The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


August 14

  • Gary W. Huffman to Rodolfo L. Barrett, 1280 Constitution Court, $164,000.
  • Jonni Kay Cooley to Shenandoah Estates LLC, 4,927 square feet on Old Furnace Road Lot No. 3 of Tower Heights Section 1, $154,000.

August 15

  • Matthew A. Carlson and Monica H. Carlson to Ryan T. Alessi and Elizabeth L. Price, 231 West Gay Street, $ 260,000.

August 16

  • Amanda Brizendine and Lindsay Griffin to Lazaro R. Fernandez Oliva and Isis Ruiz, 950 Roberts Court, $189,000.
  • Edward M. Young and James R. Copper Jr. to YNBP Rentals LLC, two tracts where the first includes five lots on the northwest side of South High Street and the second is 0.451 acre tax map no. 19-A-10, $ 855,000.
  • Emily Boissonneault to Owen Longacre and Kimberly J. F. Longacre, 2230 Lapis Lane, $244,500.
  • Karen Thomas to Yuan Li, 2411 Avonlea Lane, $180,000.


August 13

  • Vitaliy A. Dovganetskiy and Viktoriya V. Dovganetskiy to Sergio De Jesus Martinez Velez and Martha Lorena Zeledon, 148 Ashby Road Stonewall District, $267,500.
  • S & B Rentals LLC to CBS Group LLC, 39.972 acres described as Residue of T. M. 29-A- 36 Plains District, $225,000.
  • JKKT Investments LLC to Logan A. Nelson, 304 Sixteenth Street Stonewall District, $236,500.
  • K & T Services Inc. to Dale R. Davis and Spenser Davis, 907 Macon Avenue Stonewall District, $191,800

August 15

  • William J. Long Jr. to Joshua R. Sprouse and Kelsey K. Sprouse, 40.547 acres Ashby District, $ 580,000.
  • Loretta L. Morris to Raydel Jimeno Liens and Lissette Diaz de Villegas Jordan, 358 Jewelry Drive Plains District, $227,500.
  • Sharon L. Heinemann to Nicholas I. Furness and Danielle C. McIntrye, 236 Pheasant Road Stonewall District, $ 349,000.
  • Joseph V. Patterson Jr. and Kathy M. Patterson to Ryan Clark Melcher and Marilla Showalter Melcher, $ 315,000.
  • Larry W. Gardner and Donna K. Gardner to Michael E. Wenger and Sue A. Wenger, 4145 Sunrise Drive Ashby District, $ 485,000.

August 16

  • SVTB Crossroads LLC to David Simensen and Carol Simensen, Crossroads Farm Estate Section 19 Lot 187 Central District, $150,000.
  • Thomas W. Dillon and Laura L. Dillon to Blake G. Koteita and Belinda F. Koteita, 242 Northview Drive Ashby District, $ 369,900.
  • David M. Fager and Molly E. Fager to Carl Torres and Yvonne Ortega, 9638 South East Side Highway Stonewall District, $ 389,900.
  • Kenneth W. Raynes Jr. and Jennifer L. Raynes to David M. Fager and Molly E. Fager, 4201 Brown Mountain Lane Stonewall District, $ 315,000.
  • Charles Henry Bodkins and Fay Driver Bodkins to Linda S. Swartz and Carroll E. Swartz, 5688 Briery Branch Road Ashby District, $181,000.
  • Melissa A. Hunter-Kilmer to Maurice N. Heatwole, 9474 Phillips Store Road Plains District, $165,000.
  • Roger Dale Newman and Randall Keith Newman devisees under the last will and testament of E. Dale Newman, deceased, and Crystal M. Taylor, Jessica R. Newman, and Amanda N. Newman, devisees under the last will and testament of Eugene Salibsury Newman, deceased, to Megan Grubbs, 3943 East Point Road Stonewall District, $230,000.
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