The following property transfers, for at least $150,000, were recorded Sept. 4-10:


Sept. 4

  • Kevin and Karen Rose to Christopher Weaver and Jennifer Cunningham, 286 Campbell Street, $ 410,000.

Sept. 5

  • Joseph Opala to Clarence to Hickman, 510 Mills Drive Unit 103, $165,000.

Sept. 6

  • Gray Turner to 2JM Holdings LLC, Park Rose Village Condominium Unit 1638K and Unit 1638L, $220,000.

Sept. 10

  • Barre McClay Jr. to Benjamin and Tonya Delp, 29 North Willow Street, $211,000.
  • R. Scott and Amy Harlow to Carmen Gonzalez, 318 South Dogwood Drive, $175,000.
  • Vivian Phares to Mack and Misty Morgan, 124 Sharon Street, $220,000.

Rockingham County


  • Richard and Kathy Sharpe to Douglas Harrison, 2824 Long Meadows Road, Plains District, $280,000.
  • David and Ashley Privott to Anthony and Laura Alfi ni, 3887 Lakewood Drive, Central District, $ 362,000.
  • Cross Keys Development LLC to Staci Severns, 111 Macallister Way, Central District, $ 314,200.
  • John and Keri Bethune, Charles and Kristin Wenger, 3202 Arrowhead Road, Central District, $ 329,000.

Sept. 5

  • Gary Lam, Cindy Crawford, Matthew Lam, Chris Lam and Randall Lam to Jessica Lam, 12555 Wildlife Lane, Linville District, $225,000.
  • Kyle and Rachel Echols to Gordana and Dragon Gorta, 409 Diana Court, Ashby District, $206,000.
  • Glen and Betty Hochstetler to Larry, Lois and Lora Shank, 5431 Beaver Creek Road, Ashby District, $260,000.
  • Paul III and Nicole Wesner to Carole Hughes, 341 North Main Street, Plains District, $270,000.
  • Amy Wells to Shirley Gibbs and Bryan Sayers, 133 Joyce Drive, Ashby District, $166,000.
  • Benjamin and Penny Edwards to Samuel and Kathy Troyer, 5910 Foxcroft Drive, Ashby District, $ 320,000.

Sept. 6

  • Annette, Lois and John Wilson to Jordan and Lisa White, 3935 Rawley Pike, Central District, $185,000.
  • Boyd and Linda Showalter to Kenneth and Marybeth Showalter, 72 different half acres in Central District, $1,100,000.
  • Kenneth and Marybeth Showalter to Boyd and Linda Showalter, around 3.2 acres in Central District, $250,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc to Rockburg LLC, 455 and 459 Leslie Court, Central District, $ 312,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc to Craig and Eliot Westwood, 463 Leslie Court, Central District, $156,000.

Sept. 7

  • David and Lisa Rhodes to Jose Vasquez to Yohima Gonzalez, 3097 Declaration Drive, Plains District, $200,000.
  • Thomas Richardson Jr., James Richardson and Olivia Landis to Congers Creek LLC, around 26.2 acres in Central District, $2,100,000.
  • Gregory and Candy Roach to Rodney and Holly Hensley, 99 South Persimmon Street, Stonewall District, $208,000.
  • Superior Siding and Home Improvement INC to James Rhodenizer, 401 West C Street, Stonewall District, $199,900.
  • Norman Stern to Josiah and Samantha Weaver, around 5 acres in Central District, $245,000.
  • Cosner Construction INC to David and Lisa Rhodes, 3485 Majestic Circle, Plains District, $200,000.

Sept. 10

  • Daniel and Cara Risser to Geoffrey and Shana Baum, 355 Acme Company Street, $269,900.
  • David and Karen Napier to Evan Keirce, 3361 Shen Lake Drive, Ashby District, $220,000.
  • Nolan L. Cline, Mary Lieu Cline, Nolan Keith Cline and Stacy Shiflet to Dmitriy Mozheyko, 5 acres in Ashby District, $168,900.
  • Keith and Jessica Fisher to Whitney Wade, 203B 5th Street, Stonewall District, $158,000.
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