The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


May 7

  • Ryan A. Amos and Kristopher Patrick Mozingo, 1061 Blue Ridge Drive, $189,900.

May 8

  • F& S Masonry Inc. to Huria A. Jaff, 2336 Kendall Lane, $207,000.
  • Duane R. Lam and Joni S. Lam to Juan Martinez Jr. and Agustina Martinez-Padolfi , 62 Rex Road, $185,000.
  • John A. Aglre and Cindy G. Agler to Benjamin P. Bergey and Katherine A. Bergey, 1107 Chestnut Drive, $295,000.

May 12

  • Nancy C. Duncan to Arianne N. Smiley, 946 Meadowlark Drive, $167,000.
  • CEIPX LLC to Jeewan Thapa and Indra Devi Shreesh-Thapa, 1292 Settlers Lane, $197,500.

May 14

  • Charles Wayne Loker and Janet G. Loker to Michael A. Donaldson and Linda Plitt Donaldson, 1135 Sumter Court, $ 312,000.
  • Emily Harris-Henry and Isaac Caceres to Elisa Marina Castro Portillo, 511 Kelley Street, $200,000.


May 7

  • Vera Bogomazova to Patricia Danaher and Mary Danaher, 506 North West View Street Ashby District, $256,500.
  • Brent W. Blaha and Elina S. Blaha to Daryl W. Koehn and Janet L. Koehn, 549 Flower Drive Stonewall District, $289,900.
  • James R. Nicholson and Francee M. Nicholson to Elizabeth M. Cardin and Zachary A. Cardin, 1919 Bethel Church Road Stonewall District, $ 346,500.
  • Shenandoah’s Pride LLC to Dean Dairy Fluid LLC, 4.414 acres on a survey entitled “ Final Plat Resubdivision of Roller subdivision Section 3 Owner/ Developer -Suiza Preferred Holdings Inc. Ashby District, Rockingham, Virginia” Roller Subdivision Section 3 Lot 1 Ashby District, $1,465,800.

May 8

  • Randall C. Shifflett and Stephanie Shifflett to Zachary S. Nyce, 1293 Lawyer Road Ashby District, $ 305,000.
  • Norma S. Yoder, Lois S. Shank, Alice S. Good, Faye S. Good, Eldon P. Showalter, Glen F. Showalter, Leon R. Showalter and Kevin L. Showalter to Trenton L. Showalter, 6676 Ottobine Road Ashby District, $ 350,000.
  • Gary Beatty Inc. to Delas D. Siever and Sue E. Siever, 14502 Vinny Court Stonewall District, $208,900.
  • Laird A. Knight and Margot H. Knight to Jonathan W. Knight and Monica S. Knight, 1047 Dave Berry Road Stonewall District, $ 310,000.
  • Daniel P. Hylton to Jason L. Landes and Mary Beth Landes, 29.021 acres on the eastern side of Greenhouse Road, State Route 993, Ashby District, $174,000.

May 11

  • Thomas E. Dobbs and Donna W. Dobbs to Dustin Jay Dean and Alexandra Elizabeth Humphreys, 580 Confederacy Drive Central District, $ 330,000.
  • Daniel D. Whiting and Jennifer M. Whiting to Danny C. Evick, 4208 Sunrise Drive Ashby District, $ 675,000.
  • Jeremy N. Sonifrank and Tara- Janee’ M. Sonifrank to Andrew T Paynter and Amber Paynter, 3150 Valor Court Plains District, $233,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Alex Doyganetskiy & Nataliya Dovganetskiy, 1206 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $239,900.

May 12

  • Donovan S. Dameron and Barbara A. Dameron to Randall C. Shifflett and Stephanie Shifflett, 200 Park Avenue Stonewall District, $ 310,000.
  • Shane C. Pyles and Andrea D. Pyles to Crownpoint Harrisonburg LLC, two parcel of 8.396 acres south of Route 726 Central District, $1,183,500.

May 13

  • Stella Designs LLC to Freeman Troyer, Mill View Estates Section 2 Lot 28 Ashby District, $288,681.
  • Brooke L. Pennybacker to June Elaine Rose, 1461 Silver Lake Road Ashby District, $225,000.

May 14

  • James D. Sota and Judith L. Lozano to Thomas E. Moyers and Maria T. Moyers, 961 Sherwood Court Central District, $249,900.
  • Baron P. Schwartz, Benjamin F. Schwartz, Aedin J. Schwartz and Nathaniel J. Schwartz to Dane E. Dolly and Martha M. Dolly, 18432 North Mountain Road Plains District, $249,900.
  • Nolan L. Cline and Mary Lieu Cline to Randolph G. Heneberger, 435 Spring Oaks Drive Central District, $289,000.
  • Dennis A. Stover and Patty L. Stover to Joshua K. Twery and Erin Twery, 3069 Taylor Spring Lane Central District, $216,000.
  • Lucas M. Sackett & Sarah C. Sackett to Albert J. Enke & Therea Enke, 3460 White Oak Dr., Central District, $ 339,900.
  • The Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Caleb L. Alt, 21509 Runions Creek Road Plains District, $225,000.
  • Samuel C. Wilkins and Kimberly J. Wilkins, 29 Arkton Road Plains District, $198,000.

May 15

  • Janet R. Hostetler to Zane E. Hostetler, 7314 Harpine Highway, $275,000.
  • Terry Rager Jr. and Yasmin Perez Sanchez, 14895 Woodcreek Lane Plains District, $192,000.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Sarah Carson Sackett, 3315 Battery Park Place, $280,000.
  • Marcus W. Sheets and Alan D. Robbins and Barbara B. Robbins, 59.672 acres Linville District, $ 395,000.
  • Louise H. Miller to Brooke Lanae Pennybacker & Joshua Claude Mitchell, 8175 Rawley Pike Central District, $ 325,000.
  • Daniel P. Ringgold to James Edward Fetterman, 600 Green Street Ashby District, $195,000.
  • B. Keith Herron and Elizabeth K. Herron to James P/ Hackney and P. Lynn Oddenino, 2779 Sunlit Way Central District, $ 424,900.
  • James W. Maust & Joyce E. Maust to Brian K. Herron & Elizabeth K. Herron, 2885 Greenway Court Central District, $ 524,900.
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