The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


April 26

  • Phyllis J. Wine to Robert W. Peterson and Boonsom S. Peterson, 1841 Glanzer County, $ 324,900.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Brett T. Raeburn and Lindsay C. Raeburn, 2236 Deyerle Avenue, $233,000.
  • Secretary of Veteran Affairs to Dong Dong, 232 Cedar Street, $190,000.
  • Regency Park LLC to Thomas Allen Stewart and Carol Ann Stewart, 1115 Royal Ct, $218,000.

April 29

  • To God Be The Glory LLC to Joel Colindres, 1141 Saturday Drive,$250,735.
  • Carl B. Holzner and Melissa E. Holzner and Candelario Romero, 127 Big Spring Drive, $175,000.


April 19

  • Drexel D. Brown and Kathy M. Brown to Matthew D. Miller and Lara N. Sherrill Miller, Lot No. Six Timbercrest Section 1A Plains District, $158,800.
  • Barry W. Nichols and Pamela F. Nichols to Tyler L. Eppard and Tami R. Eppard, The Ponds Subdivision Phase 1 Lot 3B Stonewall District,$287,000.
  • Tami R. Eppard to Sarah C. Merkord-Reed and Paige M. Merkord-Reed, 2340 Four Leaf Circle Ashby District, $289,000.
  • Reuben S. Rhodes III and Carter Gibson Gardner, 309 North River Road Ashby District, $212,900.
  • Marlene E. Shumaker to Jeff Darmetko and Heather Darmetko, Residue of 67-A- 97 22.671+ Acres Plains District, $258,000.
  • JBD Properties LC to Douglas J. Bruder and Linda M. Bruder, 629 Spring Oaks Dr., Central District, $249,400.

April 22

  • Heather D. Roberts and Kimberly D. Zimmerman, Zachary P. Zimmerman and Mark A. Zimmerman, 1023 Sherwood Court Central District, $184,900.
  • Dennis L. Riggleman and Sue E. Riggleman to Dylan J. Moyers and Haley Moyers, 3250 Pineville Road Stonewall District, $195,000.
  • Patterson Inc. to Dakota Dylan Hendricks, 160 D1 (1) 87 Lots 9,10, 11, and 12 Stonewall District, $199,900.

April 23

  • Christopher M. Genovese to Jonathan S. Lloyd and Alena S. Gordienko-Lloyd, 54 Hawksbill Road Stonewall District, $186,600.
  • Sandra S. Saylor to John P. Huntingdon and Mary E. Huntingdon, Crossroads Farm Subdivision Section 5 Lot 42 Central District, $782,000.
  • K & T Services In.c to Whitney Elizabeth-Savage Tinnin, 905 Macon Avenue Stonewall District, $191,800.
  • William M. Harris and Cathy Kirkland, 327 North Sandstone Lane Ashby District, $189,000.
  • Ian Hannah and Melinda Hannah to Justin Zane Taylor and Kelly Rae Meadows, 452 Passage Lane Stonewall District, $190,000.

April 24

  • Michael A. Bauserman and Qian Zhang to Christopher J. Garner and Denise N. Pizzola, 181 Quail Run Drive Stonewall District, $215,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Carl L. Hughes II and Maryam S. Hughes, 3042 Preston Lake Boulevard, $ 419,460.

April 25

  • Jane M. Comtois to Alise L. Comtois and Damir Hodzic, 409 Silver Drive Plains District, $160,000.
  • Stephen W. Davis and Linda S. Davis to Linda S. Brunk, 111 Millstone Street Ashby District, $250,000.
  • Michael L. Fuquay and Sarah S. Fuquay to Alexander Bunyard and Amanda Bunyard, 2.501 acres northwest of Simmers Valley Road Linville District, $212,900.
  • Wilmington Trust National Association as MFRA Trust 2016-1 to Bradley Keller Moyer and Sherri Ann Moyer, 3187 Twin Oaks Drive Linville District,$215,000.
  • Standard Greene LLC to Samantha L. Bridgewater, 214 Swallow Drive Stonewall District, $169,500.

April 26

  • JBD Properties LC to Nan Zheng, 625 Spring Oaks Drive Central District,$246,900.
  • Edward Carroll Mauzy to Michael Vincent Glynn and Connie Lynn Glynn, 411 Barbee Street Ashby District, $205,100.
  • James D. Sota and Judith L. Lozano to Alecei Amador, 959 Sherwood Court Central District, $205,000.
  • Douglas W. Galica to Thomas N. Dupree and Ingrid S. Dupree, 3050 Declaration Drive Plains District, $199,900.
  • Dean M. Nichols to Sheridan LLC, two tracts with 2.259 acres and 8.612 acres respectively on the northwestern side of South Valley Pike, $1,250,000.
  • Michael E. Turner and Sarah A. Turner to Carol Jane Vann, 5381 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $165,000.
  • Barbara L. Gould, trustee of both the Baraba L. Gould Trust and Kenneth A. Gould Trust to Nathan Alan Wertz and Kristy Lynn Wertz, 3979 Dixie Ridge Run Central District, $ 385,000.
  • David Zimmerman and Diana D. Zimmerman to Curtis J. Cignetti and Manette L. Cignetti, 144 Steeplechase Drive Central District, $ 660,000.
  • Jeffrey A. Lebowitz and Marilyn L. Lebowitz, trustees of the Marilyn L. Lebowitz Revocable Trust to Jonathan D. Gass and Kathleen E. Gass, Chestnut Ridge Subdivison Section 1 Lot 1 Central District, $705,000.

April 29

  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Melanie Kramer, 176 Cash Court Plains District,$194,900.
  • Autumn Breeze LC to Jonathan D. Adams, 305 Coyote Run Plains District, $249,000.
  • Rudolph G. Dean and Margie L. Dean to Steven M. Sly and Lois J. Sly, 1337 Newtown Road Stonewall District, $194,000.
  • Neil W. Hayslett and Donna G. Hayslett to Charles Wayne Whitfi eld Jr. and Malinda B. Whitfield, 3841 Bull Run Road Central District, $ 365,000.
  • Teresa A. Burgoon and Kevin Burgoon to Kyle E. Demastus and Jamie L. Demastus, 122 Kittiwake Court Stonewall District, $220,000.
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