The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


July 17

  • Osiel Bravo and Alicia N. Bravo to Alexander E. Brackmann and Kelsey A. Brackmann, 963 Carriage Drive, $240,000.

July 19

  • Cynthia Jo Moyers, James Anthony Flick and Lisa Carol Smith to Benjamin David Bowes, 1021 Greendale Road,$206,900.
  • Jesse R. Springer and Kelsey L. Springer to Giles G. Eanes and Amy H. Eanes, 451 East Gay Street,$175,000.
  • Robert L. Frank and Carolyn Frank to Dwanie T. Revell, 1071 Greendale Road, $200,000.

July 22

  • Gail Susanne Brooke Arthur to Holly B. McCartney, 1205 South Dogwood Drive, $249,900.
  • Quinton B. Callahan and Karen A. Silvera- Callahan to Gokul Krishna Turaga and Swetha Turaga, 1228 Woodcrest Circle, $ 324,900.
  • Jason A. Varner to Haiden A. Fischer, 1255 Settlers Lane, $176,000.


July 16

  • David P. Van Meter V and Alexandra M. Van Meter to Clair Elvin Good and Beth Davis Good, 430 Thompson Street Ashby District, $275,000.

July 17

  • Scott L. Cessna and Elizabeth S. Cessna to Elizabeth Marie Depoy and Nathan Lee Weaver, 501 East College Street Ashby District, $283,000.
  • Stephen T. Schreiner to David A. Rosie and Lindsey I. Rosie, 7115 Tiger Camp Road Stonewall District, $ 392,900.
  • Jared P. Troutman and Rebecca A. Troutman to Dale J. Urbanowicz and Marilyn Urbanowicz, 4059 Hudson Circle Central District, $240,000.
  • Ross A. Sandy and Heather L. Sandy to James J. Stiefvater and Lynne H. Stiefvater, 120 Markham Place Central District, $ 610,000.

July 18

  • Elizabeth N. Lee, Christopher S. Newman and Lisa W. Newman, Christopher S. Newman, David G. Newman to Christopher S. Newman and Lisa W. Newman, Riverside Subdivision Ashby District, $150,000.
  • Michael C. Lenox to Raymond Ressler and Naomi Ressler, 6 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $179,900.
  • Wayne M. Weaver to Mark A. Weaver and Carol A. Weaver, 15.701 acres about 2.3 miles north of Grottoes of the Ashby District, $180,000.
  • James G. Bird and Joan P. Bird to Martin L. Gerson and Gary D. Gerson, 7455 Lilly Square Ashby District, $245,000.
  • Aldon LLC to Tuyet Nguyen Abraham and Jeffrey Abraham, 450 Monte Vista Drive Central District, $ 383,000.
  • Todd E. Ashton and Kathryn Amanda Ashton to Wayne M. Weaver and LaVina Weaver, 7247 Cowpatch Drive Ashby District, $ 375,000.
  • Phillip Grayson and Joann Grayson to Timothy W. Hasler, 34.922 acres on the eastern side of State Route 780 (Joe’s Creek Road) Linville District, $175,000.
  • Ryan P. Farrell and Stephanie L. Farrell and Linda S. Farrell to Thomas X. Speake and Kaitlin F. Speake, 4470 Ridgecrest Court Central District,$ 475,000.
  • Autumn Breeze LC to Clyde Henry Rutan, 356 Coyote Run Plains District, $295,000.
  • William C. Lennen Sr. and Dawn M. Lennen to James Donald Clark Jr. and Donna B. Clark, 3080 Vera Vista Path Central District, $ 485,000.

July 19

  • Megan Nichole Lawson and Robert Nathaniel Lawson to Todd S. Carney and Patricia L. Carney, $ 359,900.
  • Eric A. Sents and Stephanie L. Walton Sents to Jason A. Slye and Rebecca P. Slye, 4105 Kaleb Drive Central District, $ 342,500.
  • Sirena R. Berriochoa to Laken Jo Richer and Jeremy Good, 3347 Impression Court Ashby District, $167,500.
  • Heatwole Construction LLC to Amare B. Dugda and Shewalem M. Hordofa, 20 Chester’s Way Ashby District, $226,000.
  • Jane E. Housh to Victor R. Majors and Dorothy J. Majors, 18708 Huckleberry Rd., Stonewall District, $194,900.
  • Renee D. Sharman to David A. Mantz and Jennifer D. Mantz, 302 Jameson Lane Ashby District, $269,900.

July 22

  • Marc Darran Togie and Christie Anne Togie to Timucin Ozcan and Eliz Ozcan, 141 Wilton Place Central District,$ 600,000.
  • Scakl L.C. to Holly K. Kellett, 4121 Finn Court Linville District, $ 372,000.
  • Jennifer A. Kratz to Jason Farrington, 3159 Valor Court Plains District, $195,000.
  • Thorne Alexander Green to Thomas Cleary and Anastasia Cleary, 299 Turkey Drive Stonewall District, $229,900.
  • Drew D. Magee and Ilene M. Magee to Brian K. Garrison and Brooke Garrison, 1866 Cumberland Drive Ashby District, $ 373,086.
  • Peggy B. Turner to Stacy R. Fulk and Kelly T. Freeman, 6551 Laurel Brigade Lane Plains District, $169,200.
  • Joseph Kent Flory and Teresa Flory Townsend to Jennifer A. Kratz and Shawn E. Phillips, 260 High Street Plains District, $184,000.
  • Kim E. Halterman to Jeff W. Shurkey and Diane K. Shurkey, 184 E. Riverside Drive Plains District,$150,300.
  • Christopher J. Driver and Carole Driver to Benjamin Franklin Moomaw IV and Katie Moomaw, 8689 Beacon Hill Road Linville District, $ 390,000.
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