The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Jan. 22

  • Isaac S. Bryan and Emily M. Bryan to Case Watkins and Kristin Wylie, 369 South Willow Street, $255,000.
  • Lou S. Pugh to Jason M. Rodriguez, 2396 King Arthurs Court, $163,500.
  • George M. Belcher and Helen R. Belcher by their attorney Carolyn L. Shifflett to Robert Lewis Nagel and Jacquelyn K. Nagel, 817 Sandtrap Lane, $377,000.
  • Lawrence F. Herudek and Patricia A. Herudek to Diogenes Alberto Sanchez and Anyeli Suarez Bandera, 1219 Goldfinch Drive, $184,000.
  • Priscilla Properties LLC to Eryn L. Martin, 246 Myrtle Street, $181,000.
  • Norman Eugene Workman II and Tracy Workman to Bethany P. Nowviskie and Chandler E. Sansing, 350 Par Lane, $355,000.

Jan. 23

  • Metro INC to Box Six LLC, four parcels according to tax map No. 34-R-11, 12A, 13, and 34-U-14, $2,900,000.
  • Stoneleigh Investments LLC to Harrisonburg Car Wash Investments LLC, 0.925 acres Stone Port Retail Park 4 Lot 9B, $600,000.

Jan. 24

  • LRJ Property LLC, Malav Properties LLC, Vaalam Properties LLC and JRL Property to Gary Lee Beatty, trustee of the Gary Lee Beatty Trust UAD December 2007, 670 Mason Street, 232 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 212 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 242 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 222 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 282 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, $1,800,000.

Jan. 25

  • Eugene D. Friesen and Phyllis A. Friesen to David Lee Powell and Krista King Powell, 972 Smith Avenue, $265,000.
  • Alfredo Gutierrez Velasquez Jr. and Brenda Vences-Carbajal to Sean Mirza, 1298 Settlers Lane, $171,500.

Jan. 29

  • Harsit R. Patel and Kriya H. Patel to Sheena D. Braxton and Kevin S. Lessington, 1937 Buttonwood Court, $218,750.

Jan. 30

  • Builders Mark Property Improvement LLC to Mary Weber, 0.106 acres at 1111 Mount Clinton Pike, $179,000.

Jan. 31

  • Park View Properties Inc. to Christian Light Publications Inc., 26,117 square feet to 1048-1050 and 1056 Chicago Avenue, $400.000.
  • Jonathan K. Coleman and Melissa R. Coleman to Charles E. Piker and Linda Piker, 819 Greenbriar Drive, $344,900.
  • Ronald K. Liskey, Cleo L. Liskey Jr., Cynthia Dawn Hedrick, Pamela Liskey Morris and Joy Lane Liskey to Luis Omar Rodriguez Hernandez and Natividad Rodriguez-Palacios, 111 Stoneleigh Drive and 115 Stoneleigh Drive, $212,000.
  • Doyle M. Burton Jr., Debra S. Burton and Matthew C. Burton to Jeffrey L. Shine, 510 Davis Mills Drive Apartment 302, $173,000.
  • Ho Q Lam, Hop N. Hoang and Truc Thanh Lam to John W. Taschek, 510 Davis Mills Drive #304, $174,400.

Feb. 1

  • Katie M. Rivera Ritchie to Gary Beatty, Bonnie Stidley, Neil Alexander and Diane Walton trustees of the Muhlenberg Luthern Church, 65 Ott Street, $215,000.

Feb. 4

  • Rocktown Ventures LLC to Collin J. Vento and Isabelle F. Vento, 130 Crescent Drive, $215,000.


Jan. 24

  • Michael A. Shank and Evelyn K. Shank to Richard A. Martin and Sara E. Martin, 3736 Cannery Woods Drive Ashby District, $900,000.
  • William A. Simmons, trustee of the William A. Simmons Trust U/A dated Nov. 5, 2008 to John E. Beery, 15.775 acres one and a half miles from Dayton on the eastern side of State Route 712 and State Route 756 Ashby District, $575,000.
  • Oak Creek Development LLC to Sheila Jennings Dulaney, 129 Millstone Street Ashby District, $290,265.67.

Jan. 25

  • Frank W. Dean to Nathaniel K. Banks, 305 19th Street Stonewall District, $160,000.
  • Mabel V. Gooden to Kristie D. Riddle, two parcels containing 5.22 acres and 7.977 acres north on the eastern side of State Route No. 634 Stonewall District, $180,000.
  • Greenport Group LLC to Jared T. Markwald and Laura P. Markwald, 2689 Greenport Drive Central District, $279,000.

Jan. 28

  • Jeffrey D. Knighton and Tories S. Knighton to Richard P. Busi and Sarah D. Busi, 4290 Brown Roan Lane Ashby District, $550,000.
  • Ronald D. Breen Sr. and Victoria E. Breen to Adam L. Chavez and Allison M. Chavez, 8550 McGaheysville Road Stonewall District, $295,000.

Jan. 29

  • Adam W. Filbey and Hollie H. Filbey to Michael T. Mendez and Jacqueline D. Mendez, 1476 Huron Court Ashby District, $400,000.
  • Jeanette C. Rasmussen to Dennit J. Hurst and Allison P. Hurst, 20408 Shady Acres Drive Stonewall District, $230,800.
  • Billhimer 2.0 LLC to Winifred J. Pierson, 11543 Ashburn Drive Plains District, $154,900.
  • Darwin Guy Hareford to Patricia Ann Herring and Carol Jean Hathaway, 2658 North East Side Highway Stonewall District, $225,000.

Jan. 30

  • Omar Varela and Orlirio Jr. to Karen Craun and William Craun Jr., 3075 Flint Avenue Central District, $225,000.
  • Eric M. Taylor and Rhonda L. Taylor to Christopher Cabral and Gay Marie Cabral, 239 Windsong Hills Drive Stonewall District, $238,000.

Jan. 31

  • Adam Keith Strawderman and Cimantha L. Strawderman to Edward L. Sutherly Jr., 4.463 acres on the Beacon Hill Road Linville District, $253,000.
  • Daniel B. Koeppen to Wesley A. Delawder, land in the Town of Broadway Plains District, $170,000.
  • Joshua G. Lookabill and Tabitha C. Lookabill to Wesley A. Rinaca and Erin H. Dalrymple, 312 West Bank Street Ashby District, $169,900.
  • Sandra Balas and Michele A. Sartori, executors of the Nancy L. Dove Estate, to Joseph D. Ritchie and Alyssa D. Morris, 1.010 acres on the southern side of U.S. Route 211, Plains District, $212,500.
  • Bruce D. Burns and Alicia A. Burns to Jonathan Kyle Coleman and Melissa R. Coleman, 6711 Stoney Lick Road Ashby District, $475,000.
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