The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded Jan. 28-Feb. 3.

Rockingham County

Jan. 28

  • Donald E. and Linda F. Williams to Janice N. and Elmer F. Lokey Jr., Lot No. 16B of the Resubdivision and Addition to Spring Oaks, Section Three, Central District, $224,130.
  • Juniper Hill Farms Inc. to Henry E. and Valory R. Terry, 4485 John Deere Drive, Linville District, $650,000.

Jan. 29

  • Jean M. Shoemaker to Michael and Phaedra Simmons, three acres on the south side of Va. 981 approximately ¾ mile northeast of U.S. 33, Stonewall District, $206,000.
  • Neil E. and Phyllis A. Miller to Shawn D. and Carol K. Adams, 6.773 acres about 2 ½ miles west of Spring Creek on Va. 755, Ashby District, $315,000.
  • Steven L. Saunders to Dale K. Dueck and Beulah A. Dueck, trustees of the Dale K. Dueck and Beulah A. Dueck Revocable Trust UAD January 19, 2015, 24.959 acres on a survey plat made by Michael W. Mars, L.S., dated June 2, 2008, Stonewall District, $250,000.

Jan. 30

  • Connie C. and Larry Michael Keatts to White Burch Estates Inc., 7.031 acres on a survey plat designated as “7.031 Ac. Residue of 123-(A)-66,” Central District, $269,900.
  • Donnie R. and Joyce A. Shifflett to Jessica N. and Richard A. St. Clair Jr., 265 Little Bear Trail, Elkton, Stonewall District, $226,000.
  • Daekyung Kim and Searyun Kang to Michael Russell Holmes and Pamela Paige Holmes, 3273 Barrington Drive, Central District, $310,000.
  • Joshua J. and Samantha H. Shepard to Kyle R. and Claire D. Malla, 116 Kaylor Circle, Stonewall District, $159,000.
  • Peggy L. Ciniero, trustee of the Peggy L. Ciniero Revocable Trust, to George F. Greene, 2336 Lanier Lane, Stonewall District, $326,000.

Feb. 2

  • Alice M. McClave to George Eric and Kathleen Wynn Holter, 194 Powell Place, Stonewall District, $166,500.
  • Andre Viette to Ken Edwards’ LLC, 53.149 acres designated at “53.149 AC.” on a survey dated January 15, 2015, by Robert F. Jellum, C.L.S., Ashby District, $375,000.
  • Brandon O. Auville to Stephen F. and Katherine J. Hall, 7013 Hopkins Gap Road, Linville District, $205,000.
  • Derek P. Cain to Phung Nguyen, 4259 Wiltshire, Linville District, $230,000.
  • Jeanne L. Raines to Sarah L. and Herbert Sargent Jr., two parcels in Dayton, Ashby District, $260,000.
  • Sharon T. and Delmas G. Ratliff, Lowell A. and Sandra C. Turner, and Larry M. and Sandra F. Turner to Lowell A. and Sandra C. Turner, 86 acres on both sides of Va. 259 near Fulks Run, Plains District, $200,000.
  • Sherry R. and Christopher Lawson IV to Jon J. and Haley W. Guinn, 9458 Foxtail Place, Stonewall District, $200,000.

Feb. 3

  • NVAProperties LLC to Susan Patterson, Lot 13 on a plat of Quail Run Subdivision, Section One, Stonewall District, $180,600.


Jan. 29

  • Robert C. Brown to Stephen W. Davis and Linda S. Davis, trustees of The Stella Trust, 357 Emerson Lane, $150,000.

Jan. 30

  • Brian T. and Jennifer E. Kaylor to Ruby S. Yoder, 2132 Lake Terrace Drive, $195,000.
  • Lora Rose to Janice Marie Kirby, Lot No. Eleven, Section Two, Spotswood Acres Subdivision, $155,000.

Feb. 2

  • Kam Wan Chu and Lisa M. Chu to Patrick Chu, Lot 3, Reherd Acres, Unit 26, Phase I, $200,000.
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