenneth G. Conger to Kenneth G. Conger, a parcel of land situated in the Stonewall District, $400,000.
  • Miles G. and Barbara J. Johnson to Teddy W. and Caroline K. Berwin, a parcel of land situated in the Linville District, $315,000.
  • Roger L. and Kathy D. Kite to Jeffrey A. and Kimberly A. Hilbert, a parcel of land situated in the Stonewall District, $180,000.
  • Sarah E. Long to Dana Dovel and Carey Keyes, 364 Spring Oaks Drive, Central District, $168,000.
  • Robert M. and Patricia M. Throckmorton to Pleasant View Inc., 312 Rayann Lane, Broadway, Plains District, $245,000.

May 1

  • Harrisonburg 360 LLC to Troy J. and Barbara L. Rudolph, 2.3 acres in the Stonewall District, $248,000.
  • Jarrels-Wilberger Farm LLC to John H. and Pamela W. Sponaugle, 52 acres in the Stonewall District, $308,000.
  • Lucas Lane Apartments LLC to Lucas Lane LLC, two parcels on the west side of Lee Avenue in the Stonewall District, $960,000.
  • Madison Farms LLC to Matthew S. Dovel, 4080 Kaleb Drive in the Central District, $249,900.


April 25

  • Lucile M. Glover, by and through her attorney-in-fact, James A. Glover, to Matthew Guldin, 539 Stonefield Court, $159,000.

April 26

  • Edward M. and Judith S. Young to Gustavo L. Alvez, a parcel of land, $155,000.
  • Stacy K. Rose to Barry McClay Jr., 29 N. Willow St., $175,000.
  • Tim Lacey-Builder/Developer LLC to Debbie J. Dove, 150 Clara Court, $185,000.

April 30

  • Founders Way LLC to Ryan E. Butler, 1290 Constitution Court, Unit 104, $154,500.
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