The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


Sept. 4

  • Gilberto Rodriguez Perez, Merly J. Rodriguez Perez, Gilberton Rodriguez Perez and Maria M. Perez Alarcon to Melvin G. Hercules Gutierrez, Elena Garcia de Jesus and Miguel A. Gonzalez, 1036 Toppin Boulevard, $267,000.
  • Martin V. Donaire to Cole Hunter Gibson, 1223 Old Richmond Circle, $189,000.
  • Marcelo Lucero-MacGregor to Joshua Scott Musser and Stefanie Katharina Musser, 6,000 square feet located west of North Liberty Street, $165,000.
  • Shawn D. Anderson and Alexis E. Anderson to Kevin Cortes and Michelle Cortes, 25,864 square feet located on Myers Avenue, $ 439,000.

Sept. 8

  • Mick Or Mack LC to FIDC 111 LLC, 1588 S. Main Street, $ 610,000.
  • Blind Squirrel Investments LLC to Mitchell Paine West and Morgan Hungerford, 398 East Elizabeth St., $245,000.

Sept. 9

  • Larry D. Trissel to Stacy K. Rose and Rachel M. Rose, 220 Paul Street, $264,900.
  • J. Douglas Kline to Bisapaca LLC, 1320 Devon Lane, $180,000.
  • Sharon L. Myers to Yessenia Turcios-Antunez, Lot 3 Block 3 of Southampton Subdivision Section 1, $181,000.
  • Joseph C. Lafauci, Hollie N. Stanford, Joseph Lafauci Sr. and Diane Lafauci to John Matthew Good, 329 Emerson Lane, $155,900.
  • Jing Lin and Xing Guo Chen to Hassan Iqbal, 1621 Skylark Land, $ 400,000.


Sept. 4

  • Ha r r i s o n b u r g Community Associates LLC to Jessica L. Jenkins, 5007 Fox Trot Lane Stonewall District, $ 312,500.
  • Diane R. Earman to Danielle S. Morris, 5600 East Point Road Stonewall District, $ 307,000.
  • Kathy Ann Kirtley to Seror Mohammed, 2915 Diamond Springs Lane Central District, $218,000.
  • Mary Beth Houts to Daniel Lee Carter IV, 145 Jackson Street Plains District, $165,000.
  • Crescent Ridge LLC to MVJ Investments LLC, 3535, 3541, 3547 and 3553 Earthshine Way Central District, $ 979,600.
  • Glenn H. Rodeffer and Barbara E. Rodeffer to Ryan May and Stephanie V. May, 3 acres on eastern side of Lawyer Road Stonewall District, $255,000.
  • Rogelio Ramirez- Garcia to Heather Michelle Kite, 106 Hill Avenue Stonewall District, $212,000.
  • Woodrow W. Brown III and Stephanie J. Brown to Davie Eugene Marsh and Tori Marie Charnasky, 8198 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $217,400.
  • Lester Townsend and Shanna Townsend to S& R Rental Properties LLC, 256 Magnolia Court Stonewall District, $247,500.
  • Chet M. Denlinger and Mary L. Denlinger to Aaron S. Wil and Katelyn R. Will, 2760 Sunshine Court Central District, $ 484,000.
  • Wayne A. Lilly and Brenda W. Lilly to Benjamin J. Spotts and Angela Y. Spotts, 105 Sunbright Drive Ashby District, $ 401,000.

Sept. 8

  • Greenport Group LLC to Edgar A. Rivera Velez, 2646 Greenport Drive Central District, $253,000.
  • Aaron S. Will and Katelyn R. Will to Donald L. Shiflet and Donna Shiflet, 222 High Street Ashby District, $250,000.
  • William E. Mawyer Jr. and Lindsey D. Mawyer to Abdalla Kalbani and Kathy Kalbani, 6793 Offspring Drive Linville District, $ 343,000.
  • Carolyn W. Jones to Robert Campbell Cunningham and Laura Ann Cunningham, 411 Three Leagues Road Stonewall District, $ 342,000.
  • Kelsey Harris and Patricia J. Harris to Roberto Turruella Perez and Milagros Maria Garcia Nieblas, 3423 Dawn Drive Ashby District, $231,000.
  • Filemon Resendiz and Donna Kay Resendiz to Lois Ann Trojan and March William Chupka, 13.705 acres on Mouth Olive Church Road Stonewall District, $ 305,000.
  • Donna K. Hawkins, Gary L. Hawkins, Norma A. Ennis, Debora S. Ennis, Cynthia S. Sites, Don O. Sites and Loretta G. Ennis to Michelle H. Biller, 20,067 square feet located on western side of Va. 617 (Shank’s Lane), $150,000.
  • Christobel O. Jones to Christopher N. Wheatley and Barbara C. Wheatley, 14664 American Legion Drive Plains District, $ 550,000.

Sept. 9

  • Anderson K. King and Amy P. King to Debra Ann Spart, 309 Woodbridge Drive Stonewall District, $299,900.
  • Freeman Troyer to Wayne A. Lilly and Brenda W. Lilly, 107 Millstone Street Ashby District, $ 345,000.
  • Cora G. Hinkle to Robert F. Whitney and Vilma Hernandez, 5694 Gardner Lane Ashby District, $260,000.
  • Curtin J. Chandler and Ashlyn D. Chandler to Lester J. Townsend and Shana M. Townsend, 202 13th Street Stonewall District, $280,000.
  • Michael R. Earman and Beverley S. Earman to Donald G. Ross Jr. Trustee and Robert J. Ross Trust UAS, 5.50 acres located west of the end of Route 857 Stonewall District, $ 525,000.

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