The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded Jan. 24-Feb. 6:


Jan. 24

  • Janet D. Johnson to James S. Schrom and Jennifer M. Schrom, trustees of the Jennifer M. Schrom and James S. Schrom trusts, 1049 S. Dogwood Drive, $275,000.

Jan. 25

  • Scott E. and Danielle J. Bowman to Steven W. Ray, 99 Laurel St., $238,000.
  • Garrett L. and Charity N. Shahan to Daniel Alberto de Leon Cabrera, 1406 Founders Way, $158,000.

Jan. 26

  • Colfin JIH AHI Properties LLC to 1881 Hospitality LLC, 1881 Evelyn Byrd Ave., $4,425,000.
  • Ashish Singh and Laveena Malik to Randa Roshdi Elzoghbi, 2455 Campus View Circle, Unit 103, $162,000.

Jan. 27

  • Richard A. and Susan G. Crist to Adam B. Young, 315 N. High St., $212,500.

Jan. 28

  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Bradley M. Reese, 346 Sapphire Drive, $194,500.

Feb. 1

  • H. Clay Clark III, successor trustee of the Mary Ann Bradshaw Clark Living Trust, to Aaron W. and Patrice M. Ludwig, 660 Ohio Ave., $520,000.

Feb. 2

  • Rocktown Ventures LLC to Brock K. Kappers, 434 W. Wolfe St., $207,250.

Rockingham County

Jan. 24

  • Mark A. Pierce to Mary M. Depoy, trustee of the Mary M. Depoy Trust Agreement, 4622 Ottobine Road, Ashby District, $152,000.
  • Lucille B. Flory to Victor A. and Doris G. Vincie, 2946 Inglewood Drive, Central District, $225,000.

Jan. 26

  • Becky H. and Richard L. Blackwell Jr. to Nathan W. and Sarah E. Blackwell, 761 Barrows Court, Stonewall District, $350,000.

Jan. 26

  • Dorothy L. Lam to Eugene and Theresa Hammer, 1851 Pineville Road, Stonewall District, $165,000.

Jan. 27

  • Catherine F. Adkins to Jeffrey S. and Marjorie M. Laurion, 2400 Hopkins Drive, Stonewall District, $286,000.
  • Clarene V. Jameson to Robert B. Cox Jr., 14524 Mountain Valley Road, Plains District, $159,900.
  • The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Karyn Jayne and Terry Lynn Withrow, 764 Erickson Ave., Central District, $217,000.
  • Christopher A. Jones and Amy B. Jones, trustees of the Christopher A. Jones and Amy B. Jones trust agreements, to Shawn E. and Sharon A. Lavender, 119 Sunbright Drive, Bridgewater, Ashby District, $370,000.
  • Adam P. and Callie M. Randolph to Brian M. and Elizabeth D. Davis, 390 Mill St., Dayton, Ashby District, $229,900.
  • Delmas and Sue Siever to Joshua J. Fulk and Leah K. Farris, 388 Silver Drive, Broadway, Plains District, $238,000.

Jan. 30

  • Roman J. and Elva B. Miller to Dale and Marjorie Martin, 4956 Singers Glen Road, Central District, $375,000.
  • Mary J. Bazzle to Erma and John Raymond Heim, 335 N. Main St., Timberville, Plains District, $192,000.

Feb. 1

  • Christine M. Gardner, executrix of the estate of Irvin Magin, and Erik David Quanbeck (Magin) to Patsy K. Moyer, 255 Fourth St., Broadway, Plains District, $174,900.
  • Madison Builders Inc. to Ashley N. and David B. and Snipes Jr., 160 Jillian Lane, Penn Laird, Central District, $319,900.

Feb. 2

  • Hans C. and Sarah D. Harman to Christina M. Glover, 3164 Briarwood Court, Central District, $460,000.
  • Phyllis K. Hart, Fred Wayne Kinkead, Cheryl K. Smith, Donna Mae Orr and Shane C. Kinkead, individually and as personal representatives of the estate of Carl E. Kinkead II, and Rhonda Brubaker to Mark W. and Regina Smucker, 9683 Community Center Road, Ashby District, $180,000.
  • Alta S. Alger to Derek A. Tyree and Melissa Ann Spitzer, 7664 Simmers Valley Road, Linville District, $205,000.

Feb. 6

  • Denise A. Gochenour to Donald S. and Danielle M. Kettlekamp, 591 S. Montevideo Circle, Stonewall District, $246,000.
  • Kathleen Anne Koch to Jesse M. Marrero, 4377 Hilltop Road, Central District, $158,000.
  • Peerless Homes Inc. to Jonathan M. and Jennifer B. Aulgur, 580 Skyrock Court, McGaheysville, Stonewall District, $412,000.
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