The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded Aug. 9-17:

Rockingham County

Aug. 9

  • Matthew S. Combs to Paul E. Harman, Donald P. Harman and Sheena R. Harman, 9385 Briery Branch Road, Ashby District, $185,000.
  • John L. Bell Jr. to Michelle Lynn Duncan, 609 Sugar Maple Lane, Central District, $265,100.
  • Dayton West LLC to David P. and Nancy J. Smith, 111 Rhodes Hill Drive, Ashby District, $309,500.
  • BOSA II LLC to Retreat at Harrisonburg LLC, 36.81 acres on a plat entitled “Final Plat Retreat at Harrisonburg, Section One,” Central District and City of Harrisonburg, $5,705,550.
  • Stephen J. and Linda T. Conrad to Richard H. and Patricia C. Farrell, 5753 Penn Laird Drive, Penn Laird, Central District, $235,000.

Aug. 10

  • Wesley F. and Kimberly D. Siever to Austin V. and Connie E. High, 212 Walnut Drive, Timberville, Plains District, $164,000.
  • Austin V. and Connie E. High to Holly D. and John W. Davis Jr., 1872 Cory Lane, Linville District, $175,300.

Aug. 11

  • Teresa R. and Daren Todd Butcher to Knoll Meadow II LLC, 1915 Airport Road, Ashby District, $400,000.

Aug. 12

  • Martin K. Auville and Daniel D. Auville, co-executors of the estate of Anna Lee Auville, to Samuel H. and Elaine M. Zimmerman, 60.305 acres off the northeast side of Briery Branch Road, Ashby District, $500,000.
  • Martin K. Auville and Daniel D. Auville, co-executors of the estate of Anna Lee Auville, to Charles A. and Marlene D. Rohrer, 5624 Briery Branch Road, Ashby District, $350,000.
  • Steven M. and Carolyn S. Kines to Jason W. and Lenore J. Wells, 5834 Lawyer Road, Stonewall District, $273,000.
  • Don A. Quackenbush and Darlene H. Quackenbush to David W. Strickler, trustee of the David Warren Strickler Present Interest Irrevocable Trust, 23.07 acres on the east side of Port Republic Road about one mile northwest of the Village of Port Republic, Stonewall District, $675,000.
  • James E. and Bonnie S. Hamilton to Karoly and Maria M. Varga, 136 York Place, Central District, $665,000.
  • Graham D. Nesselrodt and Leah Honey Cayton to Brian S. Heizer, 2664 Hopkins Drive, Stonewall District, $199,900.
  • Mendy B. and John A. Bowman II to Charles E. and Khanda N. Johns, 111 E. College St., Bridgewater, Ashby District, $255,000.
  • McDaniel Brothers LC to Earl L. and Nancy K. Racer, Lot 10A, Willow Oaks Subdivision, Elkton, Stonewall District, $203,000.
  • R. Allen and Teresa B. Carrier to Patrick M. and Katherine H. Brown, 213 Pleasant Lane, Stonewall District, $247,500.
  • Wesley R. Green and Tami L. Green to Angelica Robles Godoy, 5171 Clearwater Drive, Plains District, $152,900.

Aug. 15

  • Hannah Powell Polk to Timothy W. Heifner, 397 Mount Crawford Ave., Ashby District, $154,900.
  • Kyle J. and Ashley Foster to Steven M. and Carolyn S. Kines, 704 8th St., Grottoes, Stonewall District, $175,000.

Aug. 16

  • Frances H. Kiser to Pamela R. Southard, 4582 Timber Ridge Drive, Ashby District, $320,000.
  • Robert L. Gaines and Myrna Corinne Gaines, trustees of the Gaines Family Trust, to Merill and Carol Parker, 2664 Lawyer Road, Stonewall District, $192,500.


Aug. 11

  • Benjamin Teich to Jeremy L. Hawkins, 368 E. Rock St., $181,000.

Aug. 12

  • Bradley T. Rodriguez and Melissa S. Rodriguez to Jeannie M. Turner, 1045 Carriage Lane, $190,000.
  • Rocky Way LC to David B. and Allison J. Yoder, 435 N. Willow St., $164,900.
  • Kevin J. and Nora M. White to Marc W. Lonett and Carson Y. Rader-Bell, 42 Laurel St., $240,000.
  • The Estate of Charles B. Botkin to Caylin S. Murray, 1191 Westmoreland Drive, $185,000.

Aug. 15

  • Theodore M. Erickson to Andrea Leigh Dono, 372 E. Elizabeth St., $184,200.

Aug. 17

  • Amanda Randall to Megan Austin, 2378 King Arthurs Court, $166,000.
  • Jose T. and Nardy R. Funes to Raul A. and Alba L. Martinez, 251 Suter St., $150,000.
  • Wayne M. and Liana K. Tyler to Mary E. Latza, 1870 Manor Drive, $282,500.
  • Brian D. and Kerri P. Mayes, Joseph C. LaFauci and Hollie Stanford to Buddy-Bob LLC, 398 E. Elizabeth St., $164,900.
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