The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


November 1

  • Cadet Investments LLC to Growth Tree LLC, 86 East Grattan Street, $297,500.

November 4

  • John Dennis Stefura to Ariel Antonio and Camilo Rodriguez, 140 Charles Street, $200,000.


November 1

  • Richard H, Laning III and Lynn Marie Louise Laning to Shenandoah Estates LLC,418 Freedom Court Ashby District, $153,500.
  • Russel W. Armentrout and Timothy R. Armentrout to North 67 LLC, 67.901 acres in the Linville District, $ 407,406.
  • Michael K. Neilson and Marsha L. Neilson to Matthew Shane Click and Kristan Renee Click, 384 Dorset Street Plains District, $ 300,000.
  • Showalter Buildings and Supplies Inc, to Rocktown Gear LLC, 6606 Rawley Pike Central District, $ 432,500.
  • Barry W. Nichols and Pamela F. Nichols to James C. Wampler and Deborah M. Wampler, 5030 Retriever Lane Stonewall District, $ 440,000.
  • Lincoln Homestead Farms Inc. to Benjamin D. Bixler and Sarah Ann Bixler, 9.4 acres on the east side of Harpine Highway, State Route 42, about two miles south of Broadway, Linville District, $285,000.

November 4

  • Gladys G. Chujoy and Jing Zheng, 3131 Bethany Court Ashby District, $174,900.
  • Alton Lee Mosley Jr. and Angel Michele Mosley to David T. Leslie and Olivia S. Leslie, 3320 Legion Way Plains District, $227,000.
  • Travis J. Bradley and Angela Bradley to Samer Hassan Alghanim, 3125 Court Ashby District, $179,900.
  • Charles M. Dixon and Kenneth R. Moran to Kenneth R. Moran and Darlene R. Wolfe, 70 acres on the northern side of State Route 646 about one and a half miles north of McGaheysville Stonewall District, $ 900,000.
  • David E. Lockwood Sr. and Nancy Lee Lockwood to Edwin Edward Caravajal and Christinia Dodd Caravajal, 5.05 acres about two miles northeast of Timberville Plains District, $ 335,000.
  • Bruce A. Croissant and Susan J. Croissant to Alton Lee Mosley Jr, and Angel Michele Mosley, 310 Rachel Drive Central District, $ 366,000.
  • Charles G. Newman and Shelly P. Newman to Andrea Lynn Dyjak and Bradford Robert Rider Dyjak, 395 Mill Street Ashby District, $ 331,000.
  • S & K Contracting Incorporated to James King, 626 Jade Court Plains District, $274,000.

November 5

  • Brian A. Ratliff to Kiflom Embaye Lema, 250 Dylan Circle Ashby District, $243,000.
  • David J. Tucker and Krista A. Tucker, 3380 Legion Way Plains District, $237,500.
  • Melvin W. Bailey and June E. Bailey to Bradley W. Kite, 2 parcels of land on State Route 625 in East Rockingham, $160,000.

November 6

  • Thomas E. Dobbs to S& S Farm, 166.35 acres on State Highway No. 668 about one mile east of Timber-Ridge Ashby District, $1,075,000.

November 7

  • Jacquelin L. Sprinkle to April Soltis and Devan M. Eye, 374 Loewner Lane Central District, $165,000.
  • Shelby Ray Campbell and Ginger Rene Campbell to Jeanette Ariel Kotonias, 6794 East Point Road Stonewall District, $185,000.
  • Todd E. Newkirk and Cereta D. Newkirk to Robert Carl Thomson and Linda Marie Thomson, 2330 Massanetta Springs Road Ashby District, $710,000.
  • Paul F. Pieno and Valeri B. Pieno to Blue Ridge Holdings I LLC, 109 Crescent Drive, $242,400.
  • Pavel Klopot and Anna Klopot to James C. Sigurdson and Olga A. Sigurdson, 3667 Traveler Road Ashby District, $ 490,000.

November 8

  • SCAKI LC to Karen S. Layer, 200 Suffolk Drive Linville District, $ 379,500.
  • James C. McCormick Jr. and Karen S. Layer to David Pierce Zimmerman and Diana D. Zimmerman, 4181 Brown Roan Lane Ashby District, $ 518,000.
  • Cosner Investments to Timothy A. Lloyd and June F. Lloyd, 321 Windermere Drive Plains District, $189,900.
  • Craig A. Curry to Clifton L. Haggerty and Samantha J. Haggerty, 962 Endless Caverns Road Plains District, $ 329,000.
  • DBS Investments LLC to Stacy K. Rose and Rachel M. Rose, 464 West Wolfe Street, $219,000.
  • Alan E. Strawderman, W. Keith Strawderman, and Carole S. Driverto Ahmed Jwanmery, 1.03 acres at the intersection of North Main and Vine Street, $ 475,000.
  • Ronald E. Merica and Donald R. Merica Sr. to Jennifer Lea McDonald, Lot 10 Block 1 Harnsberger Addition Elkton Stonewall District, $195,000.
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