The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


October 28

  • Bryce N. Blosser & Jessica L. Blosser to Shang Guo Wang, 1232 Old Windmill Circle, $169,000.

October 29

  • Mary L. Brunk to Frederick E. Eberly and Karen H. Eberly, 8,970 square feet redivision of lot 180 section 11 Harmony Heights, $ 335,000.

October 31

  • Michael A. White and Susan E. Crosby to David E. Berry III and Jennifer Daise Berry, 1220 Ivy Lane, $ 319,000.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Vicky J. Patel and Kinjal V. Patel, 2230 Deyerle Avenue, $242,470.


October 28

  • Priscilla L. Lloyd to Gaylee Read, 21,000 square feet on block 98 of Grottoes Stonewall District, $160,000.
  • Charles H. ammons and Beatrice N. Ammons to Sabir H. Haji and Zahra S. Haji, 575 Frederick Road Central District, $185,000.
  • Michele M. Strano to Eric A. Kniss and Brenda G. Kniss, 308 Broad Street Ashby District, $247,000.
  • Parkside LLC to Jalal K. Aswad and Nibras Khalaf, 236 Dylan Circle Ashby District, $240,425.
  • Keith W. Litten to Marshall Hays and Joy Thao Hays, 325 Grouse Drive Stonewall District, $235,000.
  • The estate of Virginia Rugemer Furry to John R. Butzler, 303 Homestead Drive Ashby District, $224,000.
  • Linda S. Morris to Michael R. Eppard, 3745 North East Side Stonewall District, $230,000.

October 29

  • Carl Daniel Shoemaker to Tyler C. Showalter and Savannah D. Showalter, two parcels totalling 52.405 acres near the Bergton School house located on the southwestern side of State Route 820, $ 332,700.
  • Carr Masonry & Construction LLC to Peggy B. Wheeler, 118 Millstone Street Ashby District, $292,706.75.
  • John R. Mather to John S. Whitmer Jr. and Monica A. Whitmer, 257 Fairway Drive, $ 374,250.
  • Kathy P. Ipock to Ted B. Powell and Laura I. Powell, two parcels totalling 1.5761 acres on the northeast side of State Road No. 671 Stonewall District, $200,000.
  • Burt C. Mackenzie III and Michael R. Mackenzie to David W. Lee and Cara M. Lee, 103 acres about 1 ½ miles northeast of Singers Glen Linville District, $ 451,500.
  • Brian P. Vaughan and Lonnie S. Vaughan to Austin Huff, 1300 Dulcimer Lane Stonewall District, $263,000.

October 30

  • Wayne Barry Johnson and Diana Dee Vega, executors of the estate of Lucille Elaine Johnson to Joshua C. Drouillard, lots 1, 2, 3, 4 in block 177 in Grottoes Stonewall William L. Raynes Jr. and Sally S. Raynes to Katherine E. Raynes, Highland Park subdivision section 11 Lot 169 Ashby District, $170,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to David Cruz Cruz and Maria A. Ortiz Ildefonso, 3184 Marion Square Central District, $ 319,925.
  • Robert W. Morton to Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Inc., 124.8 acres about three miles northeast of Grottoes Stonewall District, $ 800,000.
  • Timothy Cox and Shannon L. Cox to Roshhat Younes Ziewki, 507 East Riverside Drive Ashby District, $165,000.
  • Steven E. Merchant to Ryan Kelley and Paige Kelley, 3885 Cadet Court Central District, $ 390,000.
  • John F. Bradley and Purnima J. Shahani to Christly McCoy and Willard Comer, 131 Chelsea Circle Central District, $280,500.
  • Marchenka M. McCall and Trevor L. McCall to Justin A. Pillichody and Kinsey D. Pillichody, 109 Price Drive Ashby District, $232,500.

October 31

  • Keith W. Litten to Richard O. Reed and Carol M. Reed, 233 Jessamine Place Stonewall District, $242,000.
  • Jason M. Stuhlmiller and Crystal L. Stuhlmiller to Tiburcio Reyes and Maria A. Reyes, 9185 Shultztown Road Linville District, $ 358,500.
  • Shawn S. Belcastro, executor of the estate of J. Stanley Smith to Addison C. Bowman and Tiffany L. Bowman, 169 Dale Enterprise Road Central District, $268,000.
  • George Carter Miller and Jan C. Miller to David R. Dahlstrom and Stacey A. Dahlstrom, 194 Martin Lane Stonewall District, $ 364,000.
  • Highlands II Associates Limited Partnership to CHP Highlands LLC, Springbrook subdivision, section 3 lot 1, $1,315,800.
  • Richard Timothy Hankins and Lori Ann Hankins to Ethan S. Brady, 9820 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $162,000.
  • Thomas Sartori and Michele Sartori to Keenan O. Wonacott and Kirsten N. Wonacott, 15176 New Market Road Plains District, $184,900.
  • Douglas L. Kipps and Steven E. Kipps executors of the estate of Ethen Marie Pence to Matthew W. Saverance and Stephanie S. Saverance, 15161 American Legion Drive Plains District, $173,000.
  • Donn E. Meyerhoeffer and Catherine C. Meyerhoeffer to Anthony D. Bruno and Tracy Lynn Bruno, 1330 Kentshire Drive Central District, $ 597,500.
  • Kathleen D. Davenport to Brian Elliot Brcka, 1894 Hawksbill Road Stonewall District, $275,000.
  • Click Properties LLC to Triple D Investments LLC, 263 Windermere Drive Plains District, $188,500.
  • Timothy A. Heydon to Scott L. Dault and Jacqueline Dault, 8670 East Timber Ridge Road Ashby District, $ 445,000.
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