The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


July 17

  • Jinfang Li to Matthew S. Landis and Cherly B. Landis, 1292 Victorian Village Drive, $154,000.
  • Robert F. Keefer to Austin S. Carpenter, 871 Mockingbird Dr., $ 345,000.

July 20

  • Valerie W. Kaylor to Annette Frantz, 448 East Elizabeth St., $206,500.
  • Susan W. Lawton to Victoria S. Shelor, 140 Emerald Drive, $239,900.
  • Townes At Bluestone, LLC to Minh Quoc Tran and Anh-Thy Nguyen Tran, 2214 Deyerle Avenue, $255,175.

July 21

  • Ismail M. Johnmery and Banaz A. Ibrahim to Zhi Hua Cheung, 1328 Old Windmill Circle, $174,000.
  • Hardtack LLC to Douglas R. Hochstetler and Heidi Z. Hochstetler, 258 Divot Drive, $ 402,400.
  • Carla Properties LLC to Shenandoah Estates LLC, 1266 Old Richmond Circle, $190,000.


July 17

  • R & L Construction Inc. to Ashby Holdings LLC to Thomas L. Reid and June E. Reid, 104 4th Street Stonewall District, $255,000.
  • JLF LLC to Grant Kyger, Patsy V. Liskey Subdivision Phase 1 Lot 3 Ashby District, $ 535,000.
  • Stephen W. Lantz, Emily S. Lantz and June M. Lantz to Marie Ann Kline, 25.718 acres on Zion Church Road Plains District, $250,000.
  • Belcher Properties LLC to Carolyn I. Shifflett to Jose Antonio Santiago, 385 Diana Court Ashby District, $204,900.
  • Phyllis M. Richards to David E. Escolero Rodriguez and Brenda E. Escolero Rodriguez, 5141 Dogwood Court Plains District, $219,000.

July 20

  • Colton T. Henry and Laura G. Henry to Gregory B. Rudolph, 3190 Declaration Drive Plains District, $199,000.
  • NVR, Inc. to Ann R. Ridenour, Lot 6A Section Two South Peak, $255,475.
  • Stony Run Subdivision, LLC to Martin E. Eagleson and Rebecca E. Eagleson, 1899 Saw Mill Court West Stonewall District, $ 335,675.

July 21

  • Alexander Khohlov and Svetlana Khohlov to Zachary O. Rithcie and Sheryl Fortuna, Lot 108 Meadowbrook Phase 2 Linville District, $ 300,000.
  • Sunrise Properties I, Inc., Elkton Asset LLC, N.F. Tilden LLC, Charlottemax LLC to Elkton Plaza LLC, Elkton Plaza Subdivision off U. S. 33 Stonewall District, $ 5,000,000.
  • Habu Development LLC to NVR, Inc., Lots 8A, 8B, 40A, 4B, Section Two, South Peak, $220,000.
  • James T. Slater and Sandra D. Slater De Hernandez to Jacinto Hernandez and Sandra Diane Hernandez, 5061 Scholars Lane Ashby District, $ 339,600.
  • Jack Bradford Hamilton II and Karen Florence Hamilton to Ross Marshall Carter and Rachel Sarah Carter, 8913 North Valley Pike Plains District, $ 335,000.
  • Susan Kelly Jewell to Donald Ashby, 14,989 square feet north side of cul- de- sac of Granny Smith Drive Plains District, $172,900.
  • Jean D. O’Brien to Andrew Williams and Tonya Neaves, 2.002 acres located on south side of State Route 967 ( Mapleton Lane) and east side of State Route 708 (Ore Bank Road) Stonewall District, $ 470,000.
  • Elkton Outlot 1 LLC to Ranchero Place LLC, 14807 Spotswood Trail Stonewall District, $250,000.
  • Kim E. Halterman to Jackie L. Closson-Dellinger, 122 Grace Drive Plains District, $ 349,900.
  • W. Baxter Byrd and Chandra J. Byrd To Derakhshan Arie, 1447 Flowing Spring Lane Central District, $227,500.

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