July 23

  • Michael F. Rice and Kelsey G. Rice to Allen R. Kennedy, 1022 Bridle Court, $219,000.
  • Faith Wilson Forkovitch to Karl Shank and Thomas D. Domonoske, 237 Chicago Ave., $190,000.
  • Amar N. Gogia to Jane E. Housh, 650 Garbers Church ROad, $330,000.

July 24

  • Forooq Aziz to Gilberto Rodriguez Perez, Merly J. Rodriguez Perez, Gilberto Rodriguez Reyes and Maria M. Perez Alarcon, 1036 Toppin Boulevard, $250,000.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Jayne S. Dorcherty, 2237 Deyerle Avenue, $238,350.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Arvindbhaie G. Patel, 2231 Deyerle Avenue, $238,250.
  • Walter Ghant to Joy N. Button, Blue Stone Hills Subdivision Section 3C Lot 7, $230,000.

July 26

  • Luis Ivan Micheline to Aey LLC and Rdy LLC, 1222 Old Windmill Circle, $168,500.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to MIchael E. Holland and Ann B. Holland, 2235 Deyerle Avenue, $213,100.
  • Margaret C. Kostel to Terry D. Beitzel and Sylvia Whitney Beitzel, 662 White Oak Circle, $230,000.

July 29

  • James E. Smucker and Anna M. Smucker to Sergiy Dmytryiyev and Sventlant Dmitrieva, 954 Smith Avenue, $429,000.
  • Okechi G. Egekwu to Charles B. Hendricks, 1126 Woodleigh Court, $267,000.
  • Christopher J. Fox and Zsuzsa B. Gox to Elizabeth H. Molloy and Kevin P. Molloy, 854 Camelot Lane, $151,900.

July 30

  • Wayne E. Crawford to Maria M. Portillo de Nolasco, 624 Hawkins Street, $245,000.
  • HD and CC LLC to Le Ray Storage LLC, 254, 252, 250, 248 Commerce Drive, $488,000.


  • Robert J. Wagman and Julie S. Wagman to Gene W. Loughran and Tamara C. Loughran, 102 Raccoon Court Stonewall District, $275,000.
  • Alice Marie Good to Kenneith R. Ryan and Cindy H. Ryan and Donald Ross Ryan and Connie W. Ryan, Lot No. 12 of the Good and Ryan Division located on the northwest side of U.S. Route 11, about one-half mile north of Tenth Legion Plains District, $220,000.

July 24

  • Aaron B. Stoltzfus and Rebecca L. Stoltzfus to Jeremy A. Litwiller and Jennifer L. Litwiller, Lot 164 of Harmony Heights Section 9A, $500,000.
  • Wilma G. Grimm to Aaron B. Stoltzfus and Rebecca L. Stoltzfus 4625 Williamsburg Rd, Linville District, $324,500.
  • Charles Reynolds and Kaye Newton to Jose L. Espinoza, 3300 Fortune Drive Linville District, $272,000.

July 25

  • Jacqueline H. Gulino to Connie R. Flook, PReston Lake Section 3 Lot 88 Central District, $370,000.
  • J. Kenneth Kline to WMLB LLC, Mount Crawford Industrial Park Lot 3 Ashby District, $185,557.43.
  • Melissa J. Andrews to Amy Scott, 6913 Briery Branch Road Ashby District, $181,000.
  • Sheila A. Holsinger to Herbert Sonifrank II and Sandra S. Sonifrank, Lot No 3 in Block A Herthstone Hill Subdivision Plains District, $162,000.

July 26

  • Ashby Holdings LLC to Ronald M. Gearheart and Jam M. Gearheart and R & L Construction Inc., 603 10th Street Stonewall District, $229,000.
  • Alejandro Pacheco-Ayala and Megan Pacheco-Ayala to Alexis D. Ward and Seth L. Owens, 3460 Majestic Circle Plains District, $216,500.
  • Simensen Construction Inc, to Christoper J. Driver and Carole C. Driver, 320 Beauford Road Central District, $498,909.
  • Carolyn B. Price to Dwight D. Layman Jr. and Tiffany M. Layman, 48.027 acres on the north-western side of Waggys  Creek Road, State Route 742, in the Union Springs area of the Ashby District, $400,000.
  • Paulette K. Braunbeck to Dewey L. Brown Jr. and Anita K. Brown, 419 Dorset Street Plains District, $250,000.
  • Grid Iron #66 LLC to Alejandro Pacheco-Ayala and Megan Pacheco-Ayala, 642 Jade Court Plains District, $273,000.
  • Kimberly D. Thompson to Brandon A. Campbell, 1.076 acres referred to as Parcel 3 in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of Rockingham County, $180,500.
  • Ryan E. Ritter and Melissa J. Ritter to Michael W. Abbate Jr. and Felecia D. Abbate 4550 Wilshire Street Linville District, $323,500.
  • Stephen J. Rossi and Kristin A. Rossi to Christine A. Hughey and Bruce E. Wilcox, 3162 Lairds Knob Drive Central District, $575,000.
  • Tresa F. Quarles to Idalama I. Valdivia Juarex, 384 Diana Court Ashby District, $194,000.
  • The Estate of Lois J. Morris to Michael J. Harnish and Gloria M. Harnish, 131 B2(4) L6 in Elkton of the Stonewall District, $188,000.

July 29

  • Dana D. Morris to Alumbria G. Gates, 2673 Hawksbill Road Stonewall District, $227,000.
  • Litten Contracting to Adam W. Lambert, 195 Quarry Lane Stonewall District, $359,000.
  • Springhourse Enterprises LLC to Kach Properties LLC, 15.384 acres on the sourthest side of Route 942 about three miles northeast of Keezletown in Central District, $205,000.
  • Curtis V. Updike to Rocco Scotellaro and Constance M. Scotellaro, 4.278 acres on the northern side of State Route 617 (Evergreen Valley Road) about one mile east of Timberville Plains District, $235,000.
  • Thurston Enterprises LLC to The Five Forty Collective LLC, $485,000.
  • Margaret A. Allen to Isaac C. Brenneman, 3355 Dawn Circle Ashby District, $200,000.
  • Donald L. Piel and Karen A. Piel to Corbin A. Fox and Cassandra Fox, Heritage Hills Section One Lot 24 in Broadway Plans District, $379,000.

July 30

  • Scott Miller Construction Inc to David P. Van Meter V and Alexander M. Van Meter, 225 Northview Drive Ashby District, $412,000.
  • Virginia Restaurant Holdings LLC, Adam schwartz, Marilyn Terzian and Bishmar LLC to Lingen L.P, $3,125,000.
  • Lea Ann Keller to Brenton W. See and Samantha N. See, 163 Dandy Avenue Plains District, $240,000.
  • Jason E. Beachy and Barbara E. Beachy to Lea Ann Keller, Lot Number 9 and easternmost half of Lot Number 10 in Block Number 1 of Broadview Subdivision in Broadway Plains District, $184,000.
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