The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


September 23

  • Robert F. Jellum and Joyce S. Jellum to Nathan James Jellum and Rebecca C. Jellum, 247 Divot Drive, $400,000.
  • Albert Kataro and Anila Kataro to John L. Reed and Martha Romona Ruiz Rivera, 496 Pointe Drive, $190,000.

September 24

  • Carl G. Bond and Lori E. Bond to Sylord LLC, 342 Blue Stone Hills Drive, $214,000.
  • Carrie Farley Landis and Kellen Landis to Paul Cameron Schutte and Kathleen Sikorski Schutte and Katherine Schutte, 469 West Gay Street, $236,000.

September 25

  • North Valley Investors LLC to Robert F. Downs and Diane F. Downs, 1660 Bald Eagles Circle, $349,900.

September 26

  • Shawn V. Allen to Ashley W. Lambert, 1234 Poets Court, $195,000.
  • Hugh B. Sproul III to Maria Matilde Sorto Portillo, 2346 Breckenridge Court, $170,000.

September 27

  • Jason A. Young and Nattida Samanukorn to David Lafy and Hannah Williams, 422 Cedar Street, $289,900.
  • North Main Harrisonburg LLC, 355 North Main Street, $500,000.


September 23

  • L. Kathryn Evans to Daniel A. Hillman and Caroline M. Hillman, 225 Beauford Road Central District, $399,000.
  • Mark E. Thompson and Tanya M. Thompson to Cub Run Farm LC, 41.403 acres on the south side of State Route 708, Goods Mill Road, Stonewall District, $290,000.
  • Dawn Etta Carper to Craig K. Rodes and Amanda B. Rodes, 3724 Mountain Valley Road and 3726 Mountain Valley Road Central District, $400,000.
  • Gregory E. Keifer and Anna E. Keifer and Eric S. Frantz and Kristinia M. Frantz, 12815 Turner Estates Drive Linville District, $219,000.
  • Jacob D. Swartz to Sandra Castro Gonzalez and Antonio Baltazar Merida, 11 Fourth Street Stonewall District, $190,000.
  • Ashby Holdings LLC to Jacob Daniel Swartz and Melissa Swartz, 902 Gum Avenue Stonewall District, $294,500.
  • Ryan S. Scott and Kelly S. Scott to Buddie E. Ritchie and Katie M. Rivera Ritchie, 308 Tiffany Drive Ashby District, $257,000.

September 26

  • Raymond Ressler and Naomi Ressler to Shelton W. Weatherholtz and Patricia S. Weatherholtz, 6 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $177,000.
  • Shen Valley Renovators LLC to Mark A. Shaffer, Lot 13 Spotswood Manor Subdivision Section IV Plains District, $169,900.

September 27

  • Colby S. Miller to Stephanie N. Long, 320 West View Street Ashby District, $285,000.
  • K.H. Properties LC to Valeriy Serenchenko and Galino Serechenko, 2968 Crystal Spring Lane Central District, $205,000.
  • Travis E. Moats to Vicky N. Fitzgerald and Edward Funkhouser, Lot 6 Fountain Head Section 3 in Bridgewater Ashby District, $179,000.
  • Steven D. Yoder to Nicholas A. Whitelock and Summer L. Shifflett, 4947 Bloomer Springs Road Stonewall District, $435,000.
  • Gary Lee Simmons to Carolyn Zimmerman, Holly Hill Section 2 Lot 7 Ashby District, $255,000.
  • Carolyn F. Taylor, Barbara L. Dean, Carol H. Meadows, Denise R. Meadows and Vanessa S. Foreman to Raven D. King and Vandon Kershner, 2830 Fox Mountain Road Stonewall District, $170,250.
  • Marvin L. Knupp II and Angela B. Knupp to Daniel S. Harrison, 1125 Hamlet Drive Central District, $170,000.
  • Andre L. Swartzentruber and Jamie D. Swartzentruber to Daniel D. Keefe and Sharon Keefe, 3070 Crystal Spring Lane Central District, $210,000.
  • Edward F. Lewis and Christel L. Lewis to Curtis A. Stiles and Mary C. Lewis to Jeff S. King and Karen Stephanie King, 153 Wilson Way Stonewall District, $427,500.
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