The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Oct. 29

  • Tracy W. Kimble to Ruvim Bukalov and Yelena Bukalov, 2388 King Arthurs Court, $174,000
  • Francisco R. Posada to Dunia Optavila Claros Gutierrez, 391 Franklin Street, $170,000.
  • Dickson L. Sommers and Jennifer L. Sommers to Aaron Miller Hernandez and Wilbur Anibal Hernandez, 827 Grant Street, $194,000.

Oct. 30

  • Marjorie O. Scheikl to Aleksey A. Sirenchenko, 2951 Diamond Spring Lane, $202,000.
  • JBD Properties to Harry M. Aldieny, 1086 Cherrybrook Drive, $154, 000.
  • Ricardo A. Pineda and Liliana T. Pineda to Sincler Garcia Gutierrez and Mireyda A. Caballero, 1441 Stonechris Drive, $226, 000.

Oct. 31

  • Ninth Street Rentals LLC to Layne Investments LLC, 1468, 1478, and 1417 Country Club Court, $339,000.
  • Lisa P. Coffman to Dana Landacre, 300 New York Avenue, $255,000.
  • Shirley S. Herring, trustee of the Herring Family Trust to 1123 South High Street LLC, 1123 South High Street, $185,000.
  • Dana Rigney and Terry Hameline to Karron Fields and Casondra Fields, 111 Garbers Church Road, $225,000.

Nov. 1

  • Distinctive Properties LLC to Kurt Davies, 1206 Poets Court, $161,000.

Nov. 2

  • Gustavo A. Rivera to Ignacio Arostegui Boynes, 782 Vine Street, $165,000.
  • Deviprasad Chabukswar and Dominique Petite to Bashir Ahmed Zaied, 563 Pointe Drive, $185,000.

Nov. 5

  • Matthew E. Peach and Patricia A. Peach to Debora J. Douglas and Lynn R. Douglas, 822 Camelot Lane, $157,900.


Oct. 29

  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Jared Jaudon and Shelley Jaudon, 3271 Battery Park Place Central District, $267,641.
  • Goodman Family of Virginia LLC to David C. Seekford and Michelle K. Seekford, 1472 Collie Crest Drive Stonewall District, $310,000.
  • Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to David Joel Cruz Trujillo and Rosibel Pachecho Zelaya, 3169 Valor Court Plain District, $166, 500.
  • Keith W. Litten to Christopher Danaceau and Leah R. Haworth, 2715 Lanier Lane Stonewall District, $255,000.
  • William M. Dabback to Rebekah Brooke Kimble and Tracy W. Kimble, 127 Fort Road Stonewall District, $235,000.
  • Byron J. Frost III and Heather L. Gray Frost to Kristian Dewitt Looney and Charity Ann Looney, 157 Wildwood Drive Ashby District, $365,500.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Daniel Ward Merdes and Terri Ann Merdes, 3250 Vera Vista Path Central District, $152,500.
  • John D. Rohrer, Andrea Heatwole Rohrer, Willard Lee Shirkey III, and Nanette Shefflette to Maynard J. Heatwole and Rosalie S. Heatwole, 3216 Whitmore Shop Road Central District, $315,000.

Oct. 30

  • Justin F. Biller to Dylan P. Meadows, 107 Berry Patch Lane Plains District, $168,500.
  • Linfa Lee and Angela H. Ni to Hannah Altman and Scott Altman, 3831 Traveler Road Ashby District, $489,900.
  • Mark Evans to Alfred M. Collins and Gretchen Collins, 109 West View Street Ashby District, $171,000.
  • Steven H. Cooper and Megan K. Cooper to Stephen Strecky and Christine Strecky, 431 Coyote Run Plains District, $239,900.
  • Bryan M. Gilkerson and Mary Gilkerson to Christopher Painter, 18502 New Market Road Plains District, $233,000.
  • Brian D. Clabough and Joan A. Clabough to Neil P. Coverstone and Brittany B. Coverstone, 1801 Adair Way Linville District, $232,000.
  • Elizabeth C. Cochran and William W. Cochran Jr. of the Elizabeth C. Cochran Revocable Trust to George G. Haun and Veronica Haun, 3195 Charleston Boulevard Central District, $257,000.
  • Daniel P. Hylton for the H. Nelson Koiner Trust Agreement to Heriberto Vazquez Moran and Teresa Torres Mata, a 2 acre portion of the Ashby District described as Bluebird Hill Ln. existing 20′ access easement to Route 993, $343,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Rachel M. Nelson, 3020 Clubhouse Hill Road Central District, $603,921.98
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Thomas Joel Francis and Farren Diane Francis, 3255 Battery Park Place Central District, $267,525.
  • Austin M. Bricker to Benjamin Andres Benavides and Megan Marie Benavides, 335 Rayann Lane Plains District,  $253,000.

Oct. 31

  • Max Rentals LLC to Gigina L. Moran, 758 Coltsfood Lane Stonewall District, $267,500.
  • Jesse L. Horneber and Kristian L. Horneber to Jonathan Michael Johnson and Buenafe Tigno Arachea, 1656 Briarcrest Drive Central District, $272,350.
  • Ronald D. Brunk and Donna L. Brunk to Nancy R. Slye, 325 North River Road Ashby District, $322,000.
  • Robert M. Kyler executor of the estate of Marijke Annette Kyler, Robert M. Kyler, Karl Eric Kyler, and Peter Hasso Kyler to William Eugene Early and Benedicte Helene Early, 51K L9, 51K L10, 51K L81 of Harrisonburg and 93G Central District, $350,000.
  • Jim Allen Long and Laura Schwartz Long to Ronald Strawderman and Tammy S. Strawderman, 349 West Springbrook Road Plains District $160,000.
  • Parkside LLC to Azad K. Aadi, 215 Dylan Circle Ashby District, $249,501.
  • Carole A. Sease to Natalya Franchuck, 4045 Lucy Long Drive Ashby District, $318,000.

Nov. 1

  • Jayme & Russell Rentals LLC to Jerem A. Wright, 317 Maple Lane Ashby District, $155,000.
  • Thomas R. Hydock and Sandra M. Hydock, trustees of the Hydock Family Trust to Christopher Coiley, Michelle Coiley, Brian Trow, and Suzanne Trow, 1554 Devon Lane, $162,500.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to William T. McArdle, 3030 Preston Lake Boulevard Central District, $385,215.
  • Cosner Construction INC. to Charles W. Foltz, 15417 Evergreen Valley Road Plains District, $197,900.
  • Chad R. Soule and Laura F. Soule to Frank Pereira and Diana Pereira, 370 Rachel Drive Central District, $333,000.
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