The following property transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Nov. 30

  • WSN LLC to G Money Productions 2205 LLC, New Lot 3A containing 1.274 acres, $215,000.
  • Evelina M. Khakimova to Kristo Papa and Elmiro Khakimova, 141 Diamond Court, $451,000.
  • Audrey A. Doveganetskiy and Irina A. Dovganetskiy to Mary C. Higgs, 1034 Blaze Court, $260,000.
  • Susan M. Sweeten to Diijon Joes and Guadalupe Jones, 315 Homestead Drive, $225,000.
  • Karen L. Thurston, Gail L. Frye by her attorney and Thomas P. Frye to Lorena Ledezma and Erasmo Ledezma Garcia, 81 Rockbridge Circle, $163,000.
  • LSB Properties to Davis Mills #104 LLC, 515 Davis Mills Drive #104, $175,000.

Dec. 3

  • Frank Pereira and Diana B. Periera to Amanda Luecke-Fritts and Alexander Luecke-Fritts, 1213 Settlers Lane, $173,500.
  • Michael L. Leonard, Julie H. Leonard, and Chad Michael Leonard to Ahmed Nsaif Casey, 515 Davis Mills Drive Apt. 301, $172,000.
  • Boris A. Ozuna Urueta and Rebeca S. Barge to Zook Barge LLC and NRSCB LLC, 512 Green Street, $170,000.
  • George W. Taliaferro Jr. trustee of the George W. Taliaferro Jr. Revocable Living Trust to Jennifer A. Kwiatkowski and Michael S. Cast, 401 Neyland Drive, $190,000.
  • Roger D. Wolfe to John P. Roberts, $160,000, 1132 Bluebird Court, $160,00.

Dec. 5

  • Jonathan M. Godbey and Caroline B. Godbey to Michael C. Zandy and Kathryn B. Zandy, 172 Southampton Drive, $229,000.
  • Zainab J. Jafe to Rebeca S. Barge and Boris A. Ozuna Urueta, Holiday Hills Section One $280.000.

Dec. 6

  • Barbara K. Vanpelt executor of the estate of Terry T. Bennett to Travis L. Bowman, 445 North Willow Street, $150,000.

Dec. 7

  • Parkside LLC to Jared J. Clem and Linda C. Clem, 217 Ashby District, $215,216.
  • Dean W. Hayward and Monika D. Geier-Hayward to Steben Hall and Katherine Hall, 930 Lee Avenue, $295,000.
  • Gary L. Van Horn and Lynn Suarez-Van Horn to John V. Gandy III and Janice Gandy, trustees of the EOMC 401K PSP Plan, 567 Pheasant Run Circle, $150,000.
  • Beverly R. Rowe to Raymond Michael Morris, Karen C. Morris and Kathryn N. Morris, 331 Hillandale Avenue, $240,000.
  • Bonnie L. Paul to Joseph P. Harahan and Ann V. Harahan, 690 Wyndham Woods, $321,300.


Nov. 28

  • FSC Development LLC to Kevin L. Mitchell and Gail H. Mitchell, 174 Cedar Point Lane, Linville District, $159,125.
  • Mole Hill Kingfishers LLC to Kenneth L. Landes and Edith K. Landes, 1.080 acres on the northern side of Dale Enterprise Road (State Route 733) in the Central District, $250,000.
  • Billhimer Rentals LLC to Jerry A. Williams and Mary V. Williams, 16819 Spar Mine Road Plains District, $152,600.
  • David M. Hylton to Brandon S. McMillan and Tamara N. McMillan, 396 God Drive Plans District, $239,000.

Nov. 30

  • J. Robert Brunk Jr. and Keri Sue Brunk to Sean Severns and Amanda Severns, four parcels containing 12.473 acres on the southern side of U.S. Route 33 (Rawley Pike) Central Distrct, $875,000.
  • George Eric Holter and Kathleen W. Holter to Jeffrey S. Turlington and Melody S. Turlington, 121 Grouse Drive Stonewall District, $304,500.
  • Thomas L. Bridges and Jesse L. Martin, 1.684 acres on the eastern side of Buffalo Drive Linville District, $155,000.
  • Rupen Suresh Amin to Alivin P. Rodriguez, 135 Bedford Place Central District, $550,000.
  • Parkside LLC to Shimal K. Al Hasan, 261 Dylan Circle Ashby District, $199,000.
  • Teresa L. Fisher and Jesus A. Guerrero, 3201 Arrowhead Road Central District, $347,000.

Dec. 3

  • Randy B. Roberts to Tabitha Craun, 432 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $194,800.
  • Thomas K. Lambert and Connie B. Lambert to Kevin C. Vanpelt as KVP LLC, 3320 Impression Court Ashby District, $170,000.
  • Andrew Scott Hijjeh and Morgan Custer Hijjeh to Jennie Faye Greenfield and Johanthan Allen Middleton, 47 Cendar Point Lane Linville District, $169,900.
  • Cross Keys Development LLC to Teresa L. Fisher, 380 Callaway Circle Central District, $301,950.
  • David I. Rohrer to Julie R. Yoder, 4799 Kratzer Road Linville Distrct, $160,000.
  • J. Andrew Myers and Loretta C. Myers to Randy L. High and Vickie L. High, 291 Center Street Plains District, $169,900.
  • Elaine M. Cook and Jeffrey A. McCauley, 2824 Ralston Road Central District, $199,000.

Dec. 4

  • David Harvey Horst to John W. Dillinger and Elizabeth Dellinger, 7600 Rawley Pike Central District, $185,000.

Dec. 5

  • Edouard Jean Marie Sabatie-Garat and Marie Sabatie-Garat to Daniel Geisert and Julia M. Geisert, 1525 Bluewater Road Ashby District, $390,000.

Dec. 6

  • Jason C. Scheermesser and Sara M. Scheermesser, 304 Green Street Ashby District, $240.000.
  • Thomas B. Finnegan and Barbara L. Finnegan to Amber L. Tiller, 361 Louisa Street Plains District, $213,500.
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