The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


July 22

  • M. Moore Properties LLC to Loyd E. Milstead and Sue Ann Milstead, Lot 19 Pleasant Hill Acres Subdivision Section C., $195,000.
  • BT Holdings LLC to East Market Street Investments LLC, 2335 East Market Street, $1,975,000.

July 23

  • Zachary P. Yoder and Abby E. Yoder to Gilberto Castro and Marlen Yamileth Medoza Hernandez, 824 Broadview Drive, $298,000.
  • Channing Theodore Moeller to Sergey V. Rogozhin and Liliya V. Rogazhin, 2314 Lancelot Lane, $230,000.
  • Ricky A. Grogg and Terry S. Grogg to Lois Weber and Chera Kline, 906 lee Avenue, $239,900.

July 24

  • Central Valley Habitat For Humanity to Cindy Lizeth Hernandez, Lot No. 30 Brookside Park Subdivision, $170,500.
  • Timothy M. Howley and Elizabeth G. Howley to Seth Alexander Cline, 442 Queen Anne Court, $367,500.
  • Jason S. Rosenthal and Tara See-Rosenthal to Jeffrey D. Tang, 441 Ohio Avenue, $292,500.
  • Townes At Bluestone LLC to John A. Tkac and Consuelo Valentina Riso, 2216 Dyerle Avenue, $275,683.

July 27

  • L.B. Chapman Jr. and Sherri W. Chapman to Timothy M. Howley and Elizabeth G. Howley, 431 Queen Anne Court, $382,500.
  • Bryan L. Pannell and Janet H. Jonsson to Maria Castillo Argueta and Lorena D. Delgado, 1411 King Edwards Way, $320,000.
  • John Casey Stemper and Laura A. Reilly-Stemper to Jason S. Rosenthal and Tara See-Rosenthal, 231 Dixie Avenue, $450,000.

July 28

  • Jerry V. Zepp and Nicole M. Zepp to Wilde Verduguez Torrico, 1370 Stonechris Drive, $262,500.


July 23

  • Congers Creek LLC to The Townes at Congers Creek LLC, 23.673 acres Central District, $425,000.
  • Adam Michael Houge and Megan Jean Houge to Jerry D. Martin and Felicia N. Martin, 8876 East Timber Ridge Road Ashby District, $325,000.
  • Kenneth D. Lam and Tina M. Lam to Mill Creek Church of the Brethren and District Board of the Shenandoah District of the Church of the Brethren, 7720 Port Republic Road Ashby District, $250,000.

July 24

  • Jennie Faye Middleton and Jonathan Allen Middletown to Lin Cheung and Zhi Hua Cheung, 47 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $180,000.
  • S&K Contracting Incorporated to Timothy Kennedy and Jessica Kennedy, 289 Keckley Court Plains District, $264,500.
  • Anna Mae Life Henderson to Brett P. Restatter, 955 Misty Court Central District, $230,000.
  • Wyatt A. Obst and Cassie L. Obst to Chris Edward Knight, 200 7th Street Stonewall District, $248,000.
  • Daniel T. Green to Luis A. Padilla & Sharla R. Padilla, 6819 Rawley Pike Central District, $195,000.
  • Justin L. Nolen & Jessica L. Nolen to Wyatt Aaron Obst and Cassie Lynn Obst, 1601 Holly Ave., Stonewall District, $318,500.

July 27

  • Crescent Ridge LLC to Christopher M. Buckholz and Lindsey M. Buckholz, 3254 Earthshine Way Central District, $244,900.
  • Thomas A. Pettit and Daille G. Pettit to Anantharam Prasad Dadi and Divya Vani Sadaram, 285 Steeplechase Drive Central District, $504,900.
  • PJ Serrell LC to OSA Enterprises LLC, two parcels located approximately seven miles west of Fulks Run on Little Dry River Road Linville District, $180,000.
  • Martin Earl Purks III and Kelsey Hinkle Purks to Erica A. Miller and Rebecca L. Miller, 309 Magnolia Court Stonewall District, $337,5000.
  • Dennis R. Kirk & Michelle Kirk to Cayla Christine Wilson, 3243 Charleston Boulevard Central District, $305,000.

July 28

  • Chelsea C. Imbrescia to Ricky A. Grogg and Terry S. Grogg, 609 Jaded Court Plains Distrct, $285,000.
  • Webster A. Contress to Richard Prentice Ls Bossiere and Maria-Rizel Roy LaBossiere, 441 Diana Court Ashby District, $250,000.
  • Brian K. Buckless and Hilary C. Buckless to Fnu Yonko and Gisele C. Djofang, 101 Granny Smith Drive Plains District, $170,000.

July 29

  • Starlight Properties LLC to Brandon L. Breeden and Angela R. Seekford-Breeden, 15,261 square feet “subdivision Plat Willow Oaks” Stonewall District, $187,000.
  • Linda Johndrow, Yvonne Smith and Sandry Gray to Logan Raines, Ray Bentch Subdivision plat on the south side of State Route 766 Eversole Road) Central District, $210,000.
  • Roger G. Bauserman and Carolyn M. Bauserman to Carla Jo Bauserman, 376 Bloomer Springs Road Stonewall District, $210,999.
  • Forish Family Auto Sales LLC to Complete Telecom Solutions to Complete Telecom Solutions LLC, two adjoining parcels on west side of South Eastside Highway Stonewall District, $337,500.
  • Judith Darlene Marston to Samual T. Mannhardt and Lois N. Mannhardt, 0.811 acres east of U.S. 11 and south side of Fellowship Road Linville District, $219,900.
  • Danny Erwin Whetzel and Debbie Kay Knupp to Felicia D. Dove, 0.95 acres on northeast side of Wengers Mill Road and southeast side of Shutlztown Road Linville District, $150,000.
  • Lisa Tyree to Samual Tapia Romero, 8797 Lacey Heights Avenue Linville District, $157,500.
  • Joshua P. Hale to Jerry Vaughn Zepp and Nicole Marie Zepp, 1809 Cumberland Drive Central District, $470,000.
  • Cynthia D. Caudell to Erica A. Imbrescia and Chelsea C. Imbrescia, 3274 Arrowhead Road Central District, $329,000.
  • Valentyna Bebchuk to Thomas B. Shiplett, 7148 Community Center Road Ashby District, $209,000.
  • Debra Colbery Cline to Joel Walkley and Kathryn Walkley, 348 Louisa Street Plains District, $379,000.
  • Timberville CRE LLC to KAR Investments, parcels 1-3 Quail Lane Farm Subdivision Plains District, $1,375,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLS to Joshua P. Hale, 1218 Bluemoon Drive Central District, $246,900.
  • John F. LIbassi and Bonnie J. LIbassi to Valentyna Bebchuk, 0.275 acres on northwestern side of View Street Ashby District, $220,500.
  • NVR Inc. Timothy Showalter, Lot 6B section two South Peak $251,870.
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