The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


September 4

  • Logan G. Strawderman and Jessica F. Strawderman to Patricia Valle-Alvarez, Lot 15 of plat Stonefield Village Section 1, $230,000.

September 6

  • Judith A. Stevens to Rebecca A. Pence, 1130 Paul Revere Court, $166,000.
  • Hartmans & Sons LLC to South Valley Properties LLC, 2 acres $1,350,000.

September 9

  • Chelsea Shenk-Taylor to Juan Carlos Lopez Beltran and Aisha Etchegoin, 2396 Breckenridge Court, $163,000.


September 3

  • Clyde Thomas Mayberry Jr. to Paula A. Greenhagen, 1448 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District, $235,000.
  • Claude R. Halterman to Timothy C. Southerly, three tracts totaling 55.433 acres and 20,467 square feet of the Plains District about four miles north of Timberville, $269,000.
  • Charles E. Stapleton to Aaron D. Roll and Cassidy B. Roll, 2955 Lanier Lane Stonewall District, $200,000.
  • David L. Payne and Sharon R. Payne to Billhimer 2.0 LLC, 8099 Baxter Lane Linville District, $162,500.
  • James W. Jarvis Jr. and Samantha N. Jarvis to Bobbie M. Mongold Jr. and Stephanie A. Mongold, 15644 Forestville Road Plains District, $189,000.
  • Michael T. Wood and Nicole A. Wood to Jeremy D. Stamey and Melissa L. Stamey, 2517 Beldor Road Stonewall District, $235,000.
  • James H. Craun and Charles H. Craun to Rebecca S. Eberly, 202 Miller Drive Ashby District, $250,000.

September 4

  • John William Dorsey and Kathy Epling Dorsey to James Jarvis Jr. and Samantha Jarvis, 211 High Street, $292,000.
  • Brenda S. Loewen to Amar N. Gogia and Jessica M. Gogia, 3168 Preston Lake Boulevard Central District, $ 380,000.
  • Eddy-R- Construction LLC to Jordan Barker and Leah P. Barker, 4361 Magnolia Ridge Drive Central District, $ 487,000.
  • Samuel C. Wilkins Jr. to Katie B. Wilkins to Farhad Ali Dalawi and Sabyha M. Muhamed, 10396 Rock Fence Lane Plains District, $216,000.
  • Priscilla Properties LLC to Brenda Sue Loewen, 7348 McGaheysville Road Stonewall District, $295,000.

September 5

  • Onyxford Farms LLC to T. Randall Strickland and Cynthia R. Strickland, 48.014 acres of the Ashby District, $ 520,000.

September 6

  • Nancy E. Deputy to Ernest W. Gamble and Donna L. Gamble and Cara J. Gamble, two tracts totalling 1.3262 acres of the Central District, $ 347,000.
  • Stephen W. Davis and Linda S. Davis to Johnny L. Hagan and Vicky L. Hagan, 109 Millstone Street Ashby District, $283,000.
  • Stony Run Subdivison LLC to Joshua S. Carty and Anna J. Carty, 1830 West Trout Spring Road Stonewall District, $ 303,000.
  • Sandra F. Mace and Robert C. Mace to Eric A. Weber and Cynthia M. Weber, lots 6 through 11 in block 217 in Grottoes Stonewall District, $214,900.
  • Robert P. Sisson and Hazel A. Sission to Larry W. Gardner and Donna K. Gardner, 5 Richard Court Ashby District, $ 314,900.
  • K. Scott Blackshaw and Susan B. Blackshaw to Daniel G. Foster and Elizabeth L. Foster, 17323 Sun Valley Drive Stonewall District, $214,900.
  • Jeffrey K. Jordan and Rebecca S. Jordan to Eddie L. Burgoyne and Harriet S, Burgoyne to Shenrock Poultry LLC, 3521 Singers Glen Road Central District

September 9

  • Charles L. Earley and Jacqueline D. Earley to Steven S. Hendricks II, Grace Lee Estates Section 1 Lot 21 Stonewall District, $255,000.
  • Debra G. Roadcap to Kartik Ramasubramanian and Akanksha Vishwas Kanitkar, 2984 Cullison Court Central District, $264,500.

September 10

  • Windy Meadow Construction LLC to Coy R. Samuels, 32 Pine Street Stonewall District, $215,000.
  • FSC Development LLC to Tranquility Properties LLC, 171 Cedar Point Lane and 169 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $ 360,800.
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