The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


July 11

  • James A. Peele to Donald John Pedersen and Marilyn Louise Pedersen, 1292 Old Richmond Circle, $160,000.
  • Beau J. Baker to TNT Properties LLC, 3 Shenandoah Avenue, $200,000.

July 12

  • HNSG LLC to Dayna Rodriguez and Nayra Leos, 99 Emery Street, $250,000.
  • Sameh W. Hanna and Suzanne M. Hanna to Bryan Keith Saville, 380 Blue Stone Hills Drive, $239,900.
  • Eric C. Messick to Colleen P. Waller and Lyman W. Grant, 33 East Weaver Avenue, $224,900.
  • Mary Alice M. Henderson to Craig Allen Janney and Amy Elizabaeth Snider, 24 East Laurel Street, $ 340,000.
  • Micah C. Hurst and Carla C. Hurst to Taven Z. Wilson and Molly C. Skidmore, 967 CentralAvenue, $197,500.
  • Bonnie Scott Thompson to Stacey E. Vaughan and Kimberly S. Vaughan, 2421 Avalon Woods Drive, $155,000.
  • Founders Way LLC to The Lofts At Founders Way LLC, The Lofts at Founders Way Land Unit A and B, $250,000.
  • Market Place Shops LLC to Tirrenia LLC, 3.78 acres on the east side of East Market Street designated Lot 2 on a plat of Market Street Partners Subdivision, $ 3,775,000.

July 15

  • Nolan Gregory Zemanski to Barrows Property Investments LLC, 731 Madison Street, $165,000.
  • Ryan W. Mullins and Hannah Y. Mullins to Sean Mirza and Fatima Jabari, 1941 Russell Drive, $270,000.
  • Andrew John Gertge to Abram J. Shearer, 802 Oak Hill Drive, $ 337,500.
  • Zachary Watson and Tricia Watson to Michael Willi and Bethany L. Willi, 765 Keezletown Road,$155,000.
  • Paul Millard Zazenski and Donna M. Zazenski to Jennifer S. Burke, 928 Broadview Drive, $269,900.

July 16

  • ILEX LLC, Buddy-Bob LLC and Glenn C. Loucks to Blind Squirrel Investments LLC, 147 Campbell Street, 145 Campbell Street, 214 Broad Street, 216 Broad Street, 218 Broad Street, 220 Broad Street, 222 Broad Street, 224 Broad Street, 360 West Bruce Street, 507 East Wolfe Street, 398 East Elizabeth Street, 415 North Liberty Street and 548 East Market Street, $ 3,100,000.
  • Ellen M. Armentrout to Cristobel O. Jones, 121 Emerald Drive, $215,000.


July 11

  • John Clark Hopkins to Carlton E. Hopkins, three tracts totaling 3.785 acres of the Stonewall District, $151,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Beverly A. Stauffer, 173 Linville Avenue Plains District, $190,400.
  • Johnny R. Sheaves and Cara C. Sheaves to Omar Vazquez and Yuliana Vazquez, 5702 Jordan Hill Road Ashby District,$275,000.
  • Dayna Rodriguez to Dana J. Aziz and Gona H. Hamaraheem, 3252 Hebron Court Ashby District,$175,000.

July 12

  • Wesley L. Campbell and Katherine P. Campbell to Zachary S. Lokey, 2955 Taylor Spring Lane Central District, $177,000.
  • Chelsey Beth Herring and Anna Maria Boggs to Alba D. Guevara, 2041 Fieldale Place, $185,000.
  • David J. Manista and Ella M. Manista to Chelsey Herring and Anna-Maria Boggs, 408 3rd Street, $235,000.
  • The Ponds of McGaheysville LLC to Harrisonburg Community Associates, Ponds Subdivision Phase 2 Lots 12A, 14B, 15A and 15B, $184,000.

July 15

  • Eugene Hammer and Theresa Hammer to Travis Armstrong, 1851 Pineville Road Stonewall District,$250,000.
  • Jeanne M. Troyer to Jason Fink and Kristin Fink, two tracts totaling 14.74 acres of the Ashby District, $789,000.
  • Douglas L. Lantz and Gwendolyn J. Lantz to Howard Wayne Payne, 1384 Shands Trail Central District, $ 440,000.
  • Donna M. Mueller to Kushal Anil Aurangabadkar, Taylor Spring Phase III Lot 150 Central District, $ 212,500.
  • Evelyn Miller High to Lorenzo Ramirez Lopez and Valeria Jesucita Lopez, 2826 Old Furnace Road Central District, $193,900.
  • William S. Craun and Betty D. Craun to Cindy C. Rader and Jerry E. Rader Jr., 42.198 acres of the Ashby District,$253,188.
  • Christopher Lanes to Shawn L. Carter, 309 Lee Avenue Stonewall District, $169,900.
  • Nathan B. Skievaski to Martin Urrutty, 87 A and 87 B Cary Street Stonewall District, $205,000.
  • James R. Smeader and Eldon Bowman to Max Rentals LLC, 8090 Singers Glen Road Linville District, $ 305,000.
  • Robert Keens and Heather Keens to Chet M. Denlinger and Mary L. Denlinger, 2760 Sunshine Court Central District, $ 445,000.
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