The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


November 25

  • Tushar T. Patel and Kamini T. Patel to Padam P. Sapkota and Anupa D. Bhandari Sapkota, 1045 John Paul Jones Lane, $190.000.

November 26

  • Rodney L. Eagle & Sylvia L. Eagle to Andrew E. Yoder & Rachel Yoder, 1033 Oriole Lane, $150,000.
  • James W. Maust and Joyce E. Maust to Jolynne Bartley, 531 Green Street, $211,800.
  • Charles H. Ammons and Beatrice N. Ammons to Stephen K. Wright, 193 Emerald Drive, $182,000.

November 27

  • Linda J. Barnett to Zeng Lian Chen and Yan Hua Lin, 730 Camelot Lane, $159,500.


November 25

  • William S. Benton and Carla H. Benton to Joseph Bucher and Rachel Bucher, 8.052 acres off of Sate Route 766 Central District, $495,000.
  • Joseph Allen Rader, Edward Lee Rader Jr. and Caroline Marie Spiers to Sara Elizabeth Vasquez and Marisol Hernandez, 3460 Dawn Drive, $205,500.
  • The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Abraham Cruz Torres and Delia Campos, 417 South Sunset Drive Pains District, $160,0000.
  • Gary D. Rhodes, executor of the Wilda M. Burkholder Rhodes Estate to Owen L. Rhodes and Ellen S. Rhodes, 3452 Coakley Town Road Ashby District, $300,000.

November 26

  • Taylor P. Eader to Robert Taylor and Carrie Taylor, 3200 Legion Way Plains District, $198,000.
  • Marcus J. Histand and Carol Sue Hisand to Taylor P. Eader and Todd J. Eader, one acre and 14 poles of the Concord Schoolhouse on State Road 793 about three miles southeast of Timberville Plains District, $240,000.
  • Teresa G. Denton to Faye E. Palmer, 102 Amber Lane Ashby District, $329,900.
  • Superior Siding & Home Improvements Inc. to Michael T. Wood and Nicole A. Wood, 309 Virginia Avenue Stonewall District, $251,900.
  • Lisa K Bandur to Bradley J. Kuller and Rebekah B. Kuller, 8.824 acres of the Stonewalll District, $424,000.
  • Ronald L. Thompson and Sue A. Thompson to Patrick Sault and Haley Sault, 4150 Tanners Court Linville District, $320,000.
  • Fred Schwaner and Valerie Ann Schwaner, 41.722 acres south of Sate Route 622 in Hensley Hollow Stonewall District, $250,000.
  • Ralph C. Macphail Jr. and Alice H. Macphail to Paul M. Martin and Janet S. Martin, 304 Broad Street Ashby District, $271,000.

November 27

  • Travis M. Layman and Amy Z. Layman to Matthew P. Krantz and Sharon C. Krantz, 376 SIlver Drive Plains District, $255,000.
  • SKAC LLC to Cornelio Augusto Paz Discua to Laura Paz Diaz, 1771 Marble Ridge Drive Ashby District, $219,900.
  • Connie W. Ryan to Cathlen R. Gross, Robert H. Chiffons and Aaron Lofton, 1.273 acres on Sate Route 613 (North Mountain Road) Plains District, $240.000.
  • C. P. Leslie Grady Jr. and Joni K. Gradyto David Mc Laughlin, 3269 Preston Shore Drive.
  • Austin E. Armentrout and Gretchen H. Armentrout to Jonahtna Beam, 2854 Kratzer Road Linville District, $229,000.
  • Elwood H. Gilbert to Marcus H. Histand and Carol S. Histand, 10 acres two miles southwest of Singers Glen on State Road 773 (Mauyberry Lane Linville District, $319,925.
  • Carolyn Simmons, executor of the estate of Juanita A. Miller to Maruice J. Painter Jr. and Margaret L. Painter, 110 South Pope Street Ashby District, $237,000,
  • Ryan D. Nelson and Barbara B. Nelson to David James Olson, 289 Rainier Road Stonewall District, $225,000.
  • Parkside LLC to Andrii Humanink and Olena Humaniuk, 238 Dylan Circle Ashby District, $243,000.

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