The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded June 3-11.

Rockingham County

June 5

  • Rachid Nouri and Muawia Dames to Gregory and Sarah Gosseln, 5534 Green Hill Road in the Linville District, $189,000.
  • Rhoda Vanbenschoten to Ronald Webb, a parcel of land situated on Va. 991 in the Stonewall District, $200,000.

June 6

  • Brian and Ashley Carr to John and Doris Stone, a parcel of land situated on Va. 988 in the Ashby District, $613,000.
  • Copil Yanez and Susan Murphy to Robert and Cindi Smead, 3744 Traveler Road in the Ashby District, $509,999.
  • Kenneth Gillespie to Roderick and Gina Pollard, 21 Clear View Drive in the Central District, $289,000.
  • Robert and Cindi Smead to Brant and Jeanette Suter, 3114 W. Wind Drive in the Central District, $408,000.
  • Ronald and Sue Thompson to Harrell Thompson, a parcel of land situated on Rustic Avenue in Broadway, $256,000.

June 9

  • Adam and Abigail Schlabach to Kevin and Selena Taylor, 6454 Hopkins Gap Road in the Linville District, $155,000.
  • Karen Slayton to Ronald Oleyar, a parcel of land situated in Massanutten in the Stonewall District, $159,000.
  • Nikolay and Nadezhda Mazur to Paul and Bernice Boye, 3226 Hemlock St. in the Central District, $250,000.
  • NVA Properties LLC to HK Timberville LLC, a parcel of land situated in Timberville, $281,800.

June 10

  • Stanley and Bonnie Fitzwater to Conrad and Mary Jane Heatwole, 1128 and 1130 Harman Road in the Linville and Central districts, $210,000.
  • Steven Keffer and Sallie King to Kathryn Vignone and Antonio DeRidder, a parcel of land situated in the Shands Hill Subdivision in the Central District, $299,500.
  • Vivian Nicol to Craig and Lisa Kasmier, 179 Buchanan Drive, Broadway, Plains District, $310,000.

June 11

  • Allie Guengerich to Douglas and Robin Noble, 3135 Pin Oak Drive in the Central District, $199,900.
  • Autumn Breeze LC to Wayne and Paula Phillips, 441 Coyote Run, Broadway, Plains District, $238,700.
  • Debra Leap to David Simpkins, 1241 Lincolnshire Drive in the Central District, $269,000.
  • Donald and Faye Witters to Stuart and Beth Harter, 100 Northshire Drive, Bridgewater, Ashby District, $222,900.


June 3

  • Gary Turner to Eric Cline, units 1636E and 1636F of Park Rose Village Condominiums, $200,000.

June 4

  • Brian Vaughn to Bonnie Hudik and Martin Echols, 1981 Willow Hill Drive, $195,000.
  • Ryan and Kathleen Waid to Hasan Hamdan, 880 Mockingbirg Drive, $320,000.

June 6

  • Brant and Jeannette Suter to Robert and Leah Jackson, 1111 Decca Drive, $260,000.

June 9

  • John and Julia Coates to Ryne and Elizabeth Powell, 587 Pointe Drive, $163,000.

June 10

  • John Smith to Thomas Lavenir, 550 Maryland Ave., $245,000.
  • Spotswood Valley Center Owner LLC to BSV Spotswood LLC, 1790 E. Market St., $17.075 million.
  • William and Deanna Carter to Brian and Gina Handal, 481 Ott St., $252,500.
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