The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


May 1

  • Timothy D. Stutzman and Laura K. Stutzman to Jonathan Alexander Saylor and Pamela Mandigo, 485 West Avenue, $255,000.
  • Kevin W. Buracker to Zeid Wadall, 1116 Patrick Henry Place, $172,500.

May 4

  • Chatham Land Company to Weiliang Xu, 2374 Alston Circle, $ 367,500.
  • High JC LLC to Sestry LLC, a parcel on the west side of High Street bounded on the north by the property now or formerly of Henry Ney, $ 367,500.

May 5

  • F& S Masonry Inc. to Bayou M. Birhanu and Desta A. Mebiratu, 2330 Kendall Lane, $212,000.
  • Wallace W. Weaver to Jonathan C. Lucas and Larry J. Lucas, 780 Lee Avenue, $222,000.
  • J. Duane Swartley and Joanna Swartley to Brett P. Sinclair, 6,292 square feet on the north side of Moore Street 175 feet west of the junction with Holly Hill Drive, $229,000.


May 1

  • Jack A. Baker to Stacey V. Staton and Shane Davis, Sun Valley Section 4 Lots 45 and 46 Stonewall District, $ 650,000.
  • Kara Knight to Carly S. Crawford and Curtis W. Crawford, 1451 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District, $219,000.
  • Pavel P. Bondaruk to Jared L. Kneib and Brianne L. Kneib, 4380 Brown Roan Lane Ashby District, $ 656,900.
  • James E. Lee to Twila W. Lee to Parikshit N. Mehta and Shraddha P. Joshi, 1348 Cumberland Drive Central District, $ 429,000.
  • N. David Sprouse and Anna L. Sprouse to Stuart H. Scott and Barbara S. McCoy, 13138 Turleytown Road Plains District, $ 335,000.
  • Frederick E. Eberly and Karen H. Eberly to Wesley E. Riggleman and Leigh Ann Bowles-Riggleman, 1.5 acre or less on the western side of Harpine Highway about 3 and a half miles north of Harrisonburg, $ 420,000.
  • Christopher J. Dunkel and Valerie L. Dunkel to Garrett J. Suhr and Bethany H. Suhr, 3120 Cross Keys Road Ashby District, $249,000.
  • GTP Investment Properties LLC to Timothy S. Ritchie, 1.31 acres on a plat called the Division of Kenneth W. Coffman Property Linville Magisterial District Rockingham Co., Virginia, $179,000.
  • Rosa C. Bare to Tristan S. Crawford, 12257 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $205,000.
  • David W. Harrison and Gail S. Harrison to Christopher J. Dunkel and Valerie L. Dunkel, 1150 Lakeview Drive Central District, $ 385,000.
  • Stonewall Garden Apartments LLC to Fatimah Mahdi and Hussein Al Fatlwai, 4110 Hilltop Road Central District $250,000.

May 4

  • Kathie R. See to Judith A. Mathias and Wayne E. Mathias, Windermere Subdivision Section One Lot 11B Plains District, $172,000.
  • Ronald E. Morris to Gerald R. Nolt and Janell L. Nolt, Sun Valley Section IV Lot 31, $178,000.
  • Stanley G. Laro and Nancy M. Laro to Ryan M. Emrich and Heaven N. Emrich, 252 East Riverside Drive Plains District, $166,000.

May 5

  • Hope A. Smith to Bryce A. Young and Megan N. Young, 91 Berkeley Avenue Stonewall District, $220,000.
  • Stephen Wampler Custer, Kay Custer Powell and Judith Leanna Hulslander to Alice R. Helms, 1.312 acres on the southwestern side of Rawley Pike, State Route 33, near Hinton Central District, $251,611.
  • Teresa Ann Smiroldo, Randolph Wayne Dofflemyer and Lisa Kay Burton to Anna Ruth Avalos Kocka and Leonardo de Jesus Avalos Reyes, 100 Kittiwake Court Stonewall District, $225,500.
  • Julian Scott Bragg to Richard Byrd and Gina E. Byrd, 1.369 acres on s survey made by R. J. Morris C. L. S. dated May 20 1983 Stonewall District, $247,000.
  • David P. McLaughlin to Mark D. Byington, 3696 Traveler Road Ashby District, $715,000.
  • Carl S. Nelson and Sarah Elizabeth Nelson to Lorinda Cullip, 300 East College Street Ashby District, $267,200.
  • Thomas E. Csenge and Melissa N. Csenge to Joshua M. Throckmorton and Kelly A. Throckmorton, 410 Monte Vista Drive Central District, $ 363,000.
  • Edward H. Michael to Green Island LL, seven parcels, parcel one being 21 acres known as Baugher Place fronting the Shenandoah River and State Route 656, Harper Mill Road, parcel two being 11.383 acres according to a survey made by R. J. MOrris C. L. S. dated October 1, parcel three 30.617 acres on the remaining portion of a 42 acre tract 1990 of the Michael House, parcel four 3.38 acres fronting State Route Nos. 655, 656 and 671, parcel five 6.764 acres fronting on State Routes Nos. 655, 656 and 671, and parcels six and seven 63 acres known as Green Island surrounded by the Shenandoah River, all in the Stonewall District, $ 827,500.

May 6

  • Preston Lake LLC to Danil Borodin, 3319 Battery Park Place District Not Listed, $275,000.
  • William Daniel Layman to Shen Valley Renovators LLC, Lots 11, 12, and 13 in Block 1 in Shank’s Addition to Dayton fronting 50 feet on the west side of West View Street and a depth of 150 feet the north line of Lot 14 being parallel with the south line of Thompson Avenue Ashby District, $185,400.
  • Greta D. Hottinger to Martin Earl Purks III and Kelsey Hinkle Purks, 4147 Cross Keys Road District Not Listed, $201,000.
  • Jack A. Bryant III and Elizabeth A. Bryant to Randall L. Belknap and Amy E. Belknap, 725 Frederick Road Central District, $746,000.
  • Karen F. Meadows to David N. Vanfossen, 416 Jackson Avenue Stonewall District, $150,000.
  • Kevin B. Armentrout to Sheldon M. King and Kristie L. King, 381 McGahey Lane and 721 Warble Road both in the Stonewall District, $2,500,000.
  • Joseph H. Meyerhoeffer and William H. Meyerhoeffer to Michael Phillip Ritenour and Judith Ann Jordan, 8668 Kiser Road Ashby District, $272,000.
  • Jamie R. Hartman to Edward J. Shuff and Vicki L. Shuff, 3.85 acres on the southeast side of State Route 646, Bloomer Springs Road, about six miles northeast of MGaheysville Stonewall District, $219,900.
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