The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded April 30-May 15.

Rockingham County

May 2

  • Citibank, trustee of Wamu Asset-backed Certificates, to William T. Jackson, 901 Holly Ave., Grottoes, $270,270.
  • Rachel M. Wright, trustee of the Rachel M. Wright Revocable Trust Agreement, to Edward J. and Judith C. Powell, 201 Milestone Court, Bridgewater, $238,000.

May 6

  • Monty R. Thompson to Alexander S. and Alice T. Doyal, 215 Eastview St., Dayton, $222,875.
  • Richard V. and Jean L. Petersen to Robert M. and Marian Ziemba, 971 Confederacy Drive, Central District, $405,220.

May 8

  • Gary W. Mitchell and Litten Contracting LLC to Darren and Lisa Stelle, 441 Passage Lane, Stonewall District, $235,900.

May 9

  • Nikolay and Augusta Bondaruk to Jonathon M. Nesaw, a parcel of land sitauted on Diamond Lane, Central District, $155,000.
  • Richard Tucker to Michael and Rebecca Ruckman, a parcel of land situated on Claremont Avenue, Central District, $590,000.

May 10

  • Larry and Joan Phillips to CDL Inc., a parcel of land situated in the Linville District, $265,000.
  • Robert, Linda and Ryan McCoy to Michael S. Miller, a parcel of land situated in the Stonewall District, $400,000.
  • Wilfong Construction to Volodymyr V. Pundyk, 117 Ashby St., Bridgewater, $179,000.

May 13

  • David W. and Debbie W. Knupp to Gary E. Bauserman, a parcel of land situated in the Plains District, $409,000.
  • Moira Rogers to William and Valenice Condrey, 514 Passage Lane, Stonewall District, $192,000.


April 30

  • Timothy M. and Amber N. Huffman to Steven J. Rittenhouse, 1668 Park Lawn Drive, $185,000.

May 1

  • Joyce Helbraun to Frank C. and Emmarose Phillips, 1452 Crawford Ave., $210,000.
  • M. Kyle and Debra A. Welsford to Mehari T. Ocbamichael and Tirhas Woldegabr, 581 Broadview Drive, $195,000.

May 3

  • Thomas A. Nargi, executor of the estate of Frances A. Nardi, to Daniel J. and Alyce N. Nardi, a parcel of land situated on York Avenue, $170,000.
  • Trenton Inc. to SDC II Reservoir LLC, a parcel of land situated on Reservoir Street, $1.05 million.

May 7

  • Founders Way LLC to Julie E. Dale, 1290 Constitution Court Unit 303, $190,000.
  • Paul and Darlene Abernathy to Stephen and Cara Manifesta, parcel of land situated on Crestridge Court, $162,000.

May 8

  • Rachid Nouri and Muawia Da’Mes to Apple Ridge Court LLC, 1544 Apple Ridge Court, $242,000.

May 9

  • Bryan K. Davis to Michael and Debra Stuckey, 1217 Frost Place, $155,000.
  • Harold and Nelly M. Shenk to Jason and Tracey Barr, 394 W. Water St., $184,900.
  • James Sullenberger IV and Erin Sullenberger to Benjamin and Katherine A. Bergey, 1280 Old Windmill Circle, $160,000.

May 10

  • Stratford Holding Co. LLC to Deshun Li and Lijuan Chen, 379 Blue Stone Hills Drive, $200,000.
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