The following property transfers, for at least $150,000 each, were recorded April 24-May 1:


April 24

  • James B. Chouinard and Jennifer L. Davis to Laura Beth Lehman, 548 Virginia Ave., $218,500.
  • Storm LLC to Thomas and Mary Webster, 630 Ott St., $352,000.
  • Ryan T. and Heather R. Chico to Suzanne K. Arthur, 1212 Woodcrest Circle, $195,000.

April 25

  • Jeffrey D. and Patricia M. Brillhart, Somer A. Sharp, and Moriah D. Brillhart to Robert Michael Lento (father), Robert Michael Lenton (son) and Christopher Michael Lento, 425 Eastover Drive, $249,000.

April 26

  • Bethany P. Bryson to Samuel L. and Renee L. Moyer, 1027 Stuart St., $206,500.

April 27

  • Thelma M. Huntley to Heatwole Rentals LLC, 1477 Founders Way, $150,000.
  • Theresa M. and Robert B. Bailey II to Penelope H. Brosious, trustee of the Penelope H. Brosious Revocable Trust, 103 Middlebrook St., $285,000.
  • Thomas G. and Christine A. Bizzoco to 1450 Devon Lane LLC, 1450 Devon Lane, $154,000.
  • Guy T. and Allison S. Bizzoco to 1556 Devon Lane LLC, 1556 Devon Lane, $154,000.
  • Guy T. and Allison S. Bizzoco to 1428 Devon Lane LLC, 1428 Devon Lane, $154,000.

April 28

  • William H. Wightman and Margaret C. O’Brien to Eric M. and Anna Rachel Stauffer, 1442 Crawford Ave., $225,000.
  • Christopher P. Louderback to Derek Earl Shifflett, Lot 31, Block G. on a plat entitled “Park Lawn Subdivision Section 4,” $180,000.
  • Retreat Rentals LLC to Landes Homeplace LLC, 101 W. Mosby Road, $225,000.
  • Brown Investments LLC to Marliese A. Poskitt, 318 Emerald Drive, $199,000.
  • Paula Eggleston to Mathias Properties LLC, 1721 N. Burkwood Court, $375,000.
  • Joseph W. Slagell and Renita A. Mann, individually and as executors of the estate of Patricia A. Yoder, to Kamron L. Johnson, 1056 Cherrybrook Drive, $157,000.

May 1

  • Kent Eric and Kimberly J. Darrah to Aaron M. Parks, 800 Claremont Ave., $592,500.
  • APB Rentals LLC to C&E Realty LLC, 172 South Ave., $250,000.
  • Philip L. and Sophia L. Ramsey to Leslie Victor Hutchins, 510 Davis Mills Drive, Unit 104, $162,000.
  • Meriwether Hills LLC to Ryan N. and Ilona Pearson, 1751 Pear St., $165,000.
  • Jane H. Manakar to Denise D. Liskey, 137 Emerald Drive, $215,000.

Rockingham County

April 26

  • Waylan R. and Phyllis A. Burkholder to Phillip G. and Linda R. Rohrer, three acres on the north side of the road leading from Glick’s Mill to Lilly, Ashby District, $200,000.
  • Kristina J. Linzer, successor trustee of the June M. Martin Trust Agreement, to Bethany P. Bryson, 156 Fridley Court, Stonewall District, $199,000.
  • Russell L. and Salome K. Leinbach to Matthew L. Sibley and Elizabeth Tanner Chenevey, 1271 Greystone St., $168,500.
  • Jason J. and Angela D. Barker to Logan W. and Ashlyn N. Goering, 2728 Ralston Road, Central District, $174,000.
  • Cross Keys Development LLC to Dianna J. and Ralph J. Zerwas Jr., 203 Berwick Drive, Central District, $299,900.

April 27

  • Aaron W. German and Kristi N. German to Sean M. and Lindsay K. Brown, 2240 Stony Run Drive, Stonewall District, $239,000.
  • S&J Homes LLC to Jordan Scott and Shana Emerson Morgan, 365 Coyote Run, Broadway, Plains District, $222,500.
  • Bonnie H. and John P. Sims II to James Eric Sims, 3014 Lanier Lane, Stonewall District, $232,000.

April 28

  • Robert L. Summers Jr. to Jeremy L. and Lorisa M. Zimmerman and Patricia Fink, 7625 Simmers Valley Road and a contiguous 10-acre parcel, Linville District, $623,000.
  • Mary Mather to Justin C. and Brooke S. Joiner, 125 Rachel Drive, Central District, $339,900.
  • Margaret W. Whitmore to Shirley J. Chenault, 283 Ridgewood Ave., Broadway, Plains District, $175,000.
  • Ralph E. Hottinger to Angela R. and Logan Jon Smith, two parcels totaling 38.726 acres on the northwest side of North Mountain Road, Plains District, $430,000.
  • Stephen Boyd Simmers, executor of the estate of Avis S. Simmers, to Brent Allen and Megan LaPrevotte Slater, 5693 Kratzer Road, Linville District, $193,200.
  • Carol B. Boutillier to Christopher L. and Shanna B. Deane, 2736 Panorama Drive, Elkton, Stonewall District, $350,000.
  • Kristen K. Wood to Melissa M. Vaughan, 2279 Lanier Lane, McGaheysville, Stonewall District, $315,000.

May 1

  • Stephen S. Barranco and Stephen S. Barranco Jr., trustees of The Barranco Family Trust, to Natalie L. Fitzwater, 3275 Mesinetto Creek Drive, Ashby District, $315,000.
  • Kerry W. and Kim C. Willis to Ryan C. and Angela R. MacFarlane, Lot No. 89 on a plat of Barrington, Section Four, Ashby District, $380,000.
  • Jerry L. and Brenda C. Phillips to Alan G. and Wanda N. Propst, 706 College View Drive, Bridgewater, Ashby District, $395,000.
  • Frederic A. and Judith Miller and Bethany J. and Stephen H. Gibbs Jr. to Richard B. and Lori Lynne Wood, parcel approximately 0.5 mile south of Mill Creek Church, Stonewall District, $486,000.
  • William L. Davenport to Derek C. and Emma R. Brown, 105 Rhodes Hill Drive, Dayton, Ashby District, $277,000.
  • Richard and Milagros Mojica to Jason E. and Judith L. Beiler, 10480 Daphna Road, Plains District, $176,000.
  • Robert L. and Nicole R. Schumacher to Denise L. Altherr, 2978 Blose Road, Stonewall District, $157,500.
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