The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


June 1

  • Dennis J. Nelson and Karen S. Nelson to Lucas M. Sackett, 1231 Poets Court, $175,000.
  • Benjamin P. Bergey and Katherine Anne Bergey to Darrell E. Zook and Gwendolyn D. Zook, 1280 Old Windmill Circle, $189,000.
  • Townes at Bluestone LLC to Kumud Lal Shrestha and Iccha Basnyat, 2219 Deyerle Avenue, $252,980.
  • Robert F. Dredger Jr. and Mary K. Dredger to David Jackson and Kristi Strang, 334 Cedar Street, $ 465,000.
  • Bradley J. Fiala to Dinora I. Antunez Torres, 69 Hope Street, $234,000.
  • Paul A. Derrick and Kathleen C. Derrick to Vesna Hart, 451 Ohio Avenue, $245,000.

June 2

  • Bradley M. Cohen to Shivashankaran Mudaliyar and Anuradha Shiva Shankaran and Karan Mudaliar, 2236 Lapis Lane, $248,500.
  • Jason P. Damico to Daniel L. Garst and Erika Shelburne, 1175 Landon Drive, $ 390,000.

June 3

  • George W. Evans and Barbara G. Evans to Diana R. Garcia Cabrera and Lisandro Albores Serrano, 1685 Peach Grove Avenue $ 345,000.
  • Julio M. Reyes Flores and Heather L. Joffee Reyes to Laura L. Hershey and Austin K. Herr, 1231 Ivy Lane, $ 340,000.


June 1

  • Daniel Patrick Hylton and Katie Elizabeth Hylton to David Wayne Dodson and Amber Belle Dodson, 8262 Blue Bird Hill Lane, Ashby District, $ 339,000.
  • Dennis K. Dove and Daryl K. Dove to Stephen P. Williams and Noel A. Williams, 154 First Street Plains District, $201,000.
  • Lisa S. Spitzer to Logan Mitchell Kreider and Amy Beth Kreider, 361 Dorset Street Plains District, $193,000.
  • Nadezhda I. Borodin to Jason Leonard and Jennifer A. Leonard, 1.155 acres on the southwestern side of State Route 821 near the southeastern line of State Route 755, $ 330,000.
  • Cynthia M. Gross to John C. Schmidt and Anne L. Schmidt, 500 Dry Meadow Road Stonewall District, $ 350,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Owen Longacre and Kimberly J. F. Lonagacre, 1242 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $241,650.
  • Jay C. Dulaney and Kristi N. Dulaney to Matthew Mendez and Daisy G. Thomas, 8460 Overbrook Drive Stonewall District, $ 351,000.
  • Michael J. Miller and Denise K. Miller to William Woods Jr. and Staci M. Woods, 19970 Cold Spring Road Plains District, $295,500.
  • Robert Watson to Grant Bloomfield, Lots 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 block 141 of Grottoes Stonewall District, $252,500.

June 2

  • Jason Spart and Marti L. Hendricks-Perry to Edie Valencia Ramirez, 155 Kittiwake Court Stonewall District, $253,800.
  • Max Rentals LLC to Melvin T. Felix and Brittany Felix, 785 Coltsfoot Lane Stonewall District, $280,000.
  • Christopher Lawson IV and Sherry R. Lawson to William R. Danielson and April A. Danielson, 9200 King Russell Court Stonewall District, $ 375,000.
  • Broadway Avenue LLC to Michael J. Miller and Denise K. Miller, 0.640 acre in Broadway on the southwest side of Broadway Avenue southeast of the junction of Broadway Avenue and Cline Street Plains District, $245,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Christopher Tusing, 15531 Evergreen Valley Road Plains District, $239,900.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Hi-Tec Enterprises LLC, 1425 and 1431 Hornsby Avenue Central District, $ 360,000.

June 3

  • Timothy D. Harper and Fonda K. Auville to Jason P. Damico and Jessica L. Damico, 7798 Gladwell Lane Central District, $ 630,000.
  • Richard A. Rhodes and Lois L. Rhodes to Nelson E. Shank and Marjorie R. Shank, two tracts, one 92.487 acres and the other 0.783 acre, on the western side of Swope Road, State Route 736 about two miles northwest of Dayton Ashby District, $725,000.
  • Vincent M. Rhodes and Wendy D. Rhodes to Nelson E. Shank and Marjorie R. Shank, 4456 Swope Road Central District, $250,000.
  • Yosmar R. Carrasquel and Lianet Mastrapa to Christopher Shawn Crowell and Megan Frances Crowell, 12,000 square feet on the northeastern side of 3rd Street at its intersection with Elm Street Grottoes Stonewall District, $234,400.
  • Man S. Meshi and Julia A. Meshi to Albert Gene Stainback and Jamie Lynn Stainback, 201 Victoria Drive Ashby District, $295,000.
  • Jonathan A. Mason to Lauren H. Simmons, 148 Rhodes Hill Drive Ashby District, $ 419,900.
  • Christopher R. Keyes and Carey S. Keyes to John C. Hensley and Karen R. Thompson, 112 Hillside Avenue Stonewall District, $250,000.
  • Edwin M. Lehman and Dianna R. Lehman to Nevin R. Lehman and Alesha E. Melendez, 3255 Amberly Road Central District, $230,000.
  • Thomas E. Tolman and Erin S. Tolman to Jason Adam Slye and Rebecca Paige Slye, 159 Jessica Drive Central District, $ 388,500.

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