The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Apr. 1

  • Mark W. Simmers and Seth M. Hutchens to Stephanie Austin and Adrienne Jantzi, 1443 Crawford Avenue,$219,000.
  • Daniel M. Lowery and Linda T. Lowery to Kevin Knechtel, Judith L. Knechtel and Karly J. Knechtel, 132 New York Avenue, $162,500.
  • Joseph C. Buckner Jr. and Sharon S. Buckner to Jonathan Wittkopf, 473 West Water Street, $169,900.
  • Rachel M. Maclean and Duncan B. Maclean to Maysalon Abdul Jabar, Greendale subdivision section 1 Lot 67, $177,000.

Apr. 2

  • Apple Eight Hospitality Ownership Inc. to CFOC Harrisonburg VA LLC, 3.000 acres division of lot 1 of the Forbes Commerce Park subdivison, $15,800,000.

Apr. 5

  • Kuk I. Kim to Zhongan Chen, 2325 Avalon Woods Drive,$175,900.

Apr. 9

  • George S. Measell III and Laura G. Measell to Daniel A. Leitner and Cathy J. Leitner, 1041 Wyndham Drive, $ 409,900.

Apr. 10

  • Marvin M. Slott and Rene S. Montaigne to Ronald D. Breen Sr. and Victoria E. Breen, 3005 Arbor Lane, $235,000.
  • Daniel V. Moroz to Charles S. Jarrels and Emily E. Rhodes, 1350 Little Sorrell Drive, $ 353,000.

Apr. 12

  • Hyeryeong Song to Kimberly D. Lester, 1053 Meadowlark Drive, $165,000.
  • Milad Wadall to Viktor Stupak and Mariia Stupak, 185 Clara Court, $213,500.
  • Neil J. MacMillan and Valda A. Vitolins to David L. Duncan and Claudette F. Duncan, 1175 Portland Drive, $ 312,000.


Apr. 2

  • Cosner Construction Inc to Olga M. Velasquez, 684 Early Drive Plains District, $209,900.
  • Michael E. Busing and Terence P. McCormick and Lisa F. McCormick, 3411 Izaak Walton Drive Ashby District, $ 950,000.
  • Philip Corbo to John RR. Harper and Robyn M. Ross, 422 Essex Street Plains District, $ 262,500.

Apr. 3

  • Steven M. Kines and Carolyn S. Kines to Audra Marie Hutchens, 704 Eighth Street Stonewall District,$213,000.
  • Jacqueline A. Bywaters and Tresa L. Gladwell and David Matthew Keck and Kenneth D. Sisson, 3830 Belle Boyd Court Central District, $ 318,500.
  • David Matthew Keck and Kenneth D. Sisson to Catherine M. Lemmond and Marc A. Lemmond, 936 Oak Hill Drive Central District, $ 465,000.
  • Karen J. Wheeler to Adam F. Binebrink and Amber L. Binebrink, 572 Elm Street Plains District, $217,000.
  • Heavenly Secrets LC to Angela Lee Hensley, 225 Penn Court Stonewall District, $275,000.

Apr. 4

  • Boone’s Run Farm LLC to Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Forestry, 377 acres, 3 roods and 37 poles spread out over eight lots in the Stonewall District,$1,735,199.18
  • Adam B. Lutz and Heather M. Lutz to David S. Erickson and Taylor L. Grogg, 3021 Declaration Drive Plains District, $209,900.

Apr. 5

  • JBD Properties LC to Lin Dong and Fenglian Chen, 617 Spring Oaks Drive Central District, $239,900.
  • Second WInd Properties LLC to Cameron T. Smith, 21,798 square feet of the Ashby District, $180,000.
  • Juan Ramiro Rodriguez Torrento and Patricia M. Juarez Benitez to Jessica May, 70 Cary Street Stonewall District,$216,000.

Apr. 8

  • Aaron M. Perme and Jacky D. Perme to Robert Ernest Detrich and Donna Kay Hooley Detrich, 42.144 acres on the southeastern side of Lairds Knob Drive in the Central District, $ 470,000.
  • Barbara J. Buss, trustee of the Buss Family Trust to Thomas Sutherland and Jan E. Sutherland, Lot 464 Unit 4 of the Massanutten Development Company in the Stonewall District,$259,500.
  • Edward Lee Harlow to Frank M. Terrell and Dawn E. Terrell, 127 Cindie Lane Ashby District,$160,000.
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