The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


July 30

  • Philip B. Davis and Dylan M. Davis to Sarah Hamilton, 950 South Dogwood Drive, $235,500.

July 31

  • Karen F. Monger to Rosa Y. Ramirez De Tejada, 954 Meadowlark Drive, $162,500.
  • Gregory A. Will and Sheree R. Will to Holly Herr Straversm, Lot 11 and Lot 12 Block 10 of the Fairview Addition, $249,900.
  • Shirley M. Blozzon to Gregory A. Will and Sheree A. Will, 3011 Arbor Lane, $243,000.
  • Pioneer Special Assets LLC to Marcella Smith LLC, 300 Waterman Drive, $290,000.

August 1

  • Joseph C. Lafauci and Hollie N. Stanford and Joseph Lafauci Sr. and Diane Lafauci to Siyaram Sah and Anita K. Sah, 327 Emerson Lane, $156,900.
  • Edward Scott Turner to Daniel Richard and Jennifer Newman, 1136 Paul Revere Court, $163,000.
  • Maria L. Bundrage to Patrick McCullogh, Marylnne M. McCullogh and Heather M. McCullogh, 7,851 square feet on the southwestern side of Tower Street, $196,000.
  • Harold Wenger and Cynthia C. Wenger to Lars J. Kristiansen and Tara P. Kristiansen, Lot 7 Block C of Wyndham Woods, $ 385,000.
  • Thelma J. Lohr to Lucy Eckhert, 3051 Horseshoe Lane, $217,000.
  • Heritage Builders LLC to Carolina Gonzalez- Oviedo and Sergio R. Serna-Barbosa, 2151 Mint Spring Road,$229,900.
  • Abram Shearer to Tesfamariam Welday Gebretensae and Mebrahatu Layne Gebremeskel, 297 Emerald Drive, $200,000.
  • Heritage Estates LLC to David J. Sebastian and Charlene W. Sebastian, 1610 Bald Eagle Circle, $ 437,000.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Gennadiy Y. Volokitkin and Tatyana A. Volokitkin, 2233 Deyerle Avenue, $215,600.
  • Sukjin Choi to Jeremy J. Painter, 48 Blakely Court, $157,500.


July 30

  • Patricia C. Rodeffer to Adam C. Armstrong, 7.325 acres of the Central District, $ 500,000.
  • Patricia C. Rodeffer to Adam C. Armstrong, 2.146 acres of the Central District, $ 300,000.

July 31

  • FSC Development LLC to Dennis Diehl and Kim Diehl, two parcels including 163 Cedar Point Lane and 161 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $ 355,800.
  • Theresa Landes and Jason R. Fox to Titus Justin Myers and Faye H. Fox, 1084 Fellowship Road Linville District, $195,000.
  • S & J Homes LLC to Christopher A. Tate Brookeneil H. Tate, 4517 Wiltshire Street Linville District, $ 311,000.
  • Michael M. Moghtader to Ethan R. Pearce and Aubrey L. Pearce, 450 Thompson Street Ashby District, $250,000.
  • Brenda Muterspaugh, Debbie K. Meadows, Christopher D. Crites and Gary Crites to Christopher D. Crites, 2.98 acres on the southeastern side of the service road to Interstate 81 near Exit 251 three miles north of Harrisonburg Linville District, $160,000.
  • April D. Eavers to Ransford L. Schrock, 359 Slate Valley Lane Central District, $225,000.
  • Gareth P. Anderson and Erin J. Anderson to Sherry G. Painter and James D. Painter, 10817 Zirkle Lane Plains District, $175,000.
  • Bruce D. Burns and Alicia A. Burns to Lacey Kristine Huffman and Chad Wilson See, 325 Bruce Street Ashby District,$227,000.
  • Carolyn S. Firkin to Amy D. Alexander, 333 Monger Hill Road Stonewall District, $180,000.

August 1

  • Galen R. Showalter and Janet R. Showalter to Larry D. Wenger, 5183 Rawley Pike Central District, $185,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Lau’atu L. Inukihaangana and Bridgette B. Inukihaangana, 143 Linville Avenue Plains District, $206,000.
  • Nathan D. Pannell and Janie M. Pannell to Nathan William Wallace and Jessica E. Wallace, 20448 Mount Pleasant Road Stonewall District,$294,000.
  • Samuel D. Good and Susan P. Good to Christopher Mark Danaceau and Leah Rae Haworth, 177 Kaylor Circle Stonewall District, $155,000.
  • Brian A. Harrison to Robert E. Burr and Denise H. Burr, 3090 Hopkins Drive Stonewall District, $ 262,000.
  • Deborah K. Keenan to Phyllis D. Hensley, 96 Park Avenue Stonewall District, $159,000.
  • Lossie E. Clark and James L. Thompson to Trent Reid and Stephanie N. Reid, 1668 Newtown Road Stonewall District, $180,000.
  • Elliott V. Peachey and Jessica S. Peachey to Mario Roberto DeNicola and Monisha Khanna, 1120 Walnut Creek Dr. Central District, $ 593,000.

August 2

  • Charles E. Choate Jr. and Dana M. Choate to Jonathan A. Fretwell and Brynne K. Fretwell, 6600 Lawyer Road Stonewall District, $ 410,000.
  • Matthew W. May to Joshua D. Neal and Courtney Emersyn Neal, 8552 Doe Hill Road Stonewall District, $271,000.
  • Addison C. Bowman and Tiffany L. Bowman to Renee Denise Branner, 399 Mount Crawford Avenue Ashby District, $174,000.
  • Phillip A. Burner and Tiffany L. Burner to Alicia N. Bravo and Osiel Bravo, 3404 Friedens Church Road Ashby District, $245,900.
  • Linda I. Carty to Caitlin Jahnke, 451 Quail Run Drive Stonewall District, $265,000.
  • Larry E. Crider and Linda K. Crider to Lonnie B. Gale Jr. and Heather A. Gale, 2.031 acres about one half mile southeast of intersection of Route 793 and Route 799 Plains District, $165,000.
  • Blake G. Koteita and Belinda F. Koteita to Phillip A. Lagoda and Alena V. Lagoda, 207 Northview Drive Ashby District, $259,900.
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