The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


May 17

  • Bradley J. Boyce to Matthew S. Murray II and Diana Garcia Esparza, 920 Virginia Avenue,$167,000.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Leonid Maslennikov and Elena Pyskovskaya, 2240 Deyerle Avenue, $241,825.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Samy S. El-Tawab and Sevinj Iskandarova, 2244 Deyerle Avenue, $239,300.

May 20

  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Griselda Cardona, 2238 Deyerle Avenue, $244,800.

May 21

  • Donna M. Murphey to Joshua M. Moran and Kate S. Moran, 240 West View Street, $278,000.
  • Alexander Nemoytin to Piyusha Mutreja, Sunset Heights Addition Part of Lot 17 and Lots 18-20 in Block 4, $240,000.


May 15

  • Ann G. Daggett to Stokesville Land Company LLC, 100 South Grove Street Ashby District,$260,000.
  • Nathan P. Enslen and Jillian F. Enslen to Derek Niver, 264 Slate Road Stonewall District, $264,000.

May 16

  • Michael S. Miller and Sandra K. Miller to Bradley S. Propst and Megan Lam, Lot 1 Battlefield Estates Section 3 Central District, $ 425,000.
  • Bradley S. Propst and Megan Lam to Keith Kight Hardwick, 1742 George Merck Lane Stonewall District, $ 343,000.
  • Glenda Lynn Jones to Donald L. Duhm, Carolyn L. Duhm, Jonathan Leroy Duhm and Jeanie Duhm, 175 Cub Lane Stonewall District, $ 342,000.
  • Joshua A. Mason and Rachel Mason to James L. Langford and Beverly C. Langford, 591 Regiment Road Central District, $ 472,000.
  • Elmer J. Miller and Martha Ann Miller to Weldon L. Maust and Rebecca L. Maust, 8.70 acres on the western side of State Route 910l, approximately two and a half miles northwest of Harrisonburg Central District, $ 419,000.
  • Weldon L. Maust and Rebecca L. Maust to Sara W. Ruby and Douglas E. Ruby, 2868 Fort Lynn Road Central District, $ 324,000.

May 17

  • Christy L. Morgan to Stephan J. Turzanski and Emily Jo Turzanski, 1845 Marigold Circle Central District, $ 453,000.
  • Linda Carol S. Liefeld, Deborah Sue S. Robinson and Peggy Denise S. Swicegood to Nancy E. Deputy, 1 Joseph Court Ashby District, $245,000.
  • JBD Properties LC, Jerry Liles and Sabrina Liles to The Ponds of McGaheysville LLC, 10056 Dalmation Drive Stonewall District,$ 352,450.
  • Andrew R. Gordon and Bethany L. Gordon to Kenneth Michael Hollihan Jr. and Worena A. Hollihan, 1404 Massanetta Springs Road Central District, $ 390,000.

May 20

  • Penelope E. Ferguson to Dawn M. Long and Andrew E. Ansoorian, 3339 Preston Shore Drive Central District, $ 334,000.
  • Shawn C. Rickard and Lynn A. Rickard to James M. Wilson and Heather T. Wilson, 3940 Palmer Road Stonewall District, $ 434,900.
  • Justin K. Morris and Megan D. Morris to William F. Gibeault Jr. and Donna L. Gibeault, 107 Berkeley Avenue Stonewall District, $282,500.
  • Michael R. Vanderpool and Cory A. Vanderpool to Alan R. Johnson and Lindsay K. Johnson, 1970 East Trout Spring Road Stonewall District, $276,900.
  • Robert W. Saum and Barbara J. Saum to Kristin L. Gochenour, 871 Pineville Road Stonewall District, $ 350,000.
  • Sandra E. Rodeffer to Andrew Ryan Gordon and Bethany La Spina Gordon, 5.1 acres of Ashby District, $ 545,000.
  • Barbara J. Zimmerman to David M. Hylton and Amy L. Hylton, 100 Keswick Circle AshbyDistrict, $ 359,000.
  • Steven L. Schell and Nancy J. Schell to Michael Patrick and Rebecca Patrick, Massanutten Development Company Unit Four Lot 445, $215,500.
  • Jeffrey Scott Moyers through Michael Caplinger to McKession D. Irvine, 6.91 acres of the Ashby District, $225,000.
  • Doris Hartman Emswiler to Danielle Leigh Lewis, 1.003 acres of the Plains District,$172,500.
  • Lamar Harrison and Kay L. Harrison, 408 20th Street Stonewall District, $227,500.
  • FSC Development LLC to Thomas L. Stauffer, 153 and 147 Cedar Point Lane, $ 349,800.

May 21

  • Ashby Holdings LLC to Timothy J. Cass and Debbie Sue Cass, 900 Gum Avenue Stonewall District, $231,000.
  • Michael K. Arbogast and Vicky W. Arbogast to Matthew Scott Bowman and Sarah Louise Bowman. 2405B Isaac Lane Central District, $ 355,000.
  • Sheila Ecroyd Cave to Christopher L. Wenger and Erin E. Hurst, Elkton Improvement Company Section 2, Lots 39, 40 and 41 Block 36 Stonewall District,$167,000.
  • Barry L. Davis to Wade L. Sprouse and Deborah K. Sprouse, 1520 Cumberland Drive Central District, $ 394,900.
  • Keith N. Ritchie to Joshua W. Corder and Carissa B. Clifford, 972 Concord Church Road Plains District, $195,000.

May 22

  • Nelson E. Rodgers and Kay H. Rodgers to Avent C. Beck and Sukjin Choi, 3340 Baybrook Drive Ashby District, $ 685,000.
  • Sam L. Knight Jr. and Patricia A. Knight to Gary R. Crummett and Catherine M. Crummett, 9.401 acres of the Ashby District, $270,000.
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