The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded Nov. 5-11.

Rockingham County

Nov. 5

  • Dana C. Mather to Veniamin and Ilona Stupak, 3751 Davis Road, Central District, $438,000.

Nov. 6

  • Anthony K. Huffman to David and Arriam Z. Lema, Lot No. 85 on a plat entitled “Meadowbrook, Phase Three,” Linville District, $225,000.

Nov. 7

  • Dennis G. Rohrer and Wendy W. Rohrer, trustees of the Dennis G. Rohrer Trust, to Eric M. Fife and Christina L. Nelson, 1016 Tulip Terrace, Central District, $385,000.
  • Foothill Spring LLC to Wade L. Arbogast, trustee of the Wade L. Arbogast Revocable Trust, 21 acres described as Revised Parcel 13 on a survey plat by Michael W. Mars dated Sept. 25, 2014, Central District, $200,000.
  • Greenport Group LLC to Helen F. Groves, 2540 Greenport Drive, Central District, $247,000.
  • Todd C. Rhea to Beck Investment Co., 126 Belmont Drive, Central District, $230,000.
  • Travis N. and Katie G. Weeks to Brooke V. Pernell, 6051 W. Donnagail Drive, Central District, $179,900.

Nov. 10

  • Gary S. Race and Martha P. Lay to Timothy S. and Alison R. Hanifee, 425 Breeze Way, Central District, $325,000.
  • James R. Shifflett and Jodi S. Deck to Jonathan K. and Karen A. Malone, 3343 Mesinetto Court, Ashby District, $387,500.


Oct. 29

  • William D. Craun Jr. to Jose de Jesus Cortes-Correa and Brenda Lilia Cortes, a lot on the east side of Collicello Street designated as Lot No. One on a survey plat made by A.R. Myers dated March 10, 1948, $172,500.

Oct. 31

  • David H. Cottrell and Jennifer Matthaei Cottrell, trustees of the David H. Cottrell Trust Agreement, and Jennifer Matthaei Cottrell and David H. Cottrell, trustees of the Jennifer Matthaei Cottrell Trust Agreement, to Michael D. and Michelle L. Scribano, 870 Mockingbird Lane, $329,000.
  • Hi-Acres Farms Inc. to Gardner Family Trust LLC, a 1.4882 acre lot on the north side of Old Furnace Road designated as Lot No. One on a plat entitled “Lexington Square,” $1,600,000.
  • Michael D. and Michelle L. Scribano to Ronald W. and Robin M. Doyle, 2174 Ramblewood Road, $170,000.
  • Peter Dula to Conrad A. and Morgan E.S. Kraybill Gross, 725 Collicello St., $151,000.

Nov. 3

  • Rachel K. Rose to Stacy K. and Rachael M. Rose, 983 S. Dogwood Drive, $160,000.
  • Sue Dinsmore to Johnathan A. and Elena L. Histend Stuckey, 1136 Sharpes Drive, $210,000.
  • Viktor H. Kraenbring and Elizabeth A. Kraenbring, co-trustees of the Viktor H. Kraenbring and Elizabeth A. Kraenbring Trust (Share H), and Viktor H. Kraenbring and Elizabeth A. Kraenbring, co-trustees of the Viktor H. Kraenbring and Elizabeth A. Kraenbring Trust (Share W), to The Visitors of James Madison University, 701 Hickory Hill Drive, $322,500.
  • Wrockstreet LLC to Gilda Lameiras and Barbar Hetzel, Lot Nos. Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen, Block No. One, Conrad-Reherd Addition, $232,900.

Nov. 4

  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Roy L. and Wanda L. Hartman, 1733 Pear St., $150,000.
  • Larry E. Martin to Charlotte S. Freeman and Terry L and Jennifer H. Whitmore, 429 Hickory Grove Circle, $198,500.
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