The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded Oct. 19-28:


Oct. 19

  • Pauline Warner to Steven L. Dutton and Samantha McGinty, 740 Wyndham Woods Circle, $265,000.
  • Clark B. and Elizabeth D. Hamilton to Frank John and Carmen Sue Barron, 630 Keezletown Road, $339,900.

Oct. 20

  • John Duane Swartley, executor of the estate of Ida M. Swartley, to J. Duane and Joanna Swartley, 1546 and 1548 Hillcrest Drive, $275,000.
  • New Private Restaurant Properties LLC to Broadstone BB Portfolio LLC, 261 University Blvd., $2,817,008.
  • Lenna H. Harmon to Hannah D. Leao, 1209 Edgewood Road, $185,000.

Oct. 21

  • Peter K. and Melissa C. Leisen to Ninth Street Rentals LLC, 1478 Country Club Court, $198,000.

Oct. 28

  • Melanie J. McGinnis to Jared L. and Virginia S. Burden, 343 Monticello Ave., $275,000.

Rockingham County

Oct. 19

  • MillerCoors LLC to Edward A. and Mary S. Breeden, 5935 Berrytown Road, Stonewall District, $156,000.

Oct. 20

  • Moccasin Investments LLC to Phillip A. and Meredith K. Read, 200 Victoria Drive, Bridgewater, Ashby District, $350,000.
  • Jordan T. Rohrer to Joseph T. Fierro, 15.094 acres in Linville District, $442,000.
  • Carson R. Rexrode to Kirk David Hughes, Lot Nos. 25, 26, 27 and 28 in Block G on the Map of the business portion of the Town of Grottoes, Stonewall District, $188,500.
  • Ann H. Ketcham to Mark D. and Kathleen Markel McCoy, 106 E. College St., Bridgewater, Ashby District, $182,000.

Oct. 21

  • Katherine Bullis Clark to Joseph F. and Lori R. Friesen, 39.295 acres on the southeast side of Buttermilk Creek Road about 2.5 miles south of the village of Edom, Linville District, $375,000.
  • Brian O. Shifflett to Angel Manis, 242 Morningside Drive, Broadway, Plains District, $221,500.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Mary K. Mather, trustee of The Mary K. Mather Trust, 3161 Henry Grant Hill, Central District, $435,520.
  • Daniel Raymond Van Alstine, trustee of the Daniel Raymond Van Alstine Trust, to Bree P. and Matthew P. Acampora, 154 Turkey Drive, Stonewall District, $224,900.

Oct. 24

  • Hope Community Builders to Mohammed S. al Ogaili and Dina L. al Shakarchi, 3233 Hebron Court, Ashby District, $160,000.
  • Jeffrey A. Ward to City National Bank of West Virginia, 12.735 acres in Linville District, $150,287.89.
  • Darlene S. Caricofe to Brett L. and Mary E. Caricofe, Lot 27, Lot 27 1/2 and the southern portion of Lot 9 of the Morris Addition to the Town of Bridgewater, Ashby District, $160,000.
  • Suzette M. Smith and Lynn A. Mitchell Early to Maria de Jesus Bautista-Chavez and Venancio Bautista-Lopez, 4977 Rawley Pike, Central District, $200,000.
  • Cheryl B. Floyd to Ana Robles and Edith Puebla Robles, 442 North River Road, Ashby District, $210,000.
  • Samantha D. Royer and Donald L. and Judy V. Riggleman to Wesley E. Riggleman and Leigh Ann Bowles-Riggleman, 0.507 acres on the west side of Riggleman Drive, Timberville, Plains District, $245,000.

Oct. 25

  • Kathryn Campbell Strickler to Joseph C. and Cheryldene A. Auwarter, 11097 Mountain Valley Road, Plains District, $155,000.
  • Jonathan D. and Janelle L. Humbert to Scott T. and Mary E. Paradise, 3125 Clement Drive, Central District, $345,000.

Oct. 26

  • Parkside LLC to Ashlynn R. Buttram, 234 Dylan Circle, Ashby District, $200,345.
  • Michael G. Hill to Chad M. and Lauren H. Rawley, 145 Westview St., Dayton, Ashby District, $182,500.
  • Crystal L. and Harry A. Brunk III to Hunter A. and Codi J. Wheelbarger, 9853 Singers Glen Road, Linville District, $199,900.

Oct. 27

  • Gerry C. and Lori Boyd to Frederick David and Amanda Cleveland Teye, 3539 Shen Lake Drive, Ashby District, $219,900.
  • Donald E. Showalter and George R. Aldhizer III, co-executors of the estate of George R. Aldhizer Jr., to Gerald A. Heatwole and Anita L. Heatwole, trustees of the Gerald A. Heatwole Living Trust and the Anita L. Heatwole Living Trust, two parcels in Central District, $925,000.
  • Jeffrey R. and Sheri T. Berry to Jason C. and Claudia K. Whited, 7495 McGaheysville Road, Stonewall District, $247,000.
  • Dorothy A. Kasten to Carl D. and Rose M. Berkey, 148 Ashby Road, Stonewall District, $235,000.
  • Christopher C. Tusing and Senta V. Lanier to Derek and Allison King, 4110 Ridge Road, Timberville, Plains District, $236,000.
  • The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Vyacheslav and Natalya Demochkina, 5960 W. Donnagail Drive, Penn Laird, Central District, $157,000.

Oct. 28

  • Robin Jenkins to William E. and Linda M. Poorbaugh, William E. Poorbaugh Jr. and Tarrah K.P. Stevens, 4645 Palmer Road, Stonewall District, $315,000.
  • Theresa S. Warlitner to Jesse L. Daniels, 105 Maple Leaf Lane, Stonewall District, $202,000.
  • James W. Epley and Crystal Mudgett-Epley to Danny L. and April L. Crider, 4071 Zion Church Road, Broadway, Plains District, $222,000.
  • Richard E. Pettie to Diego and Brooke Sandoval, 6977 Ottobine Road, Ashby District, $274,000.
  • Leslie W. Tomlin and Jennifer W. Green, trustees of The John W. Wilson Jr. Family Trust, to Bibb Y. and Dorothy S. Frazier, 30.712 acres on the Mill Creek-Timber Ridge Road approximately 0.5 mile north of Shady Grove Church, Ashby District, $440,000.
  • Sunnyside Farms Inc. to Joshua R. and Kelsey K. Sprouse, 11.5 acres in Ashby District, $210,000.
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