The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Jan. 4

  • Todd A. Hayward, Priscilla D. Hayward, Joshua Maurice Arnestad and Jill Marie Arnestad to Bisapaca LLC, 1336 Devon Lane, $163,312.50.
  • Jesse Smith and James-Yvonne Smith turstees of the Jesse Smith Trust and James-Yvonne Smith Trust to Joshua G. Lowe and Laura P. Lowe, 867 Summit Avenue, $395,000.
  • Diek W. Wheeler and Greta Ann Herin to Sarah A. Busching, 11 Village Square, $164,500.
  • CFSMCS LLC to the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham Counrty, 14,417 square feet on the southwest corner of Court Square, $425,000.
  • Dean R. Yarsites to Andrews Soto, 414 North River Road, $172,000.

Jan. 8

  • Vadim L. Yavny and Natalie Yavny to Laura Castillo Zaldivar, 2280 Ramblewood Road, $317,000.
  • Ronald K. Landes to Eddy-R Construction LLC, 4 plots of 1.960, 1.584, 0.851, 0.778 acrews of Ronald K. and Debra Kuykendall Landes Lands, $375,000.

Jan. 10

  • Akbar Heydarian and Anahita Daie Heydarian through Akbar Heydarian to Joashua M. Padilla and Angela R. Padilla, 2325 Breckenridge Court, $153,000.

Jan. 14

  • George W. Taliaferro Jr. trustee of the George W. Taliaferro Jr. Revocable Trust to Heather K. Russell and Jacob W. Russell, 1030 Toppin Boulevard, $196,380.

Jan. 15

  • Anne de Piante Henricksen Living Trust to James C. Rupe and Heather T. Rupe, 1520 Apple Ridge Court, $325,000.

Jan. 17

  • Long Mei Kong to Billhimer 2.0 LLC, 407 Paul Street, $170,000.
  • JPSK Enterprises LC to Nesselrodt Porperties LLC, 2 plots designated lots 27 and 28 of the C.H. Heltzel Additional plat, $290,000.


Jan. 4

  • Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Develpment, 417 South Sunset Drive Plains District, $175,500.
  • Carl D. Berkey and Rose M. Berkey to Marjorie R. Shank, 11 acres a mile east of Mount Clinton and south of Route 726 Central District, $335,000.
  • Hope Community Builders to Carmen A. Moreno De Aguilera and Rafeal R. Aguilera, 3195 Hebron Court Ashby District, $165,000.
  • Robert S. Reiderman II and Tamara S. Reiderman to Chase T. Dirks, 367 Essex Street Plains District, $193,300.
  • Joseph F. Hudick and Marie C. Hudick to Sunshine Holdings LLC, 2131 Oak Ridge Road Ashby District, $200,000.
  • George J. Rohrer, Karen S. Church and Ralph S. Rohrer to Chris Q. Showalter and Vicky M. Showalter, 31.052 acres located off of Shoreshill Road, (State Route 739) Ashby District, $625,000.
  • George J. Rohrer, Karen S. Church and Ralph S. Rohrer to Matthew J. Showalter and Juanita F. Showalter, 2548 Shoreshill Road (State Road 739) Ashby District, $1,130,800.
  • George J. Rohrer, Karen S. Church and Ralph S. Rohrer to Stephen M. Rohrer and Stephanie C. Rohrer, 4.051 and 15.476 acres located off of Shoreshill Road (State Route 739) Ashby District, $244,200.

Jan. 7

  • Hope Community Builders to Melvin M. Romero, 3199 Hebron Court Ashby District, $165,000.

Jan. 8

  • Edith R. Burkholder to Gerald Mace and Jane Mace, 2656 west Mosby Road Ashby District, $200,000.
  • James H. Dwight, Elizabeth V. Dwight, Brad A. Gustafson and Jami E. Gustafson to Justin V. Schmidy, 5295 Trevino Drive Stonewall District, $355,000.
  • Joseph L. Ropp and Ranene S. Ropp to Sammy Tankey and Kallyn Northrup, 4402 Kratzer Road Linville District, $199,000.
  • Benjamin S. Beachy and Sarah D. Beachy to Mark McConchie and Judith Schofield, 11353 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $530,000.
  • Nathan Oliver and Elizabeth Renfoe Oliver to Luke Daniel Reeping and Kayla Nicole Reeping, 2907 Diamond Spring Lane Central District, $206,000.
  • Bryan L. High and Kathryn L. High to Joseph L. Ropp and Ranene Schrook Ropp, 225 Walnut Drive Plains District, $270,000.

Jan. 9

  • Billy R. Robinson Jr. and Jeria C. Robinson to Ilex LLC, 1765 Broadridge Drive Ashby District, $400,000.

Jan. 14

  • Alice B. Shifflett to Maria Magdalena Garcia Landero, 1175 Harman Road Central District, $190,000.
  • Eva G. Reeves trustee of the Eva G. Reeves Revocable Trust Agreement to Brett N. Minnick and Ann P. Komara, 2845 Airport Road Ashby District, $282,375.
  • Carlos M. Ispizua and Graciela Vidal to Alvin Clay Dove III. 223 Grasshopper Lane Stonewall District, $222,500.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to DOminic J. Cilento and Stacy A. Newman-Cilento, 3259 Battery Park Place Central District, $262,000.

Jan. 15

  • Shickel Corporation to MG Properties LC, six lots in the Town of Bridgewater Ashby District, $578,000.
  • Marian Adair Brill to Amanda J. Dove, Elkwood Section 1 Lot 38 Stonewall District, $228,000.

Jan. 16

  • Triple Hill Farms INC to GSW Investors LLC, 2 parcels on the west side of State Route No. 620 near Bethel Church Linville District, $432,500.

Jan. 17

  • Neil Preston Plume, Tony Lawrence Plume, Kevin Michael Plume, Sherry Denise Baugher to Gregory Allen Properties LLC, 350 Spring Oaks Drive Central District, $230,000.
  • Chad W. Rhodes and Leilani M. Ritchie Rhodes to Beatriz Del Carmen Aceituno and Thony Yohel Aceituno, 410 Kratzer Road Linville District, $354,000.
  • Frankie L. Waldrop and Vickie K. Waldrop to Million E. Daneker III and Marci Dawn Daneker, 11.031 acres on the west side of N. East Side Highway (U.S. Route 340) Stonewall District, $349,000.

Jan. 22

  • Karen Sue Deavers and Wilmer Lee Deavers to Wayne G. Wiberger II and Ashley M. Wilberger, 4858 North Valley Pike Linville District, $150,000.
  • Mathew D. Derrer and Denise L. Derrer to Terry J. Moore and Rebekah D. Moore, 4350 Brown Roan Lane Ashby District, $590,000.
  • Enoch Chester Birz and Sarah Michelle Birx to Jason Johnstone-Yellin and Tamara L. Johnstone-Yellin, 402 Dry River Road Ashby District, $269,000.
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