The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded March 15-23:


March 15

  • Matthew E. Brydge to Eric D. and Kimberly S. Schmucker, 843 Star Crest Drive, $224,000.

March 16

  • Vincent M.A. Henry to Joseph I. Reyes Reyes and Kelin Z. Castillo, 1931 Russell Drive, $220,000.

March 17

  • Lara Miller Bayles to Bradley D. and Kimberly A. Myers, 1270 Old Richmond Circle, $155,000.

March 22

  • Charles E. Knight Jr., Bonnie Sue Warner, Betty Lou Sampson and John Wayne Knight to Valley Corner LLC, 1110 N. Liberty St., $220,000.
  • Jeffrey S. Sager Jr. and James L. Hamlett Jr. to Shirley M. Otero Hernandez and Michael A. Morales Batista, 2131 Scarlet Oak Court, $232,000.
  • James M. and Christina A. Dean to Phoebe Kirby-Glatkowski, 341 Maryland Ave., $163,000.

Rockingham County

March 15

  • Dorothy Dean to Anne Elizabeth Knight, 115 Cindie Lane, Bridgewater, Ashby District, $160,000.
  • Daniel A. and Elsie C. Kline to Robert J. Shouey, 2608 Ridge Dale Road, Ashby District, $177,000.
  • James L. and Sandra M. Levengood to Gregory Allen Shifflett, 190 Pleasant Lane, Stonewall District, $226,000.
  • Collis Holdings LLC to Karla Virginia and Matthew Allen Doolan, 18842 Runions Creek Road, Broadway, Plains District, $170,000.

March 16

  • Grottoes LLC to Kara Knight, 1451 Mandolin Ave., Grottoes, Stonewall District, $174,900.
  • Linda H. Simmons to Orlando Torres, 3121 Pride Circle, Plains District, $152,000.
  • Patsy W. McCloud to Michael Henry Grube, Lot 2 on a plat entitled “Final Plat of Redivision of Tract D in ‘South Fork Farm, Shenandoah, Virginia,’” Stonewall District, $334,000.

March 17

  • Derek G. Crider to Jacob A. and Jacquelynne Patrece McClelland, 27 Cantermill Lane, Mount Crawford, Ashby District, $157,500.
  • Toby C. and Brittney M. Duveneck to Michael A. and Jeanne G. Ritchie, 4140 Brown Roan Lane, Ashby District, $515,000.
  • Kimberly Renee and Joshua Benjamin Shifflett to Matthew K. and Jordan B. Lam, Lot No. 45 on a plat entitled “Woodbridge Subdivision, Phase 3,” Elkton, Stonewall District, $249,000.
  • Dorothy O’C. Gladden to Lowell D. and Sharon Y. Nesselrodt, 254 Fifth St., Broadway, Plains District, $160,000.

March 20

  • Joseph K. Miller to Jonathan M. and Amber J. Higdon, 3100 Patriot Court, Plains District, $174,900.
  • Randy V. and Amy M. Quach to Ivan O. Levchuk, 670 Moonview Court, Central District, $190,000.
  • Ken & Terry Rentals LLC to Katie Marie Wood, 12336 Model Road, Stonewall District, $210,000.
  • Joseph A. and Andrea P. Mullens to Taylor A. Corbin, 7555 Garden Place, Ashby District, $165,000.
  • Travis S. Stewart to Hamza and Samantha Huggi, 19353 North Mountain Road, Plains District, $159,500.

March 22

  • Debra B. Smith to Douglas W. and Sandra L. Kubosh, 40 acres on the northwest side of Va. 843 approximately 600 feet north of Va. 651, Stonewall District, $290,000.
  • Carl L. and Cleva D. Rodeffer to Heather Marie and Joseph Patrick Baroch, 108 W. View St., Bridgewater, Ashby District, $205,000.
  • John L. and Linda G. Roytos to Charles Burgess Lindsey Jr. and Alisha Kipps Lindsey, 231 Bush Drive, Broadway, Plains District, $327,500.

March 23

  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Alexandra B. Surratt, 3166 Charleston Blvd., Central District, $232,000.
  • Claudia S. Clark to Laura Alexandra and Terry Lee Puffenbarger, 3672 Shen Lake Drive, Ashby District, $269,000.
  • Patsy W. McCloud and Pamela M. Aldrich to Pham H.S. Chopra, 1.22 acres southeast of Little Gap Road, Stonewall District, $270,000.
  • Frank and Anna M. Benincasa to Edward D. and Shelley R. Lenker, 3818 Traveler Road, Ashby District, $554,000.
  • Kenneth Dwayne and Tracey B. Jones to Lisa H. and Guy H. Spruhan III, 6037 Artillery Road, Ashby District, $282,800.
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