The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


May 31

  • Patricia Machelle Rader executor of Janet Duane Click to Aaron P. Sloss and Doris E. Crawford, 1169 Springfield Drive, $250,000.
  • Ted A. Morris and Rebecca E. Morris to Guy A. Freesen and Susan F. Freesen, 750 Keezletown Road, $242,500.
  • Nancy C. Bryant Trustee of the Nancy Cheeley Bryant Living Trust UAD December 20, 2002 to Andrew S. Baugher and Meredith J. Baugher, 605 South Dogwood Drive, $ 368,000.
  • Leslie D. Falconi to Danil V. Yurchenko, 136 Blue Stone Hills Drive, $ 378,000

June 3

  • Jeffrey B. Schleifer and Patricia T. Schleifer to Bearpath LLC, Reherd Acres Subdivison Unit 20C Lot 13, $155,000.
  • Cynthia Ann Lewis Hamelman to Nancy C. Clinard and Russell G. Clinard, 426 Hickory Grove Circle, $244,000.


May 31

  • Martha Armstrong Bocock to Scott Miller Construction Inc., 11.50 acres on the northern side of State Route No. 704 at the intersection of State Route 709 Ashby District, $192,500.
  • Michael W. Smith and Amy S. Smith to Micahel D. Vitrano and Michelle P. Vitrano, Massanutten Development Company Unit 3 Lot 243 Stonewall District, $255,000.
  • Wesley W. Fisher and Sherilyn K. Fisher to Sandra Cryder, 3318 Friedens Church Road Ashby District, $ 348,000.
  • Pate Poultry & Livestock LLC to Conrad J. Rohrer and Lori M. Rohrer, 12.000 acres in Meadow Breeze Lane two miles south of Timberville Plains District, $250,000.
  • Daniel Casy and Alison Casey trustees of the Daniel Casey and Alison Casey Joint Revocable Trust to Alexander D. Rodriguez Rodriguez and Jennifer Gutshall Rodriguez, two lots on the west side of Warm Springs Turnpike about one mile north of Dayton of the Ashby District, $275,000.
  • Eduardo Rodriguez and Beatriz Z. Rodriguez to Malik S. Minhal and Emily S. Malik, 705 19th Street Stonewall District, $213,000.
  • Brenan M. Gray and Katharine E. Gray to Jesse R. Springer to Kelsey L. Springer, 426 Greenwood Street Central District,$285,000.
  • Deborah S. Robertson to John Mast, two parcels of 6.166 acres and 21.987 acres respectively on Crab Run Road Plains District, $190,000.
  • Clifford L. Miller to Pedro Sandoval Jr. and Ruth Nadia Sandoval, Northshore Section 4 Lot 13 Block A Ashby District,$259,000.
  • Janet L. LaPrevotte to Richard G. Williams Jr. and Megan Williams, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Block F of the C. O. Conrad Subdivision Central District,$187,500.
  • Sally Esteb Cureton Trustee of the Salley Esteb Cureton Revocable Living Trust UAD June 22, 1995 to Daniel W. Burris and Donna M. Burris, Greenview Hills Lot 157 Stonewall District, $ 313,750.
  • Karen Craun and William Craun Jr. to Lee Alan Laughlin Jr. and Ann M. Laughlin, 3057 Flint Avenue Central District, $ 353,000.
  • Christopher C. Downey and Joseph R. Hickey, 11293 Piano Lane Stonewall District, $159,900.
  • Scott M. Miller and Gina M. Flick, 309 High Street Ashby District, $220,000.
  • Forrest W. Monger through his attorney Jeffrey A. Thompson, Peggy Ann Martin, Chad Michael Davis and Kimberly Dean to Ted A. Morris and Rebecca E. Morris, 3602 North Eastside Highway Stonewall District, $180,125.
  • Brandon W. Craun and Kelsey W. Craun to Scott Miller and Julianna A. Cameron, Lot 36 of Bridgeport Village in the Ashby District, $ 262,000.
  • Prairie Dog Investments LLC to Kamaran Mohammad and Derwin Abubakir Kaikaws, Lot 55 of the Taylor Grove Subdivision Phase 1 Central District, $220,000.
  • Joshua D. Haymore to Hari Shanker Sivadas and Indu Venugopal, 2050 Rosedale Court Central District,$184,000.
  • Adams Farms Inc. to Phillip Stephen White and Drema White, 6393 North Valley Pike Portion of the Linville District, $229,000.

June 3

  • Gloria Hutchens Houle and Robert J. Shouey to The Bridgewater Volunteer Rescue Squad Inc., 2545 Friedens Church Road Ashby District, $222,500.
  • Matthew E. McCain and Arlene S. McCain to Katie Spitzer, 17 Cantermill Lane Ashby District. $162,450.
  • Della Irene Hinkle to Joshua Aaron Kinkead and Whitney Eye Kinkead, Lot H- 9 on the southern side of Hillview Drive Ashby District, $265,000.
  • David M. Riley and Cathy K. Riley to Justo A. Ferreira Hernandez and Jeandell Marie Perez, 268 Main Street Ashby District, $216,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Mario Hernandez Laitano and Lizette America Carcamo Vindel de Hernandez, Preston Lake Section 1 Lot 15D, $260,000.
  • Swift Run Building & Excavating LLC to Terri Jo Herring, Downey Knolls Section 1 Lot 24 Stonewall District, $245,000.
  • Catherine Annette Harris and Laura Lee Harris to Deborah Ann Shifflett, Southside Heights Section Two Lot 5A Ashby District,$194,000.
  • HSBC Bank USA National Association As Indenture Trustee for FBR Securitization Trust 2005- 3 Callable Mortgage-Backed Notes 2005- 3 to Jason S. Phillips, Elkwood Section 1 Lots 16 & 16A Stonewall District, $160,000.
  • Richard N. Bontz to Bruce P. Bontz and Debra P. Bontz, 43.75 acres 140 A L116C Stonewall District, $ 390,000.
  • Charles A. Hagan and Sarah N. Hagan to Matthew Merrill Reed and Betty D. Reed, 306 Pope Street Ashby District, $257,000.
  • Glenn E. Dean, Wiley H. Dean and June R. Dean to Pham H. S. Chopra, 19.47 acres of the Stonewall District, $224,000.
  • Dorothy Strate Harper, Mary Strate Bahn. Sarah Strate Rees and Ann Strate Egge to Ruth A. Greenawalt, 14.062 acres off Garber’s Church Road Central District, $250,000.
  • Elizabeth D. Davis to Mcbee Investment Properties, 3053 Diamond Spring Lane Central District, $203,650.
  • Nathan W. Blackwell and Sarah E. Blackwell to Thomas W. Dillon and Laura L. Dillon, $ 450,000.
  • Charlotte H. Burkholder to Nathan W. Blackwell and Sarah E. Blackwell, 651 Banner Way Central District, $ 650,000.
  • Marlin R. Burkholder to Nathan W. Blackwell and Sarah E. Blackwell, 3.774 acres of a tract standing in the name of Charlotte H. Burkholder Central District, $150,000.
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