The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Feb. 7

  • Pedro Sandoval Jr. to Omar Hernandez Martinez and Ayme Alvarez Alfaro, 250 Rockingham Drive, $174,000.

Feb. 8

  • Grishma Patel to 2 Pleasant Valley LLC, 1.540 acres of the Pleasant Valley Sudivision in the city of Harrisonburg, $800,000.

Feb. 11

  • Judy E. Hensley to Dean M. Weaver, 12,000 square feet on the eastern side of Virginia Avenue in the city of Harrisonburg, $208,000.

Feb. 12

  • John D. Gira III and Jennifer M. Gira to Humberto Alexander Lovo-Reyes and Bethney Nicole Lovo, 1921 Buttonwood Court, $215,000.

Feb. 15

  • Sam Yop Han to Blanca Lissette Lopez, 1030 Oak View Court, $190,000.
  • William J. Krouse Jr., Michael Krouse, Daniel A. Krouse, John D. Krouse and Matthew P. Krouse to Nikolay Nikolayevich Skachko and Sofiya N. Skachko, 1192 Westmoreland Drive, $202,000.
  • Michael L. Ellis and Miriam L. Ellis to Justin Lautenschlager and Marissa Lautenschlager, Pleasant Hills subdivision Lot 13 Block F, $257,000.
  • Dean A. Stoesz to Elijah Andrievich and Rula Andrievich, 1101 and 1103 Mount Clinton Pike, $230,000.


Feb. 1

  • Creekside Stables LLC to Burce D. Burns and Alicia A. Burns, 6107 Horse Farm Lane Ashby District, $850,000.
  • Arthur D. Thompson and Diane C. Lending to Donald A. Damron and Laurie A. Damron, 3933 Ridge Road Plans District, $397,000.
  • Acklene P. Knott through her attorney Gary L. Knott and Damon J. Knott to Gary L. Knott and Richard J. Knott, 215 Sunset Drive Ashby District, $150,000.
  • Hope Community Builders to Aemal R. Yusufzai and Shaima Yusufzai, 3223 Hebron Court Ashby District, $165,000.
  • Tareck I. Bitar to Libia Rodriguez , Taylor Spring Phase IV Lot 137 Central District, $211,150.
  • Luke M. Drescher and M. June Drescher to Kyle James Kelleran and Ashley Neubaum Kelleran, Lot 9 Block 1 Section 2 of the Belmont Estates Central District, $265,000.
  • Mole Hill Kingfishers LLC to Mark A. Bergman and Elizabeth E. Bergman, 15.987 acres of the Central District beginning at a point in Road No. 733, $440.000.

Feb. 4

  • Emma Lou Showalter to Lucy A. Showalter, 5099 John Wayland Highway and 5101 John Wayland Highway Ashby District, $250,000.
  • Joshua A. Baker and Eleanor C. Baker to Joshua Lookabill and Tabitha Lookabill, 108 Holly Hill Drive Ashby District, $259,000.
  • SVTB Crossroads LLC to William F. Thompson and Sandra K. Thompson, 120 Keswick Court Central District, $180,000.
  • John Flynn Bucy executor of Ralph Dais Bucy, deceased, to Hilltop Homestays LLC, 4138 Hilltop Road Central District, $212,000.

Feb. 5

  • Clarence E. Simpson IV, to Raghavendra Purushottam Kale, 232 Dyland Circle Ashby District, $263,000.
  • Cross Keys Development LLC to Nahom A. Tegegn, 140 Aynsley Lane Central District, $317,450.

Feb. 8

  • Mimibyrd LLC to Joseph M. Snell III, 395 Westview Street Ashby District, $225,000.
  • Teresa Thomas and Donna Bennett to Daniel J. Alder and Marie P. Alder trustees of the Daniel and Marie “Bonnie” Alder Joint REvocable Intervivos Trust, 218 Bethel Lane Stonewall District, $154,900.
  • S&B Rentals LLC to Jill Yamane, 39.972 acres on the eastern side of Forestville Road (State Route 42) Plains District, $219,846.

Feb. 11

  • Huff LLC to Kathryn Bodkins, 107 Joyce Drive Ashby District, $167,000.

Feb. 12

  • St. Rad Development LLC to Sergey Chulkov and Yuna Chulkow, 398 Rayann Lane Plains District, $263,900.
  • P & J’s Rustic Rose Farm LLC to R & C Farm LLC, 7349 Trissels Road Linville district, $487,500.
  • Jerlyn L. Coblentz and Suzanna M. Coblentz to Bryan L. High and Kathryn L. High, 11.46 acres on the western side of River Road, Stonewall District, $335,000.

Feb. 13

  • Denise W. Embres to Cosner Investments LLC, 10 acres on the southestern side of State Route 704, Central District, $580,000.

Feb. 14

  • Emmaus Properties LLC to GCL LLC, Lot 3 of Emmaus Subvidision Ashby District, $1,000,000.
  • Anthony P. Beery to Travor L. Showalter and Drborah F. Wenger, 42.011 acres of the Ashby District, $1,050,000.
  • Francisco Rafeal Posada to Judy L. Turner, 2300 West Dry River Road Ashby Distriact, $255,000.

Feb. 15

  • Carr Masonry & Construction LLC to Patrick M. Connor and Denita-June G. Connon, Lot 30 Section 2 on the southern side of Rhodes Hill Drive Ashby District, $349,000.
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