The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


December 30

  • Donald G. Wilkins to Adam Wilkins and Claire WIlkins, 460 West Bruce Street, $165,000.
  • Lowell L. Koontz, executor of the estate of Lois M. Koontz to Ryland J. Weiner and April Zambelli-Weiner, 1082 Meadowlark Drive, $165,000.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to John M. Rodes, 2247 Deyerle Avenue, $232,300.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Twilia L. Summers, 2241 Deyerle Avenue, $254,135.
  • Heifer Investments LLC to Skac LLC, 0.923 acre, Heifer Investment Subdivision Lot 1, $275,000.

January 3

  • Jennifer Michelle Macrae to Luis O. Pineda Hernandez, 362 East Rock Street, $179,000.


December 30

  • Tiffany L. Brown to Codey A. Thomas, 16080 Moonrise Lane Plains District, $150,000.
  • Margie R. Shifflett to Elizabeth R. Jordan, Elkton Improvement Company Section 3 Lots 2 and 3 Block 31 Stonewall District, $155,000.
  • Rejena Driver, executrix of the estate of Phyllis J. Kline, Richard H. Kline Jr. and Joseph Kline to Michael W. Thompson and Paula J. Plaugher-Thompson, 2408 Zion Church Road Plains District, $ 420,000.
  • Lofton Leasing LLC to One Fish Two Fish LLC, 116 York Place Central District, $ 879,900.
  • Scott Timothy Hansen and Zoe Christine Hansen to Travis L. Dorman and Andrea E. Dorman, 3707 Bloomer Springs Road Stonewall District, $ 432,500.
  • Alexander Spencer Doyal and Alice Tohr Doyal to Scott T. Hansen and Zoe C. Hansen, 901 Oak Hill Drive, $465,000.
  • Anne M. Ross to Everett R. Ford, 240 Congers Lane Stonewall District, $186,000.
  • Ermina M. Petcher through attorney Douglas A. Petcher to Brian I. Wilfong and Sara S. Wilfong, 7991 Warm Springs Pike Ashby District, $480,000.
  • Steven Brown and Debra Burton Brown to Benjamin Mark Parker and Sheila B. Parker, 483 Cub Lane Stonewall District, $ 315,000.

January 2

  • Nelson E. Shank to Marjorie R. Shank to Andrew N. Shank and Carolyn V. Shank, 10005 Nazarene Church Road Ashby District, $ 830,000.
  • Ali O. Qaradaghi and Samira Qaradaghi to Awara Hameed Mahmood, 3191 Bethany Court Ashby District, $160,000.
  • Acorn Enterprises Inc. to Stoneleigh Acres, 1585 Red Oak Street, $1,050,000.
  • GTP Investment Properties LLC to Donahue D. Goolsby, Northern Ridge Section 2 Lot 7 Plains District, $160,000.
  • Truist Bank to APIF – Virginia LLC, a parcel on the east side of Main Street in Dayton Ashby District, $265,000.
  • Lila B. Tolman to Ivan O. Levchuk, 684 Moonview Court Central District, $270,000.

January 3

  • Thomas P. Keegan and Elaine M. Keegan to Mikhail Bespalov and Inna Bespalov, 171 Kaylor Circle Stonewall District, $ 301,000.
  • Bruce E. Martin and Beth R. Martin to Jacqueline M. Clifford and John T. Clifford, 7666 Thomas Spring Road Ashby District, $180,000.
  • Janice S. Truax to Gail Ann McClintock, 1.863 acres on State Route 753 Linville District, $214,900.
  • Richard P. Warford and Amy B. Warford to Robert D. Smead and Cindi A. Smead, 2749 Sunlit Way Central District, $ 473,500.
  • Lillian P. Howdyshell to Richard P. Warford and Amy B. Warford, $ 315,000.
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