The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


March 16

  • Duane A. Yoder and Barbara J. Yoder to Zeid Fadil Khalaf, 105 Fairway Drive, $ 315,000.

March 17

  • Daniel W. Jenkins & Catherine W. Jenkins to Harrisonyork LLC, 736 Woodland Dr., $180,000.

March 19

  • Galt-Taggart LLC to Omar Arrillaga Valdes and Caridad Enriquez, 1057 Chicago Avenue, $185,000.
  • Brittany N. Hall to Ronnie C. French and Teresa S. French, 111 Laurel Street, $223,000


March 16

  • Rollin L. Baker and Gae K Baker to Jane Clark Welborn, 2576 Greenport Drive Central District, $256,000.
  • Christine M. Greogry to Aladdin Properties LLC, 505 Rachel Dr. Central District, $240,000.
  • Christoper Hon Scott and Courtney E. Scott to Mischelle Renee Vickers, 79 Robin Road Central District, $172,000.

March 17

  • Abhilash Nigram and Kriti Nigam to Katherine M. Bray and Gregory S. Bray, 2980 Brookshire Drive Ashby District, $ 420,000.
  • Douglas G. Barger to R. Allen Reynolds and Cherly G. Reynolds, 5025 Retriever Lane Stonewall District, $ 402,500.
  • Vernon A. Mast and Karen S. Mast and Kenneth G. Weaver and Kathleen M. Weaver to O. Franklin Showalter Jr., 55.989 acres on the east side of Harpine Highway (State Route 42) south of Broadway Plains District, $ 475,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Emily L. Wilson and John W. Wilson III, $ 394,900.

March 18

  • Phuong Son and Cuong Van Le to Toni Alexander Hernandez and Gelin Xiomara Rivera Ruiz, 170 Confederacy Drive Central District, $255,000.
  • Neil P. Phares & Marcie M. Phares to Robert D. Evans & Charlotte L. Evans to Keith J. Manley, Dawn F. Manley & Marilyn C. Lambiase, 12647 Mountain Valley Road Plains District, $ 399,000.
  • Robert D. Clouston to Dheyab Al Hindik and Hiyam Al Halwi, 2902 Crystal Springs Lane Central District, $215,000.
  • John Bradley Karns and Cheryl K. Karns to Katherine Cottam, 14771 Justice Crossing Plains District, $209,000.
  • Vivian M. Monger and Gordon L. Magalis executors of the estate of Arliss R. Magalis, Dorothy M. Donaghy, Gordon L. Magalis and Vivian M. Monger to Gordon L. Magalis and Linda R. Magalis, 962 East Point Road Stonewall District, $175,000.
  • J. Douglas Smith and Elizabeth P. Smith to Gregory R. Arey and Connie W. Arey, 2921 Whitmore Shop Road Central District, $177,500.
  • Paul C. Johnson IV and Tammy R. Johnson to Loren Dwayne Weaver and Claire Michele Weaver, 675 Frederick Road Central District, $720,000.

March 19

  • James H. Liu and Tina Liu to Weiwei Zhang and Xiaosheng Yang, 3810 Davis Road Central District, $ 420,000.
  • Successful Man Corporation and Josue Hernandez to Henry Alejandro Valderramos Castro and Latasha Renee Smith, 120 Stoneleigh Drive Central District, $210,000.
  • Shenandoah Valley Renovators LLC to Rafael A. Bonilla, 815 Coltsfoot Lane Stonewall District, $287,500.

March 20

  • Layvonne F. Scott to Donna Fay Grile and Stephen James Nielsen, 222 Kensington Drive Stonewall District, $ 304,900.
  • Nando Visvalingam and Margot A. Heffernan to Nathan P. Enslen and Jillian F. Enslen, 1249 South Crescent Road Central District, $ 389,000.
  • J. Ryan King and Holly M. King to Roy Gordon Wenger and Elizabeth R. Wenger, three tracts the first being 4.2764 acres, the second 0.4761 acre and the third being 0.32 acre on the northeastern side of Virginia State Highway No. 809 about two and a half miles southwest of Broadway, partly in Linville and Plains District, $297,000.
  • Lloyd R. Crawford Jr and Brenda B. Crawford to Mervin D. Smith and Lydia A. Smith, Shady Acres Lot 10 Stonewall District, $241,275.
  • Christopher D. Weaver to Layton Jerrells and Jennifer Jerrells, 293 Rayann Lane Plains District, $259,900.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Daman Movadatnia, 3323 Battery Park Place, $268,500.
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