Rockingham County

June 7

  • Constable Construction Inc. to Larry and Donna Bridges, 70 Cambridge, $239,000.
  • Constance Sowa to Bryan and Beth Murdock, a parcel of land situated on Steeplechase Drive, Stonewall District, $530,000.
  • Estep Sisters Rental Properties LLC to Charles Deavers, a parcel of land situated on Brocks Gap Road, Plains District, $152,810.
  • Martha Holsinger to Clyde and Alice Pickett, 167 Dogwood Drive, Broadway, $211,000.
  • William and James Acker to Steven and Katie Jones, two parcels of land situated in the Central District, $150,000.

June 10

  • Bank of America to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a parcel of land situated on Spotswood Trail, $202,826.
  • Charles and Jo Ann Anderson to Pamela Bailey, 607 W. Bank St., Bridgewater, $165,000.
  • David and Judy B. Milstead to Randall and Rachel Fauls, 4860 Ottobine Road, Ashby District, $222,330.
  • Howard Byrd to Robert and Jessica Nash, 1805 Holly Ave., Grottoes, Stonewall District, $285,000.

June 11

  • Brian and Yvonne Boettger to Erik and Rebekah Aidukaitis, 2790 Sunshine Court, Central District, $470,000.


June 6

  • Sallie Bedall and Thomas Click, executors of the estate of Jean Southard, to Marilyn Hackett, 232 Emerald Drive, $195,000.

June 10

  • Founders Way LLC to Cole Henry and Nicole Bower, 1290 Constitution Court, Unit 101, $154,500.
  • Jessica Pyle to Nathan and Stephanie Shaw, a parcel of land situated on Dogwood Drive, $225,500.
  • Lois B. Frye to Jeffrey Heie and Tammy Krause, 311 Dixie Ave., $266,000.
  • William and Nancy Duncan to Hearing and Health Properties LLC, 1951-F Evelyn Byrd Ave., $175,000.

June 12

  • The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John Carlton Moore, 1781 Shenstone Drive, $150,000.
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