The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,00 or more.


August 19

  • David Yang to Sasha F. Griffith and Johanna B. Griffith, 329 Emerald Drive, $190,200.
  • George I. Drumheller to Alexander L. Hashem and Brianna J. Hashem, 371 Stratton St., $187,500.

August 20

  • Wayne E. Engel LLC to WGG, LLC, 547 East Market Street, $1,000,000.
  • Sara E. Hartzler to Paul W. Heisey, 1127 Royal Court, $222,000.
  • Kline Investments LC to Robb Rentals LLC, 567 Hawkins St, $265,000.
  • CCI Electronics to The Norton Group LLC, C & C South High Subdivision Lots 3&4, $850,000.

August 22

  • Michael H. Long to Jasmin L. Pittman and Nicholas Pittman, 260 Rockingham Drive, $192,500.
  • Gregory A. Turnage and Teresa T. Finch to Harrisonburg ADT Owner LLC, 12.38 acres including at 1630 Red Oak Street and Acorn Industrial Park, $3,786, 460.
  • Sandra K. Gooden to Andrea J. Burkholder, 413 Glenfield Court, $176,500.
  • Lynne Allen Driver to Yoel Gamez Hernandez, 9,388 feet on the northwest side of Hartman Drive, $205,000.

August 23

  • Mitchell R. Kirsh to CCI Electronics, 184 Emerald Drive, $180,000.
  • Maine and Applalachian Properties LLC to Andrew & William Properties LLC, Peak View Professional Condominium Unit 110, $900,900.


August 19

  • Rodney H. Barbo and Rebecca L. Barbo to Gregory L. Michael and Lisa S. Michael, 345 Westview Street Ashby District, $232,000.
  • Wilberger Associates LLC to S&M Investment Properties LLC, four parcels in the Stonewall District, $217,500.
  • John P. Figgs to Drema D. Figgs to Kenneth Cook, 318 North River Road Ashby District, $206,000.
  • H. Clyde Hisey III and Margaret S. Hisey to Blanca F. Correa Correa, 1672 Rolling Creek Road Stonewall District, $195,000.
  • Richard T. Deadrick to Lori Michelin and Joseph Michelin and Joseph Michelin, 10,285 square feet on Tilbury Court Central District, $370,000.
  • Aaron T. Barnett to Jon-Mark Olivier and Diane Heather Worringham 440 Mason Street Ashby District, $214,000.
  • Thomas V. Waller executor of the estate of Shirley Rae Waller to Paulita Neff Investments LLC, 6.2 acres on the west side of Route 612 Linville District, $232,500.
  • Hugh B. Jones Jr. and Patricia S. Jones to Craig R. Taylor II and Craig A. Stevens, 115 Pheasant Road Stonewall District, $343,000.
  • Cathy A. Smallwood, Harvey L. Stover and John O. Stover to Frandcisco Pizano Tirado and Olga Pizano, 6069 North Valley Pike Linville District, $299,000.
  • Salahoudin Emam and Soraya Emam to Marshall Hays and Joy Thoa Hays, 188 Chipmunch Court Stonewall Court, $349,900.
  • K’NK Inc. to Carolyn S. Firkin, Quail Run Subdivision Section 4, Lot 46 Stonewall District, $239,000.

August 21

  • Bobby A. Good and Lorraine B. Good to Michael E. Lohr and Barbara L. Lohr, 148 Melrose Road Linville District, $187,600.
  • Joseph W. Gibson and Sarah C. Gibson to Nathan A. Hedrick, Sanston Sites Subdivision Section III Lot 1 in Block 2 Ashby District, $235,000.
  • Vasiliy B. Samoylov and Viktoriaya VA. Samoylov to Derick A. Applegate and Victoria P. Wooddell, 3382 Oak Ridge Road Ashby District, $204,500.

August 22

  • David E. Sandridge and Donah L. Sandridge to CCI Electronics Inc., 9059 McGaheysville Road Stonewall District, $602,375.
  • Haris H. Nezic to Joseph W. Gibson IV and Sara C. Gibson, 106 Millview Drive Ashby District, $370,000.
  • West Branch Diary LLC to Micah J. Heatwole and Krista M. Heatwole, 46.389 acres of the Linville District, $425,000.
  • Juan J. Hurtado Diaz to Zeng Liang Chen, 117 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $175,000.
  • James C. Cunningham to Vasiliy Samoylov to Viktoriya Samoylov, 108 Park Avenue Stonewall District, $283,000.
  • Travis M. Plessner and Naomi C. Plessner and Naomi C. Plessner to Nicholas S. Secrist and Rayah H. Secrist, 550 Gladview Drive Ashby District, $225,0000.

August 23

  • Cross Keys Development LLC to William Lowell Strunk and Patricia Fay Strunk, 121 Berwick Drive Central District, $325,396.
  • Barry M. Lewis and Carolyn J. Lewis to Daniel L. Wood and Virginia G. Wood, 304 1st Street Stonewall District, $240,000.

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