The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


April 15

  • Helen E. Gangwer to Woodrow L. Southerly and Carolyn M. Southerly, Lot No. 1 Block O of Reherd Acres, Unit 23, $200,000.
  • Timothy C. Delobe to Francisco J. Torres and Anna H. Aldieny, 1084 Cherrybrook Drive,$172,500.
  • Beitzel and Root Rentals LLC to Zahraa A, Alwash and Khulu Al Asadi, 856 Camelot Lane,$153,000.

April 16

  • W. Neal Menefee and Ann L. Menefee to Michael G. Richards and NoNieqa Ramos-Richards, Ashby Estates subdivision Lot 13, $ 480,000.

April 17

  • Roger M. Scott and Susan Scott to Praneeth Nadipalli, Unit 14, Building 5 Campus View JMU Condominium, $178,000.
  • Christopher J. Moogalian and Christine Juliana, Lot 188 Final Plat of Liberty Square Section 2, $171,000.

April 18

  • Lawrence J. Purcell Jr. and Kitty H. Purcell to Taylor Callwood, 165 OhioAvenue. $174,900.


April 10

  • Ralph L. Housden and Patricia D. Housden to Jeffrey P. Wine and Brenda F. Wine, Lakewood Section Three Lot Nine Central District, $ 382,000.
  • Dorcas J. Hollenweger to Richard H. Rhodes, 184 Walnut Drive Plains District, $175,000.
  • Robert G. Kiracofe, Scott B. Kiracofe, Kevin G. Kiracofe and Jennifer K. Sager, 0.2913 acres on the southeast side of West View Street in the Town of Bridgewater Ashby District, $200,000.
  • Robin C. Gibson Hensley to JKKY Investments LLC, 304 16th Street Stonewall District, $161,806.63
  • Charles S. Jarrels to Michael Allen Fisher and Mary Kathleen Fisher, 2881 Taylor Spring Lane Central District, $203,300.

April 11

  • Nicholas D. Luden and Alexandra M. Luden to Matthew S. Remy and Anna Campbell Remy, 15524 Plains Mill Road Plains District, $225,500.

April 12

  • Jessica Price to Adam D. Wright, 7475 Lilly Square Ashby District,$217,000.
  • Christopher A. Washington and Sury L. Washington to Darryl St. George Jr. and Tamara Parent, 900 Confederacy Drive Central District,$282,000.
  • Audrey J. Ziegler to Abigail Louise and Cory Dayle Owens, 75 Stover Street Ashby District,$203,000.
  • Hope Community Builders to Melvin Y. Granados Garcia, 3219 Hebron Court Ashby District,$165,000.
  • Barbara C. Wampler, Rachel E. Curry, Ronald Lee Curry. Helen C. Minnick, Wayne E. Curry, Larry C. Curry, Linda Lambert, Brenda Floyd, Glenda Wenger, Billy Curry, Yolanda Bates, Donald E. Curry Jr., Abby Griffin, and Phillip Curry to Shen Valley Renovators LLC, 3.5 acres in two tracts of land in the Ashby District, $167,500.
  • Duncan P. Cameron to Dennis Downing and Susan Elizabeth Downing, 12717 Buckley Road Plains District, $ 315,000.

April 15

  • Michelle Stoltzfus Moyer to Jennifer D. Roslak and John P. Semisa, H & H Estates Lot 20 Ashby District,$236,500.
  • Anthony Russell Smith to Justin Turner, 16507 Oviedo Drive Stonewall District, $179,775.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Elizabeth Caracas Mendez and Serafin Cardoso Romero, 678 Early Drive Plains District, $205,000.
  • Grottoes LLC to Jeremy Scott Wampler,1444 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District,$219,900.
  • David Burkholder and Lois C. Burkholder to V. Eugene Diener and Gloria Y. Diener, 1520 Muddy Creek Road Central District,$230,000.

April 16

  • B. Brent Burkholder and Monica R. Burkholder to Rodney Anderson Shull and Donna Lynn Painter, 0.899 acre in the Linville District, $232,000.
  • Scott Miller Construction Inc. and Kenneth W. Howell, 146 Eastview Street Ashby District, $255,000.
  • Dana A. Moore to Jodi Keplinger, 3193 Rawley Pike Central District, $231,500.
  • Travis J. Watson and Zachary T. Watson to Brien K. Crouse and Lori L. Crouse, 272 Harding Drive Plains District, $ 300,000.
  • Heatwole Construction LLC to Mohkles Kheder, 22 Chesters Way Ashby District, $232,294.
  • Asllan Shabani and Habibe Shabani to Shenandoah Estates LLC, Windy Heights Estates Lot 11 Linville District,$270,000.
  • Stephan Mitchell Ball and Rhonda Lea Ball to James B. Newman and Virginia K. Newman, 3306 Nutmeg Court Central District, $ 394,900.
  • Neil A. Lam and Cheryl A. Lam to Brandon Scott Lam and Holly Danielle Lam, on the northwestern boundary line of Shenandoah Avenue for a total of 1.374 acres of the Stonewall District, $250,000.

April 17

  • LLC to James D. Harman, 272 Dylan Circle Ashby District, $243,634.

April 18

  • DBS Investments LLC to Naoma Lee and Jonathan Lee, 160 D4 1 Lot 18 Stonewall District, $214,000.
  • Ryan Orebaugh and Sarah Orebaugh to Richard W. Whelden and Sarah E. Healy-Whelden, 4480 Wiltshire Street Linville District, $ 320,000.
  • Stephen Keith Wright Sr. and Cynthia Ann Wright to Glenn E. Cash and Rebecca L. Cash, two tacts, 9.805 acres and 4.964 acres, the former situated on northwest of State Rt. 805 and the latter on the northeast side of Beacon Hill Road both in the Linville District, $ 424,500.
  • Jeffrey P. Wine and Brenda F. Wine to Michael J. Fitzgerald and Marsha A. Fitzgerald, 7060 Montezuma Trail Ashby District, $ 360,000.
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