The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded June 27-July 8.

Rockingham County

June 30

  • Andre Viette to Dean L. and A. Beth Wadel, a parcel of land situated on Cross Keys Road in the Ashby District, $405,000.
  • Charles AM. Catterton Jr. and Kristin Renee Catterton, formerly known as Kristin Renee Estes, to Jeremy D. Dult and Dorothy Louise Pariseault-Dult, 710 Mason St., Dayton, Ashby District, $266,000.
  • Donna L. Heidel (formerly known as Donna L. McDonald) to Joshua L. Morgan and Kimberley H. Morgan, 9443 Foxtail Place, Stonewall District, $174,900.
  • Jeremy S. and Erin E. Forehand to T. Keith and Teresa P. Vest, 7695 Kathleen Court, Stonewall District, $240,000.
  • Ryan P. and Stephanie L. Farrell to Dean W. and Kim G. Withers, 225 Callaway Circle, Central District, $280,000.
  • Twila T. Smith to Mole Hill Kingfishers LLC, a Virginia limited liability corporation, two parcels of land situated near Dale Enterprise, Central District, $300,000.

July 1

  • Andrew M. Jackson Sr. and Lelia S. Jackson, trustees of the Andrew M. and Lelia S. Jackson revocable living trust agreement, to Joseph and Maria Archer, 1236 Quince Dr., Central District, $350,000.
  • Edward A. and Mary R. Gillette, to John A. and Lynne A. Lockhart, 1572 Island Ford Road, Stonewall District, $248,500.
  • Main Street Land Co., LLC, to Kenneth W. and Matthew M. May, 211 Virginia Ave., Stonewall District, $160,000.

July 2

  • Carl L. Kiser Jr. and Juanita S. Kiser to Hensley Holdings LLC, 2529 and 2591 Harpine Hwy., Linville District, $640,000.
  • Cross Keys Development LLC to Craigmore Drive LLC, 221 Craigmore Dr., Central District, $275,000.

July 3

  • Stoneleigh Investments LLC to SPBO LLC, a parcel of land situated in Stoneport Retail Center, Central District, $750,000.
  • Mensel D. Dean Jr., successor trustee of the Irene C. Dean Trust, to Andrew R. and Sydney L. Fleck, 2191 Mount Valley Road, Central District, $229,000.
  • Patricia B. Roper to James L. and Renee D. Brown, a parcel of land situated on Barbershop Lane northeast of Va. 958, Stonewall District, $340,000.


June 27

  • Carlos Arenas and Denise M. Ladner to Robert F. and Tonda Organ Jordan, a parcel of land on the northern side of Wordsworth Court, $164,900.
  • W.C. Price and Mary P. Sheets to Thomas H. and Emily Z. Ritchie, 521 Myers Ave., $475,000.
  • Nancy C. Fenton, trustee of the Eva D. Cougill Trust, to Luis and Kellye Betancourt, a parcel of land on the southeastern side of Preston Drive, $300,000.
  • Mark A. and Darlene D. Gillispie to Jeffrey J. and Darcy A. Tyrell, 89 Blue Stone Hills Drive, $280,000.

June 30

  • Deborah Page (formerly known as Deborah M. Peterson) to Jeremy M. Rose, 1540 Apple Ridge Court, $265,000.
  • James R. Piper to Travis and Lindsey N. Kyger, a parcel of land situated on Nelson Drive, $385,500.
  • Stephen W. and Carolyn R. Sachs to Carl E. and Vera P. Hansen, one parcel of land containing 1521 and 1523 Park Road, $242,900.
  • Donald W. and Evella W. Wallinger to Rebecca E. Howes-Mischel, 481 Preston Drive, $278,000.

July 1

  • Bank of America to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, officer of the United States of America, 971 Virginia Ave., $164,400.
  • Randguem E. Baker III and Jennifer L. Baker to Arthur C. and Shirley V. Vasly, 1131 Rebecca Ridge Court, $320,000.
  • Wade L. and Deborah K. Sprouse to Brent W. and Celestine A. Woodruff, 1151 Rebecca Ridge Court, $285,000.

July 2

  • David W. and Debbie W. Knupp to Robert W. Bowman Jr. and Tammie C. Bowman, two lots of land, 1219 and 1223 Poets Court, $298,000.
  • Haibin Liu and Lijin Wang to Ming Fu Jin, a parcel of land situated on the northern side of Blue Stone Hills Drive, $344,200.
  • EO and Co. of Staunton, Inc., to Harrisonburg Ford Property LLC, 3155 South Main St., $3 million.

July 3

  • Birdie Corp. to Ronald S. Flores and Vilma A. Fuentes, a parcel of land situated in Spotswood Acres, $165,000.
  • Theresa E. Showalter to Linda K. Krupski, 3003 Arbor Lane, $195,000.
  • Auburn A. and Ruth D. Boyers to David and Monica Stringham, 1318 Greystone St., $235,000.
  • Ward Gene and Kara Dee Layman to Wade E. and Melanie J. Luhn, 1126 S. Dogwood Drive, $310,000.
  • Anne H. Stoltzfus to Kathryn Stoltzfus-Dueck, trustee of the Anne Heller Hess Irrevocable Trust, 2161 Lake Terrace Drive, $290,000.

July 8

  • Barry L. Falk to Craig K. and Lynda E. Chandler, 2318 Lancelot Lane, $189,900.
  • Caleb T. and Sarah M. Stitely to Jennifer L. Krieger and Timothy Paul Viola, 1149 Wellington Drive, $158,500.
  • Riddleberger LLC to Mark T. and Michelle S. Harmon, 113 Sharon St., $214,500.
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