The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded Jan. 7-13.

Rockingham County

Jan. 8

  • Energy Realty LP to Mount Crawford Station LLC, 45 Dinkel Ave., Mount Crawford, Ashby District, $1,100,000.
  • Greenmount Farm LLC to Greenmount Farm LLC, Robert W. Strickler and Lisa F. Rhodes-Strickler, eight parcels totaling 34.117 acres, Linville District, $595,920.79.
  • Justin D. and Madeleine Beaver to Brian R. and Irssy M. Gearhart, 450 Biltmore Drive, Stonewall District, $247,500.
  • Ledge LLC to Massanutten Station LLC, 11473 Spotswood Trail, Stonewall District, $1,450,000.
  • Louella Jane Wenger, individually and as trustee of the Star Light Revocable Trust, to Alvin W. and Tracy B. Eberly, Lot No. One on a plat of “Bear Wallow Heights”0.958 acres on a plat of a survey entitled “Portion of Harry H. Wenger Farm,” Central District, $220,000.
    PSC Properties Inc. to Penn Laird Station LLC, 6080 Spotswood Trail, Stonewall District, $450,000.
  • Spotswood Investments LC to Elkton Station LLC, 102 Blue and Gold Drive, Elkton, Stonewall District, $1,350,000.
  • Tiger Holdings LC to Route 211 Timberville Station LLC, 108 New Market Road, Timberville, Plains District, $650,000.
  • W. Neal Turner, trustee of the W. Neal Turner Revocable Declaration of Trust, and Margaret Y. Turner, trustee of the Margaret Y. Turner Revocable Declaration of Trust, to West
  • Lee Broadway Station LLC, 118 W. Lee St., Broadway, Plains District, $721,000.

Jan. 9

  • Gaylin A. Sommers to Tiger Holdings LC, 47.903 acres on the southwest side of Ridge Road about ½ mile northwest of Lohr Lane, Plains District, $545,000.
  • James W. and Annie B. Thompson to Jeremy W. Thompson, 1 acre on the south side of Arkton Road, Plains District, $150,000.
  • K’N K Inc. to Delemo Leetassa Beard III and Andrea Stephens Beard, 6131 Dotts Lane, Penn Laird, Central District, $319,000.

Jan. 12

  • Shawn D. and Carol K. Adams to Abbie Lynne and Reinhard Eugen Schmidt, 210 Bridgeport Drive, Bridgewater, Ashby District, $260,000.
  • Virginia Veney, Linda Cubbage and William Rush to Reva Susan Veramessa, 15230 New Market Road, Plains District, $158,500.


Jan. 7

  • Elene A. Bowers to Katherine M. Arecchi, 242 E. Grattan St., $210,000.

Jan. 8

  • Boulder Investments Inc. to Harrisonburg East Market Station LLC, 1001 E. Market St., $1,050,000.
  • CCD LLC to Harrisonburg Truck Center LLC, 3355 S. Main St., $4,400,000.
  • Erickson Road Investments LC to Harrisonburg South High Station LLC, 1911 S. High St., $900,000.
  • Port Road LLC to Harrisonburg Port Road Station LLC, 701 Port Republic Road, $1,100,000.
  • Previs LLC to Harrisonburg Virginia Avenue Station LLC, 1168 Virginia Ave., $1,300,000.
  • Stone Springs LC to Harrisonburg Office Building LLC, 1890 and 1920 S. Main St., $900,000.

Jan. 9

  • Buttonwood Court LLC, to Keith A. May and Tammy D. Shearer, 2075 Buttonwood Court, $200,502.86.

Jan. 12

  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Victor and Nataliya Kvitko, 1727 Pear St., $156,000.
  • Robin D. and Kathy C. Kollman to Steven N. Turner and Anne L. Frazier, New Lot 9 on a plat entitled “Resubdivision of Lots 9, 10 & 11 Block ‘C’ Through ‘F’, Wyndham Woods Harrisonburg, Virginia,” $350,000.
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