The following Property Transfers listed are for $150,000 or more.


September 16

  • Brian D. Vaughn to Deepa Pokharel & Taranath Pokharel, 2312 Wishing Well Court, $195,000.
  • Thomas Michael Jackson & Jan-Patrice Jackson to Brent C. Jackson & Monica W. Melville, 323 Myers Avenue, $250,000.
  • Amanda Dusman to Miada Kamal Ahme Hammad, 869 Northfield Court, $174,000.
  • Michael A. Barber to Tawakkul Investments LLC, 2324 Avalon Woods Drive, $181,500.
  • Keith J. Knupp and Linda J. Knupp to PDY LLC, 2.0346 acres on Suter Street, $175,000.

Sept. 18

  • James Madison University Real Estate Foundation Inc. to Stone Enterprises LLC, 14,451 square feet on South Main Street at intersection with Edgelawn Drive, $ 575,000.
  • Phyllis B. Liskey and Peggy J. Kennedy to Brandon M. Carper, 1716 County Club Road, $200,000.
  • Kathy Lunn Thomas to Lord & Haile LLC, 7.197 acres on Reservoir Street south of Mabel Memorial Chapel, $1,650,000.

September 21

  • American Street LLC to Adam Steiniger and Leigh Steiniger, southeastern corner of Chicago Avenue and Green Street, $169,000.
  • John Paul Wheelbarger to Danielle Hess Peyton, Lot 115 Section 1 of Holiday Hills Subdivision, $215,000.

Sept. 22

  • Dustin M. Stutzman to Roza LLC, 931 and 933 College Avenue, $230,000.
  • John G. Martin Sr. and Rebecca F. Martin to Lynette Dawn Michael, 490 Hickory Grove Circle, $250,000.


Sept. 16

  • Jordan Barker and Leah P. Barker to James W. Strawhorn Jr. and Betty Louise Strawhorn, 4361 Magnolia Ridge Drive Central District, $ 530,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Dennis J. Nelson and Karen S. Nelson, 2795 Rowe Street Central District, $192,000.
  • Walnut Hill Builders LLC to Jordan Barker and Leah P. Barker, 175 Hastings Court Central District, $ 549,000.
  • Central Valley Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Damon Patrick Shifflett, .115 acres at Lot 23 of Dayton Land and Improvement Company Ashby District, $227,000.
  • Michael A. Lewis and Jocelyn A. Dejoya to Kimberly Leigh Ownby, 2960 Crystal Spring Lane, $225,000.
  • Timothy A. Smelser and Tiara N. Smelser to Robert K. Campbell and Heike Campbell, 4320 Wiltshire Street Linville District, $ 335,000.
  • Eric Lyle McDonald and Kristin Nicole Turner to Christopher B. Rice and April N. Rice, 1422 Mandolin Avenue Stonewall District, $289,900.
  • George P. Toscano to Andrew Rainey, 450 Coyote Run Plains District, $279,900.
  • MLK Preston Lake LLC to Edward Schmidt and Jennifer Branigan, 3185 Marion Square Central District, $ 323,640.
  • Ha r r i s o n b u r g Community Associates LC to Obed A. Montoya Popof and Glenda N. Popof Portillo, 1715 Peach Grove Road, $ 333,000.

Sept. 17

  • Everette F. Harrison III and Heather R. Harrison to Eric L. McDonald, 105 North Stuart Avenue Stonewall District, $229,900.
  • Lynette Dawn Michael to Bayer Darweesh, 1071 Robin Hood Court Central District, $170,000.
  • Timothy S. Hanifee and Alison R. Hanifee to Robert Cameron Clegg, 425 Breeze Way Central District, $ 449,000.
  • Thomas L. Buskirk Jr. and Carroll P. Buskirk to Timothy W. Conley and Arika L. Conley, 182 McKinley Drive Plains District, $270,000.
  • Ellery A. Hensley Jr. to Ruthanne P. Kibler, 311 Jackson Avenue Stonewall District, $200,000.

Sept. 18

  • HQC Inc. to Larry F. Grogg and Sharon W. Grogg, 419 Mesa Court Plains District, $ 314,600.
  • Douglas J. Bruder and Linda M. Bruder to Thomas M. Wilson and Kim E. Wilson, 629 Spring Oaks Central District, $277,000.
  • Jose A. Argueta and Maria C. Argueta to Fidel Ernesto Torres Diaz and Liana Victores Madrazo, 414 Brocks Gap Road Plains District, $273,000.
  • Reinhard Eugen Schmidt and Abbie Lynn Schmidt to Daniel Brian Burgess and Catherine Anne Burgess, 210 Bridgeport Drive Ashby District, $ 342,000.
  • G.G. Willow LLC to Morgan Tyler Crawford and Meredith Cox Crawford, 4130 Finn Court Linville District, $ 385,000.

Sept. 21

  • Cosner Construction Inc. to Thomas H. Reed and Renee A. Reed, 2801 Rowe Street Central District, $189,900.
  • Randall L. Moyers and Elenanor M. Moyers to Angela Dawn Barker, Edwards Clarence Lowe and Belva Ann Lowe, 3151 Pride Circle Plains District, $203,000.
  • Kamilia N. Hanna and Zabil Z. Hanna to Karen B. Barnard-Kubow and Kristopher E. Kubow, Lot No. 25 Block 1 of Belmont Estates Section IV Central District, $ 349,000.
  • CMH Homes Inc. to Christian K. Getz, 9948 Morning View Road Linville District, $230,000.
Sept. 22
  • Matthew Howard Jones and Maria Gabriela Becker Batista to Dinora Nohemi Argueta Guevara, 333 Fairfax Avenue Stonewall District, $175,000.
  • Kimberly J. Martin to Cuong M. Nguyen, 18 Cedar Point Lane Linville District, $180,000.
  • Cosner Construction Inc. to John Michael Rodes, 2813 Rowe Street Central District, $189,000.
  • Timothy R. Williams to Susan Ellen Hines and Peter B. McClintock, 201 North Stuart Avenue Stonewall District, $269,000.
  • Naomi M. Wine to Thomas Matters V and Megan M. Schaefer, 8928 Thorny Branch Road Ashby District, $184,000.
  • Michael Vaughn and Mary Vaughn to Nancy Rivera, 315 Coyote Run Plains District, $278,000.
  • Donald M. Evers and Joyce Y. Evers to Steven D. Koogler and Alice M. Koogler, 181 Farm Lane North River ( Augusta County) District and Ashby District, $750,000.
  • Christopher B. Knight and Aimme M. Knight to Kenneth E. Gonyer and Karen S. Gonyer, 163 Wildwood Drive Ashby District, $279,900.
  • Stephen T. Heitz and Mary S. Heitz to Jordan K. Bowman and Molly J. Bowman, 3258 Arrowhead Road Central District, $ 380,000.
  • Francisco Machado and Juana Lemus Lopez De Machado to Rasheed Qadia Qambari and Samira Khidr Qambari, 5.890 acres southeast of Buffalo Drive Linville District, $ 475,000.
  • Stephen B. Michael and Margaret E. Michael to Taylor Lloyd and Derek Lloyd, 6028 Thompson Road Linville District, $170,000.
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