The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


April 3

  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Curtiss A. Weaver and Shannon M. Weaver, 2213 Deyerle Avenue, $225,000.
  • Tracie Bradley Esmaili and Regina Bradley Via to Mariah G. Liskey, 33 Port Republic Road, $262,500.

April 7

  • Richard F. Hanley Jr. and Sarah L. Hanley to Joshua Edward Gustin and Heather Gustin, 53 Port Republic Road, $196,000.

April 8

  • James D. Phillips, Catherine L. Philips and Lindsay D. Phillips to Dale Phillips, 229 Emerson Lane, $165,000.


April 2

  • V l a d i m i r Rossonshanskiy to Samantha N. Ritchie and Jacob A. Ritchie, land half a mile west of the intersection of State Route 724 and U. S. Route 11 Linville District, $195,000.
  • Eula M. Dean to Kendrick D. Mast and Sarah J. Mast, 2934 Juniper Court Central District, $196,500.
  • Pavel Yurchenko and Tatiana Yurchenko to Carlos M. Sagastizado and Jennifer D. Calix Andrade, 4165 Tanners Court Linville District, $ 350,000.
  • Benjamin W. Hausknecht and Yolanda S. Hausknecht to Robert D. Argenbright and Christine A. Argenbright, 510 Claremont Avenue Central District, $ 529,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Jonathan P. Stott and Abigail Vandivere Stott, 1212 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $247,900.
  • Kevin T. Dean and Bambie M. A. Dean to Heston Robert Anderson, 10326 Nazarene Church Road Ashby District, $200,000.
  • Brandon O. Auville to Kevin T. Dean and Bambie M. Dean, 5460 Lambert Town Road Ashby District, $ 425,000.
  • John L. Lambert, Clyde S. Lambert Jr. and Maxine L. Borror to Landon Oberg and Samantha Bowman, 6461 Briery Branch Road Ashby District, $196,000.
  • Donald G. Ross Jr. and Roberta J. Ross to Daniel E. Marple Jr. and Rebecca Sue Marple, 8166 Baxter Lane Linville District, $ 410,000.
  • Tamra S. Reiderman to Daniel A. Piota Garcia and Odilla Garcia, four parcels of the Plains District, $257,000.
  • Larry F. Grogg & Sharon W. Groff to Thomas J. Braumuller & Jacalyn S. Braumuller, 465 Surrey Plane Stonewall District, $ 368,000.
  • David A. Rosie and Lindsey I. Rosie to James E. Teters and Ginny A. Teters, 2939 Paradise Lane Central District, $ 400,000.

April 6

  • Crown Restoration LLC to Jonathan Stanley Lohr and Emily Bogaev Lohr, 14449 South Eastside Highway Stonewall District, $195,000.
  • Stevin E. Stover and William D. Tatham to Glenn E. Hoover and Rebecca F. Hoover, six tracts in the Plains District, $ 475,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Benjamin Rodes, 1236 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $240,900.
  • Brenda S. Williams to Dustin L. Turner and Corey L. Turner, 21681 Dry Run Falls Trail Stonewall District, $240,000.

April 7

  • Joseph E. LaSala and Kathleen Bradshaw LaSala to Christine J. Cavanaugh, two parcels at Rawley Springs in the Central District, $ 339,000.
  • Marvin A. Weaver to Francis J. Doherty Jr. and Linda T. Doherty, 848 Coltsfoot Lane Stonewall District, $289,900.
  • Marvin A. Weaver to Mary A. Fetherolf-Dame, 6.871 square feet on Coltsfoot Lane Stonewall District, $289,900.
  • Janet E. Whetzel to Lisa W. Long, Lot 24 Ashby Villa Ashby District, $233,000.
  • Church Mountain Poultry LLC to Timothy S. Rothwell and Sasha M. Rothwell, 20.346 acres about 3.5 miles north of Fulks Run on the east side of Brocks Gap Road (State Route 259), $1,030,000.
  • C. Gregory Shields and Sheila A. Shields to Jesse W. Kleinjan and Laura C. Kleinjan, 5451 Faughts Road Ashby District, $ 528,230.

April 8

  • Matthew Paul Krantz and Sharon Cupp Krantz to Fidel De Jesus Canas, Lots 4 and 5 along with a portion of Lot 3 in Broadway on the southern side of Mason Street Plains District, $260,000.
  • Blue Ridge Christian School and BRCS LLC to M& S Partners 147 LLC,147 Dinkel Avenue Ashby District, $2,000,000.
  • Najla Da’mes to Nicholas Stubbe and Kelly Stubbe, 3449 Wildwood Drive Central District, $ 349,000.
  • Mryna Gayle Johnson, Brenda Jpyce Farrow, Carter Harrison Carr Jr., and Enwood Clinton Carr to Christien Tyler Damien Withrow and Brandy Lynn Withrow, 5048 Kratzer Road Linville District, $161,000.
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