The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Nov. 16

  • Kathy S. Wimer and Chadd Shuler Jenkins, Meadow Pointe Subdivison Section 2 Lot 18, $187,000.
  • Sandra L. Biller to Joel C. Cooper and Natasha V. Cooper, 1240 Rinacas Corner Road, $279,000.
  • Safi a Al- Sadoon and Ihab Sadoon to Addy Alago and Gina M. Currence Alago, 500 Rockingham Drive,$187,500.
  • Eric A. Imbrescia to James F. Harte, 1416 Fieldale Place, $242,450.
  • Charles P. Mason to Kiber Valentin Carranza, 195 Fifth Street, $165,000.
  • JD land Company LC to Emilio A. Vasquez Hernandez and Yesenia G. Acosta Ruiz, 720 Blue Ridge Drive, $160,000.
  • Ruby C. Quintrell and Keith Douglas Quintrell to Joni J. Harrison, 2233 Lake Terrace Drive, $202,500.

Nov. 19

  • Mark R. Say and Christine G. Say to Jazmin Cardoso, 975 Drake Lane, $189,900.
  • Distinctive Properties LLC and Aaron T. Ludholtz, Beacon Hill Subdivison Section 5, $159,000.
  • Michael Deane and Paula Deane to Roger Shuler and Linda Shuler, 136 Emerald Drive, $210,000.

Nov. 20

  • Jonathan D. Harrison and Gwyndolyn E. Harrison to Jeffrey R. Pillochody and Lorraine F. Pillichody, 1441 East Court, $255,000.
  • Lynn S. Fichter and Julia S. Clay to John K. Swartzendruber and Evonne J. Swartzendruber, 1381 South Dogwood Drive, $ 314,000.

Nov. 26

  • Tee Jack Wongananda to Lance M. Bragg and Cheyenne A. Nicholas, 518 Pointe Drive, $177,000.
  • Robert E. Walker and Hseuh Hui Walker to Pedro Trinidad Sr, 1416 Founders Way, $175,500.
  • Reine Mimi Comte Menard to Mattias C. Clymer and Erica Q. Clymer, 810 Sandtrap Lane, $ 345,000.

Nov. 27

  • Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Eric Walton IRA to Mark William Fox and Jennifer Megan Fox, 1028 South Dogwood Drive $279,000.

Nov. 29

  • Carole H. Hood to Wesley F. Harman, 4512 Brenneman Church Road, $216,000.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Marquis Cornelius McGee and Shara Schenck McGee, 320 Sapphire Drive,$244,398.12


Nov. 14

  • Ronald D. Dixon and Ruth Ann Dixon to Gary W. Lam and Julia S. Lam, 25.924 acres of the Plains District on the southern side of Zion Church Road (State Route 809), $175,000.
  • Cosner Construction INC to Kolby Orlanda Walters and Tristan Alayna Meadows, 1.635 acres of the Plains District on the southwestern side of Brocks Gap Road (State Route 259), $189,900.
  • Laura M. Epstein to Robert M. Stirling and Jennifer J. Stirling, 166 Fridley Court Stonewall District,$173,500.
  • C. Dennis Miller and Pamela S. Miller to Lanny V. Beach Jr. and Tara H. Beach, 102.047 acres about four miles west of Broadway in the Plains District, $180,000.
  • Autumn Breeze L.C. to Vicki C. Martin, Coyote Run Section 4 Lot 9 PlainsDistrict, $254,500.
  • June H. Liskey and Gregory N. Liskey to Gregory J. Baker and Kay W. Baker, 2223 Lake Terrace Drive, $222,000.

Nov. 16

  • Leonard Michael Pazur to Keith A. Showman and Erin M. Showman, 4451 Magnolia Ridge Drive Central District, $ 378,000.
  • Cosner Construction INC to Ricky L. Biller and Sandra M. Biller, 15419 Evergreen Valley Road Plains District, $239,900.
  • Danielle D. Dean to Behata A. Workneh, 3480 Dawn Drive Ashby District, $208,000.
  • Ashby Holdings LLC to Spencer J. Dean and Christopher Conner, 605 10th Street Stonewall District, $229,000.
  • David A. Frazier and Erin C. Frazier to Riley B. Hebdon and Joshua S. Hebdon, 1257 Longs Pump Road LinvilleDistrict, $195,900.
  • St. Rad Development LLC to Maria A. Lantz and Christopher D. Lantz, 351 Rayann Lane Plains District, $276,500.
  • Oak Creek Development LLC to Charles B. Somers III and Barbara R. Somers, 131 Millstone Street Ashby District, $287,639.56
  • Wesley W, Yankey and Lora A. Turner to James J. Ellison and Alyssa K. Ellison, 237 Windermere Drive Plains District, $169,900.
  • K’NK INC. to Julio A. Ayala-Diaz and Magaly Del Carmen Ayala-Iraheta, 6111 Dotts Lane Central District, $295,000.
  • Marjorie W. Smith and Marjorie Funk to Myrla B. Stith, 89A A Street Stonewall District, $169,900.
  • Teresa T. Estep, executor of the estate of Linda Lou Taylor to Phyllis A. Sponaugle, 421 Coyote Run Plains District, $230,000.

Nov. 20

  • Jerry A. Payne and Cheryl A. Payne to Huong Quynh Pham, Thanh Thanh Ta, John Charles Hanley, 3011 North Valley Pike Linville District, $213,000.
  • JBD Properties LC to Jerry A. Payne and Cheryl A. Payne, 589 Spring Oaks Drive Central District,$232,400.
  • Catherine Michelle Reed to Pamela Gwen McDaniels, 1.532 acres on the south side of State Route 801 Plains District, $160,000.
  • Randall H. Hinshaw and Linda B. Hinshaw to Paul E. Eberly and Whitney H. Eberly, 4101 Levi Lane Central District, $ 410,000.
  • Scott L. Stoehr and Kathleen C. Stoehr to John J. Kerr Jr. and Sonja M. Kerr, 14730 Justice Crossing Plains District, $212,000.
  • William E. Ford, Rhoda Elizabeth Crider, Mary Louise Day, Bobbie Ann Davis, and Penny K. Lambert to Elbert H. Kirkpatrick and Patsy J. Kirkpatrick, 1.472 acres on Mash Lane, near Hupp, Plains District, $150,000.

Nov. 21

  • Joshua E. Bushman, executor of the estate of Lisle G. Neher to Christopher L. Frost, Renee G. Frost, husband and wife, Lawrence F. Frost and Marsha E. Frost, co-trustees of The Frost Family Revocable Living Trust, Scott L. Frost and Stacy G. Frost, co-trustees of the Frost Family Revocable Living Trust, four plots of 153.5 acres, 93.337 acres, 55.969 acres, and 0.232 acres of the Plains District, $ 500,000.

Nov. 26

  • Norma P. Petre, Vernon W. Graber and Eldon Patre to Joyce W. Burkholder, 3840 Lumber Mill Road Ashby District, $185,000.
  • Beery Farms INC to Anthony P. Beery, 103 acres in the Ashby District,$1,474,000.
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