The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


April 30

  • Derek Earl Shifflett to Kathleen K. Downs, 341 Stoneleigh Drive, $265,000.
  • Michael D. Yoder & Grace S. Yoder to Brian Webb & Angela Webb, 351 Sunrise Ave., $272,000.
  • Joseph C. Nelson to Nelson N. Cruz Moran and Maryulexis M. Mederos Robles, 1043 Alexander Hamilton Lane, $170,000.
  • Jerry R. Heavner and Phyllis M. Heavner and Francisco Salas Blandon and Crystal Leigh Salas, Harrisonburg Land and Improvement Company Lots 1 & 2 in Block 16,$220,000.

May 1

  • Kent R. Folsom & Karen K. Folsom to Kate Elise Folsom & Jeffrey L. Shine, 2455 Campus View Drive # 301, $166,500.
  • Ching-Yuan Chiang & Doris Hsienchiao Chiang to Rebecca K. Whitmeyer, 44 Emery St., $260,000.
  • Casey N. Mork and Gary J. Mork to Gabriel Arturo Contreras Quintero, 1442 East Court, $255,000.
  • Gwen D. Sloop, Curry W. Davis Jr. and Grace D. Naze to Rollin Ridenour Reeder, 139 Emerald Drive,$224,000.
  • Roy V. Wolfe III to JDM Real Estate LLC, Ashby Park Addition Lots 75, 76 and 77, $165,000.

May 3

  • Weston R. Goode to Lucas A. Kerns and Jessica Ann Kerns, 117 Diamond Court, $ 425,000.
  • Connie J. Powell-Seligson to John Randolph Hancock, 301 Emerald Drive, $189,500.

May 6

  • Nathan S. Eanes & Rachel L. Eanes to Trevan Reeves & Karalee Reeves, 1627 Central Ave., $267,000.


April 30

  • Arthur Burke and Sheryl K. Burke and Scott L. Cessna and Elizabeth S. Cessna, 219 North View Drive Ashby District, $ 354,900.
  • JBD Properties LC to Vivian Shortt Phares, 637 Spring Oaks Dr. CentralDistrict, $257,900.
  • S K A C LLC, Rafael S. Menjivar Osorio, 1740 Marble Ridge Drive Ashby District,$202,000.
  • Michael A. Wood to Michael S. Collier and Katie C. Hopkins, 358 Alleghany Drive Stonewall District, $205,000.
  • Robert S. Miller Jr. to Reyna Isabel Montoya Centeno, 205 Wyant Ave. Ashby District, $165,000.
  • Jason M. Sudeck and Erica C. Sudeck to Joel Rebullosa and Adriana P. Rebullosa, 233 Mill Street Ashby District, $182,500.
  • Bryan C. Lindner and Amelia E. Lindner to Jason M. Sudeck and Erica C. Sudeck, 325 Dry River Road Ashby District,$269,000.
  • Thomas J. Nash and Tonya A. Nash to Robert Joseph Define III and Julia Gardner Define, 906 Thompson Street Ashby District, $ 339,000.
  • Edgar R. Meyerhoefferm Betty Lynn Shiflet, Gary Lee Meyerhoeffer, Julia M. Grey and Edgar R. Meyehoeffer to JKH Properties LLC, L 150 ( A) L85 Ashby District, $ 835,000.
  • Ramon A. Mata-Toledo and Anahis C. Mata to Aaron E. Quitmeyer and Sophia Leung, 3590 Traveler Road, $ 900,000.
  • Heidi D. Gorsuch-Rafferty to Ramona A. Mata Toledo and Anahis C. Mata Toledo, 95 Steeplechase Drive Stonewall District, $ 560,000.
  • Allen G. Eye Jr. to Birenda R. Kharel and Pramila S. Bhetwal, Battlefield Estates Section Two New Lot 69 Central District, $ 425,000.
  • Shirlene W. Thomas to Joseph R. McCright and Hannah R. McCright, 6141 W. Donnagail Drive Central District, $204,500.
  • Amanda K. Carlisle to Michael Alexander Bauserman, 19074 Mount Pleasant Road Stonewall District, $ 450,000.
  • Pavel Kalinchuk and Diane M. Kalinchuk to Sharyl Lee Cline, Lot Four of the Paul W. and Fannie Mae Andrews Lots Ashby District, $200,000.

May 2

  • FSC Development to Beverly A. Stauffer, 149 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $ 524,700.
  • David R. Miller to Idumea LLC, two tracts of 21.554 and 40.043 acres respectively in the Linville District, $ 533,000.
  • John P. Leggett and Alayne M. Leggett to Donald W. Power and Sue C. Power, 760 Confederacy Drive Central District, $ 344,605.
  • Jeremy Knight and Chelsea Knight to Charles K. Ray III, 3310 Legion Way Plains District, $160,000.
  • Michelle D. Long to Jack Bradford Hamilton II and Karen Florence Hamilton, 8913 North Valley Pike Plains District, $ 315,000.

May 3

  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Cathy A. Murray, 3156 Preston Lake Boulevard, $ 423,285.
  • Massanutten Caverns Inc. to Rimstone Properties LLC, two parcels of 17.547 acres and 1.286 acres respectively in the Central District,$180,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Hou Ting Yang and Xiu Yun Chen, 3267 Battery Park Place Central District, $266,000.
  • Michael R. Meadows and Wendi J. Meadows to George E. Holter and Kathleen W. Holter, 172 Turkey Drive Stonewall District,$190,000.
  • Elaina J. Tinnell and Linda J. Whetzel, Alfreda Jan Hess and Harry Dale Custer to Christal M. Yowell, 15275 American Legion Drive Plains District, $165,000.
  • Pietro Dattolo to Michelle D. Knight, 903 Tenth Legion Road Plains District,$225,000.
  • Jacqueline K. Buffington and Scott A. Vollum to Hannah E. Dillenbeck, Massanetta Springs Cottage Community Subdivision Section One Lot 55 Central District, $186,000.

May 6

  • C& M Enterprises LLC to Justice Real Estate LLC, two acres of 3.296 acres and 0.5 acres respectively in the Ashby District, $ 800,000.
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