The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded Aug. 8-19.

Rockingham County

Aug. 8

  • Frederick Bruce Speakman Jr. and Janet Speakman Metcalfe to Ida S. Rademacher, 4264 Hilltop Road, Central District, $152,400.
  • Gary Beatty Inc. to Charles Wayne Nicholas and Mae Francis Nicholas, Lot 2 on a plat entitled “Recorded Plat Section 1, Downey Knolls,” Elkton, $165,000.
  • Joyce G. Deavers, executor of the estate of Helen Mae W. Shifflett, to Larry Richard and Wanda K. Shifflett, 2307 Sandy Bottom Road, Stonewall District, $300,000.
  • Kathy Crider, Bonnie Dove and Connie Derrer, executors of the estate of Blanche B. Riggleman, to Scott E. and Betty A.R. Carik, four lots totaling 13.655 acres denoted on a survey entitled “Boundary Survey of 13.635 Acre Tract of Land,” Plains District, $161,000.
  • Kenneth E. and Karen S. Gonyer to Steven Edgar Jefferson, 13455 Hidden Springs Drive, Plains District, $265,000.
  • Madison Builders Inc. to Kelly A. and Calvin Gregory Alger, 4040 Kaleb Drive, Central District $299,900.
  • Michael D. and Elizabeth A. Goertzen to Timothy A. Smelser and Tiara N. Rodgers, 4320 Wiltshire St., Linville District, $250,000.
  • Nathaniel P. and Julie Ann Pierantoni to Ronald and Annamary Pierantoni, two acres on the southeast side of Va. 768 approximately 2,300 feet southwest of its intersection with Va. 910, Linville District, $200,000.

Aug. 11

  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Robert G. and Shelley E. Kilgore, 3180 Legion Way, Timberville, Plains District, $189,000.

Aug. 12

  • Autumn Breeze LLC to George D. and Anna M. Asbury, 430 Coyote Run, Broadway, Plains District, $197,300.
  • Chris Tinnell and Stephen J. Ogletree to Jonathan D. and Nancy Farmer, 7431 Lilly Square, Ashby District, $153,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Matthew R. Frakes, 3428 Charleston Blvd, Central District, $332,527.
  • Seth B. and Megan L. Stratford to Angela M. and Jason Neil Myers, 603 16th St., Grottoes, Stonewall District, $245,000.

Aug. 14

  • Chad L. and Michelle W. Nussbaum to David A. and Brenda K. Bechler, Lots 10 and 11 of a plat entitled “Plat of E.G. Geham Subdivision, 3.046 A., Tract No. Two,” Central District, $194,000.
  • Gary Beatty Inc. to Mary L. Hively, Lot 1 on a plat entitled “Recorded Plat Section 1, Downey Knolls,” Elkton, Stonewall District, $166,000.
  • Melvin J. and Anne L. Fisher to Anatoliy Kozlov, Lot 7, Mount Crawford Industrial Park, Ashby District, $159,000.
  • Richard J. Morris, trustee of the Elzie J. Morris Trust, and Richard J. Morris, trustee of the Carrie R. Morris Trust, to Cody Hulse and Laura Rosen, Lot 3 on a plat of Rush Subdivision, Stonewall District, $170,000.

Aug. 15

  • Aaron M. and Jacky D. Perme to James B. and Marie Rossi, 266 Claremont Ave., Central District, $475,000.
  • Federal National Mortgage Association to Maeghan Hart, 200 Rayann Lane, Broadway, Plains District, $195,000.
  • R. James Ridenour, Ann R. Ridenour and Ralph James Ridenour to Adam L. and Heather L. Snow, 108 Maple Leaf Lane, Elkton, Stonewall District, $179,000.


Aug. 13

  • Ghislaine P. Duhamel and Thomas Stephen Bielicki to David A. and Kira L. Newman, 750 S. Dogwood Drive, $227,500.

Aug. 14

  • Jennifer L. Piper to Jennifer M. Mangan, 1223 Poplar Circle, $227,000.

Aug. 19

  • Eleanor L. Miller to Oliver J. Hyman, 357 S. Willow St., $155,000.
  • Founders Way LLC to Gary W. Huffman, 1280 Constitution Court, Unit 204, $169,500.
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