The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


September 30

  • Robert A. Parsons to Wilbur E. Bauman, 318 Sixth Street, $250,000.
  • Vitaliy Skovorodko and Antonina Skovorodko to Joshua S. Reynolds and Laura Anne Reynolds, 1124 Paul Revere Court, $155,000.

October 1

  • Joan M. Clasbey and David P. Miller to Lynette K. Nussbaum, 138 Broad Street, $205,900.
  • Janzen- Jacobs Properties LC to GW East Market Street Properties LLC, 25,136 square feet on the north side of East Market Street at the corner of East Market St. and Sterling St, $ 620,000.
  • 1533 LLC to David O’Neill and Jennifer Lee Sturgis O’Neill, 1262 Old Richmond Circle, $160,000. Little Sorrell LLC to Moustafa A. Ibrahim, 1341 Little Sorrell Drive, $ 338,000.

October 2

  • Timothy B. Jaquet to LBL Properties LLC, 520 Collicello Street, $173,000.


September 30

  • Stefanie D. Brock to Gerald S. Marengo and Shannon M. Marengo, 214 Tara Dawn Circle Plains District, $166,000.
  • Mark T. Brown to George Carter Miller and Jan C. Miller, Hensley Hollow Farm Subdivision Section 1 Lot 12 and Section 2 Lot 14, $ 420,000.
  • Virginia Holding Corporation to Ordovician LC, 61.209 acres of the Linville District against the Southern Railway, $ 600,000.
  • Gregory D. Sigmon and Kendria L. Sigmon to Jesse Warf and Beulah Warf, 4141 Brown Road Lane Ashby District, $ 679,700.
  • Matthew C. Sunderlin to Thurmond C. Frye Jr. and Barbara C. Frye, Lake Pointe Village Section Two Lot 10A Ashby District, $280,000.
  • Leon L. Bailey Jr. and Elizabeth A. Bailey to Charles L. Earley and Jacqueline D. Earley, 14471 South East Side Highway Stonewall District, $250,000.
  • John O. Duvall Jr. and Erika Andrick-Duvall to Jeremy L. Hovermale, 3729 Holsinger Road Plains District, $234,000.
  • Gretchen Lu Nyce and Ladene Joy King to Eleaner A. Colmenares and Bianca Colmenares, 5.441 acres off of Route 955 Jacksons Way, $240,000.
  • James C. Wampler and Deborah M. Wampler to Andrew Lyle Swartzentruber and Jamie D. Swartzentruber, 1347 Bluewater Road Central District, $ 330,000.
  • Kenneth L. King and Julie Campbell King to Beau Judson Baker and Dana Michelle Baker, 105 Willow Drive Ashby District, $290,000.
  • Maria Toscano to Larry M. Laughlin and Jan Kimberly Laughlin, 224 Aynslcy Lane Central District, $ 325,000.
  • Terry MayCoffey to Robert D. Vander Lugt and Ruth M. Vander Lugt, 882 Boyers Road Central District, $715,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Deborah Lynne Black, 3061 Rutledge Road, $ 361,980.

October 1

  • Deb Dove to Mahar Al Tayara, Blue Ridge Acres Lot 4 Stonewall District, $170,000.
  • W. H. Davis and Joyce W. Davis to Mountain Valley Mechanical LLC, 4.9983 acres on the west side of U. S. Route 11 Linville District, $ 350,000.
  • Jessica N. Derrow to James M. Webb and Kerstin E. Olsson-Webb, 211 Holly Hill Drive Ashby District, $250,000.
  • Brandon L. Baugher and Shielley M. Baugher to Lauren E. Young and Daniel S. Wilson, 110 Holly Hill Avenue Ashby District, $245,900.
  • David S. Wenger to Shawn D. Rhodes and Mary Janette Rhodes, 5344 John Wayland Highway Ashby District, $ 400,000.
  • Ronald R. Rowan Jr. and Hannah E. Rowan to Brenton Travis Hopkins and Jessica Ham Hopkins, 3931 Dixie Ridge Run Road Central District, $ 324,000.
  • Noathon M. Griffin and Tasha D. Griffin to Matthew James Carrier and Katherine Joyner Carrier, 2384 Hopkins Drive Stonewall District, $202,000.
  • Samuel M. Cox III to Ronald A. Michael and Melissa D. Michael, 454 Crestover Drive Plains District, $259,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Jeanne M. Troyer, 3049 Rutledge Road, $ 384,320.

October 2

  • Jimmy S. McDorman, Edmond A. McDorman II and Susan M. Horton to Charles L. Mathias, 0.5 acre off of State Route No. 42 Ashby District, $165,000.

October 3

  • Allen E. Phillips to Donald C. Tusing and Eleanor H. Tusing, 13587 Timber Way Plains District, $180,000.
  • Virginia M. Blakemore to Dennis A. Maurer, Massanutten Development Company Lot 411 Stonewall District, $177,000.
  • Kathy G. Billhimer to Joyce L. Clem, 315 Spring Oaks Drive Central District, $229,000.
  • Leonard E. Fitzwater and Ellen R. Fitzwater to Philip E. Hatfield, 25 acres on the northwest side of North Mountain Road (State Route 613) Plains District, $200,000.
  • Samantha M. Grogg to Laila A. Mohammed, 35 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $175,000.
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